Britney Spears and Kevin Federline to meet in court

October 26th, 2007 // 51 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will meet with a judge today to give a progress report on their custody battle. L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon will receive testimony from several custody experts. The outlook doesn’t look good for Britney, but she may make some ground on her visitation rights. People reports:

The judge is not expected to reinstate the 50-50 custody arrangement that was in place before the judge stripped Spears of custody and allowed only visitation.

“At best, she may get unmonitored visits and more overnight privileges,” says family law attorney Scott Weston, who’s not involved with either party. “This case is still in the early stages and could go on for months.”

Knowing she has to be on her best behavior, a monitored Britney spent most of yesterday afternoon with her children. She took them to a pumpkin patch then to Swings N’Things, according to Us Magazine:

“She wanted a swing set for her boys for her house in Malibu,” an employee told “She was nice to me. There was just so much commotion.”

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will reconcile and get back together. That’s my prediction. Somebody carve that into a mountain for me. It will be the ultimate publicity move for Britney’s new album. She’ll pull her shit together and decide to tour. K-Fed will move back in and the kids will go back to being cared for by a nanny while Mommy and Daddy make Cheetos-fueled amateur porn. And all will be right with the world. You know, until Lindsay Lohan squeezes out a kid. Then it’s Armageddon, baby.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Ript1&0

    Awwww…. that’s kind of sweet actually. A sweet little ending to the world’s greatest romance. Someone should turn this into a feature film.

  2. Ript1&0

    Holy shit I WAS actually first. God, that makes me lame as hell. I gotta go to class now and pretend this never happened.

  3. Kevin looked really hurt.

  4. Clem

    The lips, the wigs, the gnawed down fingers – that’s class baby.

  5. my comment

    Boots and fingernails.

  6. @2 you were not first but you are lame as hell

  7. Sharon

    These two meet more in court than thah ever did in their proper wedding days.

    I still feel sorry for those two beautiful little boys of theirsl

    “Dadddy, did mommy always have devil horns and a tail,,,or is that just just grandma Lynn’s story to scare us for Halloween??…”

  8. I wish gravity would cease to support her and she would rocket through the atmosphere and freeze to a Pop-Brick in space.

  9. Nicole

    #6, #2 WAS first you fucking IDIOT!!!!! HA

  10. kpol

    I’m just impressed that she got out of the car without flashing the crowd. Give the little lady a frappuccino and a gold star!

    I wonder for what percentage of American women that would be a praise worthy accomplishment?

  11. Overnight visitations? But who will watch the kids?

  12. fashion plate and bowl

    Nice white summer dress in OCTOBER.

  13. Ok, I gotta go to work. There better be a new post by the time I get there or there will be heel to pay.

  14. Hell!!! I meant Hell!!! I suck at typing. Bye.

  15. ugh!

    I know she can’t hear me..

  16. veggi

    She looks so pure in her white dress.

  17. breezy

    this is the most clothes I’ve seen her wear in a while…she actually looks semi-decent! Keep it up, Brit!!

  18. ssdd

    Hairy ass pits Pic 4

  19. veggi

    16- try finding your own name dumbass. thanks.

  20. Trashy boots, chewed fingernails, greasy, yucky hair, pimples on face and some armpit growth. Classy as ever.

  21. Those boots kill me. Why can’t she find it within herself to dress well? She can certainly afford it.

  22. @9 Who gives as a shit. He is still lame as hell. Now go make his lunch and get him off to school like a good mom

  23. kpol

    Britney is starting to remind me of Courtney Love. Not the new, cleaned up Courtney. I’m talking about the Courtney from back in the 90s who single handedly did more drugs than all the members of Cypress Hill put together and always looked like she’d just rolled out of bed in a gutter.

  24. jesus

    People, people! We need to put a stop on all shipments of human hair to Britney’s stylist! She is wasting all of the good shit on her skanky self. I say enough is enough. Britney, be yourself — I want to see your cueball again!

  25. veggi

    I hate this bitch, but when I was looking at these pictures eventually I realized I was playing with my nipples. So I guess I have to say this is a good look for Britney. What doesn’t look good? The snail trail on the seat of my chair.

  26. jesus

    …and I don’t mean your vagina.

  27. my comment

    #23– There’s a new cleaned-up Courtney?/??

  28. PunkA

    Is it just me or does Brit’s skin just look bad. Damn, she needs to see Tom Cruise skin guy. Does wonder for that freak.

  29. mandora

    Look at the passenger’s side floor of the car!!! OMG It seriously looks like a wine goblet on top of her parenting skills notebook!

  30. eeeewww

    Did anyone else notice in the first pic it looks like a wine glass on the floor in her car? Right on top of the “Parenting Solutions” binder….

  31. Tits McGee

    OMG! IT is a big assed pimp cup on the “chirlin” class notebook.

  32. Bigheadmike

    Laser Those Pits Brit!!!!!!!!

  33. Awww, Not This Crap Again!

    @ #10…

    I was going to say the same thing, but it looks like in the first picture, she ALMOST had a little difficulty with that. Even in long skirts/dresses, she has trouble being “lady like.”

    Money CERTAINLY can’t buy class.

  34. Tits McGee

    We should all be very happy for her wearing a different pair of boots, though. Am I right? huh?

  35. Awww, Not This Crap Again!

    In picture #5, did she do the alterations (hemline) herself? What a domestic diva she is!

  36. MrSemprini

    AGH Those boots!! AGAIN!! burn them o burn them o burn them o burn them o burn them o burn them o please burn them o burn them o burn them.


    Umm, sorry. Went away there… Won’t, ah, happen again, maybe… ha ha



  37. Chef

    In her will, she wants to be buried in a table cloth, no panties, and her special boots. That’s what it says!

  38. Frick

    As absurd as it sounds, I could actually see her taking Kevin back. I don’t think she’s over that douchebag. He really messed her up good. Although I don’t know that he would take her back; why should he? He’s getting what he wants (her money) AND he doesn’t have to deal with her annoying ass on a day to day basis. Win win situation.

  39. Nikk

    Those are different boots, actually.

  40. my eyes


  41. Matthew

    Britney:: I hope Braindine picks me up at starbuck with cletus…. Trainwreck

  42. ladyface

    she is trying too hard to flash pootang. unless she sits with her dress stuffed up her crotch.. she is nasty and tasteless.

  43. Ript1&0

    Hahaha!!! Jimbo thinks I’m a man. Sweet… let’s go with that then. I am in no way touching my own tits right now.

  44. KamUK

    Those boots are back, and the hair? greasy ratty mop. Kill her she’s gonna kill herself pretty soon anyway.

  45. Big Dumb Oaf

    Forty…Duh- who cares?

    But hey- the Exciting part…


  46. Makemepuke

    Britanny is such a fucking loser……where are all the psychotic stalker celebrity killers when you need them.

  47. blizzy

    Boy they love taking pictures of her getting out of cars don’t they…

    Really guys, stop putting posts on this site about Britney. I’d rather read about Rosie emptying McDonald’s freezer or Ellen fighting with the dog nazi.

  48. sdfkjlj

    she could afford a private manicurist every morning …
    she could afford a cute pair of new, designer white sandals …
    she could pull her hair up in a cute do …
    she could shave the pits …

    what the hell is wrong with her?
    she is mentally ill obviously.
    but her body looks good in general – the abs, etc. She looks good in that respect. Gotta give her that. She is still young – wait till her metabolism slows, though.

  49. JANE

    does nobody else notice she had her lips done?? her upper lip at least, look at it in the last pic, she sooooo got collegen

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