Britney Spears and Kevin Federline officially divorced

July 31st, 2007 // 110 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s divorce was finalized in court yesterday. According to the terms of the divorce, K-Fed will get $15,000 a month from Britney for child support and an additional $20,000 a month in spousal support (which is based on the prenup and will end in November). Britney and Kevin agreed to keep the custody of the children 50/50, although either can go back and ask the judge to change the terms.

Considering Britney Spears’ recent antics, it’s a wonder K-Fed couldn’t manage to get full custody of the kids. Did he even hire a lawyer? I could’ve shown up wearing a ski mask and a paper bag with “baby” written on the side and gotten custody of the kids. The judge would take one look at me, then Britney, then slam his gavel down and declare, “To the stranger in the mask!”

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  1. justifiable

    #100 No, but kelli’s picture will.

  2. ???juztifuckinfiable???

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  3. Public Address System

    **BRRRRRKKKK****Attention, please. Colosotomy bag spill on aisle 102. Please avoid at all costs. That is all.***BRRRK*****

  4. katiegoggles

    does anyone think its weird that she has to give him $5000 more per month for his own support, while the two kids have to split a little less than he gets. every month.

  5. justifiable

    #104 No, because they’re little, they don’t go through as much booze, drugs and cigarettes as he does.

  6. ***

    hey britney, granma wants her curtain back!

  7. Trysta

    Does Britney own a mirror at all? I mean does she really think she looks attractive? In all her pics she’s pasty white with some nasty reddish shade of lipstick, no lip liner, mouth wide open. The most un-ladylike creature I’ve ever seen. And the nappy weave is just the icing on the cake.

  8. Sweets

    What happen to their marriage, what caused all of this mess?

  9. I hope K-Fed wants custody of the kids due to Britney’s erratic behaviour,not for her money.

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