Britney Spears and Kevin Federline attend first parenting class

October 24th, 2007 // 67 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline attended their first Parenting Without Conflict course today. It’s the first time the two have been in the same building since meeting with attorneys back in September. TMZ reports:

The class will last a couple of hours. They will meet with a parenting coach, who will give them advice on how a divorced couple should raise their children.
The kids are not present.
Sources say Britney is actually looking forward to discussing parenting with her ex — however, after arriving at the location, Brit was distraught and bawling like a baby in the bathroom.

What could Britney be so upset about? Unless she still has feelings for Kevin. Could you imagine if these two got back together? No, wait, that’s not even funny. Somebody’s gotta stop this. Snarf, bring me the Sword of Omens! Thunder. Thunder! THUNDERCATS! HOOOOOOOOO! *looks around* Dude, go upstairs and tell Grandma I need 4 C batteries for this thing. Dude, it’s important. I have to stop Britney and Kevin. Jesus, we’ll play Halo later. Fine. Stop crying. We’ll do what you want to do. Again. I hope they name their third kid after you.

Update: Yeah, you got me, my comments above suck. It’s impossible to even suggest that I live in my mom’s basement. Everybody knows I reside in a private castle where I eat raw steaks, bathe in gold and hunt wild boars – with a grenade launcher.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

  1. Lol

    So much Brit news today

  2. nikki

    yey, first (?). ilove britney, she’s my retarded baby

  3. Moi

    My first comment! WOW

  4. Meebie

    Woohoo! FOURTH!!!!111one

    Anyway. She looks like crap. I can’t believe I was jealous of how pretty she was when I was eleven.

  5. She is forced to do this because of her status

    Imagine how many others would never go through this

    This really is a matter that her mother and mother in law should be guiding her in – not some stranger

  6. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    She was distraught because she realized they conned her into going there by telling her there was a Starbuck’s, and when she got there she found out they’d lied. I’d be pissed off too. ;-)

  7. moka

    of course she still has feelings for kev, that’s all that matters to her

  8. 1MILF Hunter

    Hope she wore her panties to class. No need to shoot beev shots at the instructor to get an A.

  9. Igottabemeee

    Mother and Mother-In-Law? Do you think that Brit’s mom is doing such a great job with her daughters that she should give parenting advice? Ha! Or that just giving birth makes you a mother?

    And would someone please send her a gift certificate to get her nails done?

  10. Darth Hater

    @6: Dammit you beat me to the punch with the tricking her into thinking it was a Starbucks comment.

    @8: If YOU were the instructor and she tried to get an A by flashing that nasty cooch, would you give her an A? I think not. Of course, Britney doesn’t think like sane people so it’s a real possibility.

  11. Troy

    I’m so sick of this fucking site. It used to actually be useful for some funny celebrity stuff. You might as well just change from to

    i can give two shits what britney’s parenting coach thinks about, or what britney’s former bodyguard said, or she is reading a bible or Britney is going to fucking starbucks. jeez…get a fucking clue people!!!

  12. lomag

    i saw her photo on a dating site called Is that really her?

  13. Hollywood Agent

    I was raised by Wolves myself, so I know there are worse people and things that can be your parents than Britney and Fed-Ex. Having said that, I still turned out OK, except for the fact that I post comments on “The Superficial Website” to dish celebrities…….

    I bet she was crying in the bathroom because she finally realized that her mouth literally looks like an asshole. Gay dudes everywhere must be cuming on to her.

  14. Soy to EXACTLY#11
    yet Troy I gotta know.. was She wearing the Boots ‘ today

  15. kb

    Miss Universe, she was forced to go through this because she is a terrible mother with no parenting skills. If she would listen to her mother or any one else, she might have picked up some things by now, but NO, Britney cant/wont listen to anybody. So the only way to force her to learn how to be a good mother (and I think that is impossible — she only has the brainpower and maternal instincts to become at best an average mother) is to force parenting classes on her.

  16. e g

    Most of your comments suck.

  17. whatever

    Rumer has it kevin gave her a frappicino then she blew him in the bathroom…..but thats just what I heard

  18. ??????

    #13 I was raised by wolves too and Im a serial killer who also steals frapiccinos from little ole ladies…and trolls…and well, where is this going????

  19. yo mama

    who wrote this piece? it’s bad.

  20. spy

    In other news, Britney Spears ate a burger and chipped a nail. Then she burped. He child was neglected while she was out driving poorly in a bikini so she could snort coke from the asscheeks of the Hamburglar. Then K-Fed cut another steaming pile of music, and Britney tried to sing over dull dance tracks written by overpaid hit songwriters.

    More tits, please. And a wider selection of celebrities.

    Britney isn’t just a trainwreck…..she’s a boring trainwreck.

  21. pointandlaugh

    awwww pooor Britney still has FEEWINGS for K-FED! hahahahahahaha.


  22. Riotboy

    A mother with maternal instincts is like a museum without art.

    /I’m deep like dirty water

  23. Leave her alone. She is a poor and lonely girl now! Her ex Justin is dating another young beauty on millionaire and celebrity dating site where Charlie Sheen found his girl last May. Brintnay should end her single life as soon as possible. It is too hard to be a single mom.

  24. survey sez

    kevin must not be interested one bit. how sad cause really, what other options does he have?

  25. Ript1&0

    I heard Britney’s vagina has its own little superhero cape. But you’re no match for that thing alone. We should join forces.

  26. brithater

    I know you guys are dying to know – those awesome brown boots Brit ALWAYS wears – they are made by Chloe and sell for $1284. Please send hate mail to Chloe since I blame them for making such a fugly boot that would appeal to Brit’s cheap hooker fashion taste.

  27. ha8ter

    Miss Universe:
    Your comments are so ridiculous that I cannot help but believe you are being sarcastic.
    On the outside chance that you are serious, I must say that your comment about her being forced to do this because of her status is, well, ignorant, for lack of a stronger word. If she was a joe schmoe she would be in jail, first of all, for the DUI and then driving without a license. In the event that she was somehow able to bail herself out, she would have long ago lost her children to the foster care system THE FIRST TIME SHE DID NOT SHOW UP FOR COURT. She would not have been given the ten thousand (untaken) chances that Britney has been given.
    I suspect too, that if the judge had been informed of joe schmoe woman’s flashing her pussy all over town and doing drugs and drinking, that she would not be seeing the light of day for a very long time. Meanwhile, Britney is free to cruise from gas station to gas station as she pleases. So do yourself a favor and shut your stupid pie hole bitch.

  28. Kay

    I just saw a commercial for BS new CD..ahaha thats real funny and being sold for $9.99?? pathetic…………..

  29. # 11 I agree.
    I even think I saw this Brit movie a couple of years ago – Parents Without Borders – or something I think it was called, an African flic and Angelina Jolie was in it.
    Put me to sleep. Failed to see the humor. (Something like this site)
    I guess on this site – you have to do a bit of clicking –
    9/11 Was an Inside Job.

  30. Ted from LA

    Put down the bottle and fix the typo in the update. No no news on Kim Carcrashian? Chop chop.

  31. Ted from LA

    See, I’m hammered and I make typos too… That should read “What, no NEW news on Kim Carcrashian?”

  32. steve

    congrats Ted. You’re uh…cool. Maybe not.

  33. funkycrime

    She looks like the second coming of the fat Elvis. Only I’d fuck Elvis…I mean… you know..if I had to, to save my puppy that I donated without proper paperwork,or something..I dont know..Look! FIRE!!!

  34. I hate to be a nag – but stop my last link at like 10 secs.
    And then say – how did gravity do that ?
    And Brit – I think we’re all still on your side.
    In a ‘remember when’ type way. Etc.

  35. mattboy from tucson

    Some days I come home after a stressful day and see that the anti-Perez has dipped into Star reporting with a depressed twist, and others I read about conflicted conversations with his penis and Thundercats references. The latter kill my migraines…

  36. Panthro

    thundercats RULE

  37. Well talking about Perez – I think he was on TV tonight.
    Undercover. Called himself ‘Russ’ or ‘Ross’ or something.
    To the best of my recollection – he had these people read his mind, Fire nail guns at him, tickle him, had Chis Angel (?) ridicule him and then had Uri Geller ‘bend his spoon’ as they say in industry.

    Personally – I’m just here for the news.

  38. fuck man….fuck britney and play your damn halo!!

  39. Auntie Kryst

    Paid bloggers to drop URLs, go fuck yourself and the offsore Russian/Cayman Island/Thailand criminal ring you sprung from. Goddamn pukes.

    Christian Right, do me a solid and pray for lightning to strike them down. Britney would approve. Cheers!

  40. Blondamnation

    And Then There Were Typos in Everyone’s Post.

    Nobody’s making any sense to me tonight! What the fuck was 34 saying?
    Except, f course “miss universe’, who always makes sense, and probably makes boom-boom on the potty when her mommy asks her to. Why are you so naive? You’re always sticking up for Britney and making comments like “it’s really a matter for her elders” or some such shit.
    Are you 90? My grandmother is cooler than you.

  41. Blondamnation

    Hey #5-miss universe’:
    You should bake her a chocolate squirt-gun cake and drop it off on her doorstep. Really. Do it and then let us know what happens, mmm k?

  42. Blondamnation

    Isn’t cardashian Kardashian? I know, CarCrashian, but it should be Karcrashian, right?
    She has a new reality show-tivo that and hit pause-there you go…

  43. Blondamnation

    Right on @39-yes yes yes I hate those fucking phony posts-ban them AND her new CD….

  44. Blondamnation

    Not one word of your dumb ass post was was wrong in so many ways I think you bother me more than those nails on Britney. Who was NEVER, by the way, in “an African flic” with Angelina Jolie..
    Where are you from-Pluto?

    Your head is inside your anus.

  45. #44 – You’re right .
    Tanx for the tip. Chances are the flic was”Beyond Borders” –
    not “Parents without Borders”
    My bad.
    But, by the way – 9/11 was an Inside Job. Any comments ?
    ( Still waiting for that movie though)

  46. Frick

    Geez, that KFed sure fucked her up. Its bizarre what kind of power that nobody had on someone so famous and (once) coveted. Did he put her under a spell or something?… Just amazing in bed?… What then? I don’t see it. I just see a slimy scrub. And I don’t think he ever even really cared for Britney either. He was just using her and fell in love with the money & lifestyle. I think he likes his girls black. I think he wishes HE was black. Anyways, I don’t feel sorry for Britney, not anymore. You can only feel pity on someone for so long before you say ok, straighten up and get your shit together. Espc when that someone is a mother and has near limitless funds and connections and there are people who care about her and are trying to help.

  47. Norman

    what’s up with her eyebrows ? UGLY !

  48. Clem

    She looks great as usual, especially her hands.

  49. Shit4Brains

    Miss Universe
    Eat shit and die

  50. uhmmm

    soooooooooo Elvis
    did you mention she shoots @ TVs yet?

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