Britney Spears and Victoria Beckham shop a lot


After dropping down to a size 6, Britney Spears reportedly spent almost $10,000 on clothes in one hour at Barneys in Beverly Hills. She loaded up on soft, clingy cashmere sweaters and “specified sexy yet casual clothes – but no tracksuits, a staple of her post-pregnancy wardrobe.”

And not to be outdone, Victoria Beckham and her sister Louise spent 8 hours shopping yesterday in London. Victoria left her hotel just after 9am and continued shopping for 8 hours straight, not even stopping for lunch.

Jesus Christ, celebrities have ridiculous lives. I can’t even comprehend the concept of spending $10,000 on clothes in one hour or shopping for 8 hours straight. I could be in the middle of open heart surgery and I’d still take a break for lunch. Speaking of which I gotta get back to the OR. That’s right, ladies, I’m a doctor. I save lives. But I don’t do it for the oogles and boogles of money, I do it because I care about people. The size of my wallet is surpassed only by the size of my heart.