Britney Spears and Ryan Phillippe make out in bathrooms

May 25th, 2007 // 77 Comments

The National Enquirer is claiming that Britney Spears and Ryan Phillippe hooked up in a bathroom at Les Deux last week. A source told the magazine that Ryan stopped by Britney’s table and “Britney had her arms around him.” She then allegedly followed Phillippe into the men’s room and, after getting worried, her bodyguards are said to have “busted in the door and found Britney and Ryan groping and kissing.”

I want to believe this is true, but I have serious problems believing Ryan Phillippe would make out with Britney Spears. Housetraining maybe, but not making out. It’s not like he’s getting Reese Witherspoon quality women anymore, but he’s still a few steps above farm animal.


  1. I think I might have mesothelemia.

    Should I call Jacoby & Meyers?

  2. Reese must be SOOOOOOOOOO proud that she was married to that gross piece of shit.

    Way to make your kids proud too, asswipe!

  3. dcar101

    You just said Reese is quality… Ummm, yeah Reese is nasty. Sadly for Reese, I’d have to say even Britney is a step up. Yeah, Reese is that nasty.

  4. nina

    no shes not…reese is real pretty,unlike that thing

  5. Chauncey Gardner

    It’s hard to believe there could be a step down from Reese Witheredpoon, but Ryan found it.

  6. SugarHigh

    At least Reese is classy. When was the last time she was investigated by child services?

  7. Reese isn’t gorgeous, but she’s not ugly or nasty or a redneck mental nutcase. But to each his own.

  8. 00tini

    Britney = the ultimate mong

  9. offspring of Britney and Ryan.

  10. Kamihi

    Reese is pretty and classy you don’t see her flashing her vadge to the paps, This guy is so ugly he looks like Justin Timberlake.

  11. MrSemprini

    Hey, you think Ryan might have taken her wig off and moaned, “Oh, Kojak!”? Maybe? I’d like to think so.

  12. getyourhandoutofmycat

    I can’t decide who must be more desperate…he’s a wannabe on the verge of being gay actor and she’s a bloated white trash rank cunt has been…ew…

  13. happyhandsclub

    That is a step down, way down. Where are his standards?

    The other day I tried to walk around with my mouth open just to see what it was like. I felt like a complete retard and it lasted about 5 seconds. I found it was very hard to do. I can’t imagine doing that all the time.

    I also saw a segment of her “act” on tv at the House of Blues yesterday. It looked like such a half assed performance. She looked like she couldn’t move because she was too fat.

  14. sid

    I agree Reese is the nastiness. Britney is gross, but Reese is just eeewwwwwww!

  15. 1MILFhunter

    #11 – Britt thought she was having a Justin flashback and needed to have Ryan take care of her needs in that most romantic of settings – the men’s restroom. True romance.

    She needs to know all the dickheads hang out in the men’s restroom.

  16. bluecrush

    Ryan Phillippe is too pretty for Britney Spears.. Britney looks like a transvestite at this point! Gross!

  17. CHA

    You can’t compare Reese and Britney–Reese is a wonderful mother, an Oscar winner, and a truly decent human being. Britney is, well, trash.

    Ryan–if this is true, gross!! what were you thinking?? you should have realized the mistake when you noticed she was barefoot in the men’s room.

  18. happyhandsclub

    Also, she had lipo but she really needs to get lipo in her face. She still has the fattest face ever. Moon pie face. What a mess.

  19. If you people think Reese is so nasty, post a picture of the land monsters you sleep with.

  20. dcar101

    I can compare them because that’s what this post is about. Who cares about mothering? This is about a hook up, booty if you will. Reese never should have won an Oscar, let alone be given movie roles, no talent and being ugly is what led me to this answer. How do you know she’s a decent human being?

    Ryan– Way to go, keep it up. Someday you’ll graduate to Paris, and then who knows?? Keep it up buddy! You’ve made us all proud!

  21. No way. I know guys can be a slave to their junk sometimes and do some regrettable deeds but Ryan has class.

  22. dcar101

    Dude I sleep with your mom, she wouldn’t appreciate you calling her that. Oh and by the way, your posting name is Boba Fett, which means you’ve never slept with anybody… so sad :-( No wonder Reese is hot to you!! Yay you!

  23. lambman

    I can’t believe this, Ryan was too hot for Reese (lets be honest, she’s a lovely gal but she’s about as sexy as a folding chair) why would he trade down?

    Give it a few months and we’ll seem him with a hot Vanessa Manillo style skank all his own.

  24. mename

    You people are blind! Reese is beautiful, smart talented, well groomed and appears to be a great mother. Britney is trashy and not even in the same league as Reese!

  25. frenchie

    This confirms that Ryan is a total tool. He can’t possibly be attracted to that seal. He must be attracted to the publicity. His carrier is a bit cold…no?

  26. DancingQueen

    She was so high she thought it was Justin Timberlake. True story.

  27. This guy could get every hot female waiter and bartender in L.A. who wants to be an actress. Why would he make out with worn out goods like Brittney? I’m not sure I buy this one.

  28. Me

    Why are some of you saying Reese is nasty? From what I’ve seen of her she is a likeable, intelligent and pretty young woman who takes great care of her kids and is a talented actress. I was sad when her marriage ended. I think Ryan is fit as fuck, so I hope it isn’t true that he was with Britney. She’s a right state. Disgusting!

  29. vic

    Because she is nasty. I’m sure she is a good mother, but good damn her face is fug, there’s nothing to her body, her voice sucks and honestly she seems so annoying!

  30. jenster

    Hey, it happens. You have prime rib everynight, sometimes all you want is a mickie D’s cheeseburger…..aparently in a bathrooom stall. stay classy Britney.

  31. captain obvious

    I TOTALLY believe this one, because I recall an artice I read years ago in Cosmo. It was an interview with Reese, and she was talking abt Ryan and his current crush. She said he had a HUGE CRUSH on Britney Spears and she thought that was so cute, and that she thought Britney was cute too…I kid you not people!!! So this was probably a fantasy come true for Ryan…even though he didn’t get Britney until after she got nasty. But maybe its fun being with Miss Nasty after being w/ Prudence. As far as Reese is concerned, I think she is very strange looking; there’s something beautiful abt her, and something really ugly abt her too. She seems like she’s got her shit together, but she also seems like she has real bitch potential and probably wouldn’t be very fun to be around…a good mother, probably…but probably acted like Ryan’s mother too; nag, nag, nag! So Britney probably is loads of trailer trash fun for him. And I hate to say it,but I actually think Britney is naturally prettier than Reese; but the way she dresses, the decisions she makes, etc, make her nasty. And as far as Ryan goes…that’s not the best pic above…but otherwise he is nummy!!! And seems a little wild. I always thought Reese & him made a strange couple.

  32. He hooked up with a skank :( Too bad. He needs to be in some movies one of these days

  33. If one had snorted enough coke and downed enough absinthe, maybe one could convince oneself that current Britney looks like 1999 Britney … maybe.

  34. wedgeone

    That pic of Ryan looks like he hasn’t bathed in days. What’s all this talk about him being hot. I ain’t seeing it.

    Brit, on the other hand – we’ve said all that can be said about her raunchy nastiness. Ever since she was hanging with Paris and showed her slit, she ain’t been the same.

  35. adeliza

    All I can unfortunately envision in my mind is 2 greasy fat asses all up in the air. Just one big blurr of 2 white fat asses that should be in the toilets swirling down the bowl, not sitting on ‘em getting it on. Yikes!

  36. caveman

    i don’t know how else to explain it but she has a retards face

  37. EW EW EW EW!!! Could he stoop any lower?!

  38. Sj

    What’s going on with hollywood? I too can imagine Reese nagging at Ryan. He needs a Britney in his life, who he can bang bang without having to pay a dime.

  39. star69

    She must have drugged his drink and carried him into that restroom. I can’t imagine him willingly wanting to have sex with something like that.
    If I was Ryan Philippe I can imagine sleeping with many things hotter, less trashy and less STD ridden than Shitney.
    Like a door, a body pillow, a Sprite bottle, a toilet seat, an ironing board, pudding or a blow up doll. Is this why he got a divorce from Reese Witherspoon? So he can do whatsherface?
    I mean yeah Reese has zero sexappeal and I can see a nice personality getting old fast but exchanging body fluids with Shitney or Paris is the lowest a man can hit.
    He’s done. Stick a fork in him.

  40. star69

    You couldn’t have explained in better.
    Her IQ shows in that retarded smile she has.
    Same smile as people with Downs Syndrome sport.

    One ticket to hell please. Window.

  41. Carpediem

    She looks more like Java the Hut more and more every day. Doesn’t she have a photogenic side?

  42. Carpediem

    Sorry. I’m dislexic:)

  43. Carpediem

    She looks more like Java the Hut everyday. There that’s more like it

  44. cap

    It’s Jabba the Hut. Unless you’re saying she looks like a coffee shop.

  45. Carpediem

    She’s certainly as big as one

  46. kini

    Ryan looked ok… a long time ago, but he is as nasty looking as old Brit now! Not to mention he was too much of a loser for Reese. She can/will do much better than him. The way I see it Ryan and Brit are in the same boat: they are both “has beens”.

  47. Carol

    She needs to do a Marilyn real soon cos she looks about 45 in that picture.

    #1 – LMAO


  49. TexasTranny

    Some of my best work is done in the men’s room.

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