Britney Spears and Kevin Federline officially divorced

July 31st, 2007 // 110 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s divorce was finalized in court yesterday. According to the terms of the divorce, K-Fed will get $15,000 a month from Britney for child support and an additional $20,000 a month in spousal support (which is based on the prenup and will end in November). Britney and Kevin agreed to keep the custody of the children 50/50, although either can go back and ask the judge to change the terms.

Considering Britney Spears’ recent antics, it’s a wonder K-Fed couldn’t manage to get full custody of the kids. Did he even hire a lawyer? I could’ve shown up wearing a ski mask and a paper bag with “baby” written on the side and gotten custody of the kids. The judge would take one look at me, then Britney, then slam his gavel down and declare, “To the stranger in the mask!”

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  1. George

    Sorry….last post it should read BRA. Typo…….

  2. Annie Rexia

    #37? What is really pathetic is someone coming on this site, making negative comments towards us, and not even having the common courtesy of knowing how to construct a sentence. This site is specifically intended to slam celebrities. It is not a “tribute” site. Why don’t you go back to your tiger beat magazine and let the adults play. You stupid, skanky, spunk encrusted little retard. Isn’t there some chrome on a trailer hitch that needs to be removed? You seem like the right girl for the job.

  3. FromOutOfNoWhere

    Well, if that is over, I wonder what the under table conditions were. Maybe her distress will go away now and she can focus on her performance in movies from Vivid Videos. Hey woman in Vivid Videos need love too.

  4. adeliza

    “You stupid, skanky, spunk encrusted little retard”

    Thank you for coming up with a slur that makes sense!

  5. don't recycle

    #46 Did it ever occur to you that given the meltdown her life has become if she did anything even remotely chaitable her PR flacks would make sure we never heard the end of it? Here’s five bucks, go buy yourself a clue.

  6. Proud Mother

    Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with her? Doesn’t look like she’s showered in days. She needs to clean up the acne, get some sun, and loose the mop top …. those extensions are hideous (she looks like a cancer patient for fucks sake)!

    Her fucking cloths are half tacky, half sleazy. There has GOT to be a point where this chick will realize that she is, and always will be, a “HAS BEEN”. There is no rebound after this “rock bottom”. With any luck, she can get her shit together a wee bit and at the very least not end up like an Anna Nicole. Her poor children are going to be psychologically damaged for life.

  7. cosmetologist

    Her forehead has grown so high and shiny from all the Botox she uses that she is beginning to look like the aliens in the movie “Mars Attacks”.

  8. jrzmommy

    $15,000 a MONTH? Surely most of that will go toward contributions to the kids’ Shrink Fund?

  9. Bite Me!

    @37 take a couple of prozac and then you can come back. A little biter are we???

  10. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    37, wait, when did britney accomplish something pertinent in an hour?

    the only thing i’ve ever seen her accomplish in such a short span of time is child neglect. wow, i’m so jealous!

  11. jrzmommy

    37–the only thing Britney Spears can manage to accomplish in one hour is to fuck up her life and the lives of everyone else around her just a little more than she has done the hour previous to the one she’s on.

  12. Victor, can I lick and suck your balls? You sound so sexy to me. How old are you, it doesn’t matter, just curious.

  13. Mornin Victor, and hey, Bite Me, you have mail!!!
    37, I got some prozac fer ya….

  14. Texas Tranny

    @62 You can do me. :-)

  15. Victor

    #62 Sherry, I am 29.

  16. Victor

    #63 FRIST. Can I get mail?………haha.

  17. jrzmommy


  18. 64, your a girl aren’t you? I like girls.
    65, 29 the perfect age, where do you live?

  19. Phil

    Really tired of this ugly mom… no talent…


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  20. HELP

    LOL, #44 — twatwaffle!!!! I’m gonna have to find somewhere to use that in a sentence today.

    Like, “did you double bag those groceries like I told you to, you twatwaffle!”

  21. Victor

    #68 Sherry, I live in New Mexico. How old are you Sherry, and tell me a little about yourself.

  22. Victor, I’m 21, and I like sexy men like you. I do have to go right now, I have to go to work. I’ll write back when I get to my computer at work. Stay sexy, until then. bye, sherry.

  23. Victor

    #72 Sherry, how in the hell can you say I am sexy, when you haven’t seen me. I could be the ugliest fat ass on this earth.

  24. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    Victor, maybe Sherry is a chubby-chaser. You should feel lucky. And most importantly, she probably wants to drink your douche water!!!

    Sherry probably isn’t even a she…

  25. Doug Sweet Ass n Hairy

    Hey dude if she won’t love you I will. Ball lickin’ ass-luvin’, whatever turns you on …just don’t look down.

  26. Bite Me!

    @73 Victor, did you get hit on the head this morning? And by head I mean the one on your shoulders! Sherry is a troll. Wake up and smell the soiled panties

  27. Victor

    #76…….you think I didn’t know that? Why do you think I asked how the hell she knew I was sexy? Come on, I am dumb, but not that dumb.

  28. Texas Tranny

    MMMMMMMMMMM soiled panties, Yummy.

  29. michelle

    oh sweet, now to make my move……….

  30. wedgeone

    #37 – How is a military draft going to resolve any of your complaints? Or are you just Britney posting under a pseudonym? Do you even know what a pseudonym is?
    Hello, pot. We call ourselves “kettle”.

    #43 – licking a lock socket? knee bitters? Now what you wrote in #52 was good! But this was a mess. You hungover or something?

  31. wedgeone

    I just love that pic of her standing next to the car, with the wig erupting off the top of her head.
    You can still see stubble from the shaving combined with “chunks” of something resembling insect hair

    Little did Lennon & McCartney know while writing “Fool On the Hill” that they were describing Brintey to the finest detail. This tragedy is almost unbearable anymore.

  32. Dizzybenny

    it’s a nice pregnant dress that she has there.

  33. BaldAsBritney

    #37 I so agree. Want to come by my place hold hands and sign Cumbaya all day?

  34. AmeriCanadian

    She’s so freaking nasty, BUT I have to say her teeth look very nice.

  35. A prayer hater

    #37 – I like Beavis and Butthead. About haters and jealousy, hmmmm, I think the shoe should be on the celebs foot. It is the pseudo-celebrities like BS that got into this business in the first place because hey want to one-up everybody in their lives and show off. The egocentric, self-serving, self-absorbed celebs are the problem and the flaks that blow smoke up their asses (and you).

    Nobody personally hates them but we poke fun at them because, if you take a phych class, you’ll see that it’s what they want. Suckers for punishment is what they are and we, well, we are the punishers. We’re only giving them what we want, so that makes us PHILANTROPISTS OF SORTS. We’re only thinking of them.

    You being here spewing at US, however, lumps you into the proto-human category as well. See you in the 9th gate of hell, missy! Remember, criticism is criticism, no matter what “good intentions” you think you’re touting, and the road to perdition is paved with good intentions. so, HA!

  36. somewhereinthemiddle


    I usually avoid commenting on other peoples post however you make it impossible to resist. I would rather read a “z” filled post then to decipher what you call an insult. While I do appreciate the passion with which you write I feel you should stay a little more focused. Why not try this on for size?

    Who the hell comes to a celebrity blog expecting to find a Hallmark card? Well besides a complete waste of cum like yourself. Your father should have jerked you into the sink or rather right in the john. It would be so approprié if you were flushed like the careers you so righteously defend. There are a few things that are certain in this world the sun will rise, Brit is assing it out as I write this, your hymen will remain intact until the day you die.

    Don’t you have to get back to e-bay? I wouldn’t want you to loose the bid. Brits feces would really complete your shrine. But before you go let me ask you a few questions…

    Are you the girl that sits all alone and lives through her idols?

    Is Brit staring back at you from you mouse pad as you read this?

    How long has it been since someone said your name and wasn’t using it as a punch line?

    On that note pound your chubby fist and curse my name or number in this case. I have already forgotten you just like everyone who once knew you.

  37. I love clever people

    #37 – Ohhhh shit

    #86 just 86′ed you. (hahahahahha)

  38. Shallow Val

    HEY EVERYBODY, here’s what #37 wrote about Jessica Alba… shit much?

    “”"”"susanist – July 30, 2007 1:08 PM

    Jessica was dumped and none of you have a chance or any good judgement of beauty either. She and Eva Longeria are two of the most overrated so-called ‘beauties’ to ever be associated with Hollywood.

    Obviously she wasn’t all that interesting to her ex-boyfriend. I wonder about all of you who are just saying and writing nonsense about Jessica’s looks. She pretty OK. She no world class beauty. In FF4, Silver Surfer every woman at the bachelor party was better looking than her.

    In fact the more I looked at Alba the more she looked like a Thai shemale with blond hair.

    She has no ass worthy of note, and its a damn insult to JLO, Beyonce, vida Guerra and Kim Kardashian to have you people constantly comparing her boyish ass to theirs. To have a world-class feminine ass must suggest fertility on a instinctual level. Jessica Alba does not suggest fertility at all.
    Now sit on the fact that her boyfriend dumped her because something’s not right and all of you are wrong, blind and clueless as to what a real woman is supposed to look like. “”"”

    Eat crow you fucking hippo-crite!!!!

  39. Italian Stallion

    For some reason, when I saw this picture, the Benny Hill theme song popped in my head…………..

  40. Dizzybenny

    #89 LMAO

  41. molly

    I think she went dumpster diving for those shoes. Look closely.
    She is hideous, AND NOBODY IS JEALOUS OF HER.

  42. Annie Rexia

    About #43: Hey, hadn’t had my coffee yet.

  43. Sauron

    Justice in Western societies is most at the time how much are you willing to spend on a lawyer? Looks like K-fed didn’t spent enough in this case.On the other hand i think their kids will be raised fine by the manny.Maybe the manny of Britney was decisive for the judge.If i was britney i would give him a generous raise.

  44. 77, Sorry I took all day, but the office was so busy today. I can tell that your sexy by the way you write. Even though you joke about some things that aren’t appealing, I can tell that I would like you.

  45. wedgeone

    #92 – OK, forgiven then.

  46. Starscanfrighten

    Post #41 – you’re right. It’s the inbreeding. I’ll betcha the morning after a long night of too much booze, coke, and head, her eyes are on either side of her head.

  47. Starscanfrighten

    Love it, #44.

  48. Starscanfrighten

    somewhere in the middle, you’re the fucking best.

  49. ???Now that your dumbazz got divorced…letz zee how zmart???
    U R to ztay zingle…that zhit don’t work and U azzholez
    freakin know it…Brit…get zome decent extenzionz

  50. skdjfhk

    if i look up mongoloid on wikipedia will this picture be there?

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