Britney Spears and Kevin going away together

April 2nd, 2008 // 59 Comments

On Monday I reported that Kevin Federline is still in love with Britney. Well, it turns out the two saw each other over Easter and are in talks for a getaway to rekindle their romance. Now would be a good time to buy Cheetos stock.Star reports:

And that March 23 rendezvous went so well, insiders explain, that Brit and Kevin have agreed to take a trip far from the glare of Hollywood to work on their relationship.
“Kevin wants to take Britney away to see if there is anything to salvage between them,” a family friend tells Star. “When he suggested it to her, she told him she was ready to go anytime he was.”

May I recommend a location for the lovebirds? It’s a quiet little place. Don’t know if you heard it. It’s called THE CENTER OF THE MOTHERFUCKING SUN! I’ll provide the rocket. Get NASA on the line. Tell them “The Pillsbury Dough Girl is ready for the oven.” Oh yeah, be sure they know I mean Britney and not Jennifer Love Hewitt. Our puny Earth rockets are only so strong. For now…

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News
Video: TMZ

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  2. cate

    I hope she gets pregnant.

  3. Champ

    What on earth could his motivation be?
    Oh yeah – the no talent ass clown needs money. Well played Mr. Rapper.

  4. mimi

    Here’s to the two of them getting their act together!

    God Bless ‘em!

  5. Kim

    Someone get the girl a sippy-cup, she drooled her water all over her chin!

  6. Trover

    I’d hit it again. The crazy is finally going away.

  7. Champ

    I forgot to say – MAN HANDS. Ewww.

  8. Caroline

    Why do you have to write things that suggest anything about Britney’s weight? I would def. say the majority of the media and the general public is pulling for Britney to pull herself together and get back on her feet… comments regarding issues about her appearance are not only irresponsible, but they are down right heartless. Months ago, it may have been funny to jest at this girl’s expense, but at this phase, when she has two small children who have been taken away from her because of a very public battle with some sort of mental illness, it’s just not funny anymore and as an avid reader of your site, this makes me not want to visit your site anymore.

  9. @2 Why would yo wish that on any little kid? I hope her vagina explodes into a million pieces..

    @4 mimi why are you here??

  10. juls

    she looks good! go britt! <3

  11. Jessica Rabbit

    awww i always wanted them to get back together…

    These crazies deserve each other

  12. lipper

    Caroline. Here’s a one way ticket to FUCK off. This IS entertaining.

    Crazies are out strong today.

  13. t-dawg

    britney’s shirt is on inside-out.

  14. @8 Sweetie, Most of the media is hoping for another melt down. Crazy bald Britney beating a car with her umbrella cranks up the rating far more than her and Kevin spooning on the beach.

    Can you take Mimi and go jump rope in the fast lane of the 405? I think the two of you would have a lot of fun out there and it is just the place for the two of you.

  15. Randal

    yes, Yes, YES!

    I knew these two would start to work things out and realize it’s worth doing so for the children. Kevin has certainly stepped up in the father and family department and has gained a lot of respect for taking care of the children while Britney had her problems, which she’s still sorting out, if I may add.

    This getaway will bring them that much closer. Next week’s news here will be full of great news and reports of the weekend getaway.

    Still a fan and always a fan. Make it work Britney!


  16. BT

    I’m thinking that this is one of those Ass-ton Kutcher Ass clown ‘Pop Fiction’ pranks. If it is… It’s a good one… Got everyone believing it…

  17. Joco

    With his successful rap album and immense talent, why would K-Fed need a sugar-mama?

  18. The California Bar Association

    Oh fuck no! No no no! These douchebags are trying to reconcile? Fuck that FUCK THAT! Half of our membership is counsel for Britney, the other half for K-Fed. Oh this is going to fuck up our plans. Bad bad bad. I just put down a deposit on a new merc. Oh shit, this can’t be happening.

  19. UglyPeopleSafaris

    Someone needs to SPF 50 that shit

  20. deacon jones

    Wait a second….she switched from Marlboro to Camel Lights???
    Thats just disgusting

  21. Anonymous


    At what age did you realize that you were a flaming homosexual?


    yea uh i agree with people— he just wants money

  23. Danklin24

    Anyone else tired of the Jinnfer love hewitt jokes from superfish? She’s hot and im sure he only wishes he could get a girl half as hot.

  24. Ript1&0

    Randal, your comments continue to delight and amuse me.

  25. havoc

    Aw….is he out of money already?

    Christ, she’s fat.


  26. Her hair looks like an old Barbie.

  27. cate

    9– Aww c’mon, Jimbo, it’ll be funny!
    I mean, yeah, it’ll suck for the kid, but just think of the entertainment it’ll bring us. I need a good laugh.

  28. Shep

    Kevin………………. your going to give up getting strange hot ass every night to be with britney spears again? Barf. If we were talking the i’m a slave 4 u days I could see it……… but this is more like I’m a hobo for you days with a little I’m on Jenny Craig for you days.

  29. @27 Yes the comedy factor would be great. Maybe if the baby was brain dead at birth and has no idea that Britney was it mother, then that would be OK..

  30. ASH

    apocalypse has come… everyone quick, stock up on starbucks, shiny objects and hotdogs… god speed!

  31. Groucho

    I wonder if they’re going to Antarctica or the deep jungles of South America, because those are about the only two places on Earth I can think of where they won’t be recognized.

  32. Monica

    I think he’s out of money…

  33. Abdo

    That will definitely Be good for their children
    I hope they manage to back together

  34. She looks AMAZING!!! I love her hair. Well not HER hair, but the hair type stuff on her head..

  35. Randal

    Thanks Ript1&0. See you around on the next batch!


  36. Misha

    Power to her.

    On that note, is she wearing her shirt inside out? :D

  37. retro metro

    why would he want to go back? he had her at her prime. now she’s at rock bottom. he totally ruins his legacy if he takes her back but his bank account will be pleased

  38. Brigit

    I think that the source for this story has since retracted the information and his publicist said that it was false, that they did not see each other, and that the photos used from their supposed meeting were actually from their Honeymoon, so ya know.

  39. Ah ha. So in other words…Kevin’s money is about to run out.

  40. lil ol me

    She is just the biggest hot mess this side of Priscilla Presley…though I don’t know if Presley can be considered a ‘hot’ mess, so much as just a ‘mess’…so fantastic. keep it coming!

  41. Alicia

    She still is sporting a baby bump.. and covering her stomach with a handbag..

  42. joho777

    What? Is Kevin out of money?? Or what?

    I hope they aren’t taking the two boys with them. They’d just remind Brit and Kevin what happened the last time they “fell in love.”

  43. I heart Randal

    Your comments brighten my day. I only wish others would recognize what a keen insight you have. Too funny, but in a good way.

  44. Kristin

    What? She doesn’t drink water!

  45. missywissy

    Yea!!! They are both obviously shitheads, BUT … they were once husband and wife and do have children together. For those little boy’s sake I hope the Federlines go to counseling and make their marriage work. She has got to give up needing all that attention, though. Kevin has got to put his foot down with her, and she with him, and they need to keep those kids out of the spotlight. Good luck to the Federline family (Kev, Brit, and children). You can do it.

  46. Ript1&0

    Dear #45,

    Randal’s sweet homosexual anus belongs to me now and if you ever speak to him again I will gut you and scratch your fucking eyes out.


  47. Hayley

    Britneys looking beautiful, i hope that she becomes happy again very soon, instead of all this crap about her in the gossip columns id love to see a person happy, some of you people are sick, enjoying peoples misery, theres obviously somethign very wrong in your lives. and how the hell can you say anything about britneys weight, you are sick, you are whats wrong with today, no wonder teenage girls are becoming anorexic and nearly dieing from the likes of you, i hope your proud, curves are beautiful, it makes a woman, you make me sick,

  48. gurnion

    #49 shut up fatty

  49. Go Brit

    #50 shut up shrivel c**k
    bet all you do is sit on here all day insulting people.

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