Britney Spears and parenting coach make nice


Britney Spears apparently swallowed her pride and agreed to have a parenting coach present while she visited her kids. Britney had been temporarily barred from the children, but things seem to be going smoothly now. People reports:

The singer on Saturday was spotted driving with her children in Studio City, Calif., in her white Mercedes convertible, which was decorated with pumpkins on the dashboard.
A presumed court-appointed monitor was seated in the front seat, with her sons in the rear.

That woman looks absolutely thrilled to be in the car with Britney. Besides fearing for her life, the parenting coach was also concerned with Britney’s public displays of her lady parts and its impact on the children. But then the coach made an amazing discovery: Britney Spears’ vagina can drive a car. I knew it! The first time I laid eyes on Britney’s cooch, I said to myself, “That thing can operate a vehicle.” Then I spent the rest of the night trying to get my nads to stop praying in Latin. She can’t get you here, little buddies. Wait, I smell a Chalupa – and anti-freeze! RUN!