Britney Spears and Kevin Federline attend first parenting class

October 24th, 2007 // 67 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline attended their first Parenting Without Conflict course today. It’s the first time the two have been in the same building since meeting with attorneys back in September. TMZ reports:

The class will last a couple of hours. They will meet with a parenting coach, who will give them advice on how a divorced couple should raise their children.
The kids are not present.
Sources say Britney is actually looking forward to discussing parenting with her ex — however, after arriving at the location, Brit was distraught and bawling like a baby in the bathroom.

What could Britney be so upset about? Unless she still has feelings for Kevin. Could you imagine if these two got back together? No, wait, that’s not even funny. Somebody’s gotta stop this. Snarf, bring me the Sword of Omens! Thunder. Thunder! THUNDERCATS! HOOOOOOOOO! *looks around* Dude, go upstairs and tell Grandma I need 4 C batteries for this thing. Dude, it’s important. I have to stop Britney and Kevin. Jesus, we’ll play Halo later. Fine. Stop crying. We’ll do what you want to do. Again. I hope they name their third kid after you.

Update: Yeah, you got me, my comments above suck. It’s impossible to even suggest that I live in my mom’s basement. Everybody knows I reside in a private castle where I eat raw steaks, bathe in gold and hunt wild boars – with a grenade launcher.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

  1. Fumus

    Everyone* superficial, everyone! Let’s not get too crazy now.

  2. gerard Vandenberg

    Do you know how I can see you’re a bit pannicking. Look at your fingernails!! You simply don’t look after them anymore. It is important though. You wanted to be a pop-star, remember. It’s time you start acting mature and make choices. Do you wanna be a pop-star or is it: DELETE!!

  3. havoc

    Why is she so greasy looking lately? Did she stick her face in the wildfires or something?

    That’s an oily bitch…..


  4. Andrew C


    Butter. Her face is greasy, because she gets it mixed up with toast and spreads butter on it.

  5. brook

    I love whoever writes these.

  6. D. Richards

    Fuck parenting class. Fuck parenting coaches. I’d cry in the bathroom, too, if I fucked-up as bad as Britney has. Damn, Spears is in a trick-bag. The guy she was married to, what’s his name? It’s not important, his name. Anyways, he manipulated this situation so as to look like he’s the better parent; when in actuality, he’s only doing this whole bullshit charade for the hefty amount of child support that the fucking loser’s going to use to support himself for the next fifteen years. I hate that goddamn guy. It would be so fanciful if, as whatshiface is back-up dancing for, like the biggest star in the world, he tripped and fell off the front of the stage and was accidently strangled by some miscellaneous wires or something. He could die in front of the entire audience. That would be so erotic!


    I read somewhere on here that Brit spends a lot of time in her bedroom. Doing what I dare ask? Hmmph, maybe:
    Thinkin’ about bathin’ or maybe not bathin’
    Decidin’ what dirty, wrinkly clothes w/ crap spilled on them to wear to Starbucks
    Deciding how to re-arrange that dirty, stinky hair
    Deciding what boots to wear
    Losing her underwear
    Shaving her cooch
    Ripping off the professional nailjob
    Gettin’ pinkeye
    Deciding she needs trout lips
    Plannin’ to go tannin’
    Leaving her brain on the pillow

    Ever wonder why she can’t just put her phone and cigarettes into her purse instead of clutching them in her hands in public like a desperate hillbilly even though she has a huge purse with lots of pockets on her arm. What’s in the damn purse then? A comb? Makeup? A wallet? A mirror? Maybe a book or two? A change of boots? Something to wipe up spills? That poor dog? Well, we know for a long time it didn’t have a valid driver’s license.

    Her arrogant ass has fallen flat on her face. She is truly an asshat.

  8. Kristen Dei from LA (Louisiana that is)

    So… comments yet on the moustache above the DSL, eh fish?

    She looka like’a man!

  9. PunkA

    You know, they ought to dress the parenting coach up in a Taco Bell costume and offer Britney free chalupas and Starbuscks coupons when she does something right. That will totally motivate her to try to be a good mom. Otherwise, the girl is too whacked out to do anything right for herself, let alone for her boys.

  10. BHOLE

    Snarf huh? I guess you were inspired by last night’s episode of South Park…

  11. jersey

    Iwonky i think i love you

  12. Matthew

    Britney:: Hey Yall hi Yall I am going to fail calss you all I hope it won’t be dem test…Trainwreck

  13. Karmacidal

    I think it’s hilarious that she paints those stubby little fingernails.

    Love you, Brit! Mean it!

  14. Lisa

    F*** ‘em! I love your comments! They crack me up! :-)

  15. cookie monsta

    another gorgeous pic for the Brit file. If anyone sees this idiot on the street, please give her a hefty backhander for me, PLEASE??

  16. Anderson

    Snarf? So you’re confessing to being a WAY-back reader of Dragon Magazine?

    You should be in a feature article on “Jobs You Can Get With a Background in Dungeons & Dragons.” No, seriously. I’m just surprised not to see more chicks in chainmail bikinis on this site.

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