Britney Spears and Kevin Federline officially divorced

July 31st, 2007 // 110 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s divorce was finalized in court yesterday. According to the terms of the divorce, K-Fed will get $15,000 a month from Britney for child support and an additional $20,000 a month in spousal support (which is based on the prenup and will end in November). Britney and Kevin agreed to keep the custody of the children 50/50, although either can go back and ask the judge to change the terms.

Considering Britney Spears’ recent antics, it’s a wonder K-Fed couldn’t manage to get full custody of the kids. Did he even hire a lawyer? I could’ve shown up wearing a ski mask and a paper bag with “baby” written on the side and gotten custody of the kids. The judge would take one look at me, then Britney, then slam his gavel down and declare, “To the stranger in the mask!”

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  1. oh damn

    i feel such sorrow. now all my romantic illusions about marriage have been shattered.

  2. Kathleen

    This makes me want to literally throw up.

  3. justifiable

    What the holy hell is that on her back in the last pic? Some sort of glitter pattern? Goes so well with the facial acne!

  4. Texas Tranny

    Pretty dress.

  5. Rimmy

    If those two classy kids can’t make it work, then I feel bad for the rest of us.

  6. The world is officially over.

  7. Sportsdvl

    A year ago, who’d have thought K-Fed was going to be the better parent of the two!

  8. Crap Tonight

    Okay i’m now taking bets on who she is going to marry next –

    my personal choice is one of her bodyguards or the guy that delivers her mail

  9. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    3, it’s called a shadow from her nappy hair.

  10. Bite Me!

    @4 TT that dress is hideous! I thought you had better taste

  11. creecree

    I just can’t get over that she still goes out in public. Doesn’t she have a mirror?

  12. FACE

    I would still bang the hell out of her.

  13. Ms. Spears

    I could take a crap,a small crap at that, and auction it off on ebay.That would pay my court costs, child support etc.I could make more in 20 minutes off of feces than you losers will in 20 years at your government job.
    Thank You , Have a nice day.

  14. She looks like something my cat threw up, swallowed, and threw up again.

  15. creecree

    So would I but then I do lots of things in private that I wouldn’t do in the street.

  16. justifiable

    #9 There’s a zigzag spotty pattern going on there, her back looks two-toned. WTF?

  17. I am divorced. I am so happy, no kids to deal with and no husband that cheats. I will always be grateful to the people who stuck behind me. I don’t need Paris to show me about hair extensions, I look good and I know it. My forehead looks nice the way I wear my hair. I just did a bunch of coke and I feel silly. Not sure what I’ll do next, stay tuned. Love, Britney xxxooo

  18. Does she even OWN a MIRROR???

  19. I was thinking the same thing. There is no way he had an attorney present at this trial. How do the kids remain 50-50 in terms of custody?

    Can the judge be charged for trial abuse?

  20. Sick of Stupid

    Remember the gay bashers in the Village inthe 80′s? Well I’m going to start the “Baby-Doll Dress Wearer Bashers” club. Anyone in???

    I’ve had it up to HERE!!!! (holds finger up to nose)

  21. don't recycle

    #13 I doubt it, we’re not buying your shit here, let alone on eBay! Are you now your own financial manager, too?

  22. creecree

    #18 I heard she did once – but they’ve all been shattering lately when she uses them.

  23. Dr. Demento

    I’d never had thought Britney would have back fat. I mean, where are her scapulae? Not a good look for you Britney.


  24. jenny

    Is she just tying weaves to her head with scarves now? She’s not even trying to get the wig on straight anymore.

  25. starshinetokyo

    Omg, WHY do magazine’s still write about her?! She is so pathetic. Next puhlease!!!

  26. Bite Me!

    Is that the real FRIST or her troll?

  27. @ 25 Because she’s like a trainwreck…can’t look away….

  28. Crap Tonight

    #25 Do you have a better nutcase for us to make fun of, because I’d like to see them

  29. YeeHawww

    Next she’ll have one of those baseball caps (prob. Von Dutch) with a ponytail attached and two beer cans with a straw on either side of her pneumatic skull for easy sippability.

  30. It’s me FRIST!!! How you doin today???

  31. You know it’s the REAL frist when I don’t talk disgusting, or not too disgusting, anyway..heheeheheh

  32. Texas Tranny

    @ 10, just kidding, I do have better taste than Shitney.
    I do love the feminine floral pattern.

  33. Malffy Hernandes

    She’s a hot mess and a half.

  34. Chauncey Gardner


    You are a charlatan! The REAL Britney could never correctly use a word as big and mysterious as “feces”.

  35. jd

    did we ever think we’d see the day where k-fed would come out of this couple as the reasonable one? hell yeah k-fed, do what you do!

  36. justifiable

    #34 I think that’s her zodiac sign. Taurus, Gemini…yeah, sounds about right. She’s a Feces.

  37. susanist

    You are a pathetic Bud Lite Maxxim-Stuffer Beavis and Butthead who runs a blog spewing hatred on people who accomplish more in one hour than you will if you reincarnated 40 more times as a proto-human being.

    All of you haters are perfect reasons why we need a military draft. Nobody can see you or what it is that any of you do except come here and write all of your frustrations out against the Britney Spears’ and Paris Hilton’s of the nation.

    Envy and jealously are the main motivating factors in your life. And if you were to ear a ski mask its only because you have to be as ugly as the theme of this blog.

  38. Leave my sister alone. It’s not her fault she acts like a ho. It’s everyone else’s fault, like men. She is young and stupid like the rest of my family. What did you expect? We are from Louisana, not sure if I spelled that right.

  39. All he has to due is stay out of the spotlight and she’ll screw up.

  40. bellasera

    is it me or do her eyes always look like they’re sliding off the sides of her face?

  41. my comment

    Her flesh has the appearance of wax, as if her soul left her body a long time ago.

  42. Annie Rexia

    Screw putting Lindsay on celebrity death watch. They need to put Britney’s kids on that list. With her as a parent, you know one of those little bastards is going to end up licking a lock socket or diving head first into the toilet. Thats why Kevin isn’t fighting for custody. When one of those snot-nosed knee bitters gets rubbed out, Kevin sues and collects a fortune.

  43. pass_the_hatorade

    #37 Susanist – And you felt the need to break away from your busy, earnest and motivated day to spew your rage against us “haters” instead of looking up “irony” in the dictionary because…why?

    P.S. Bite me, twatwaffle.

  44. Funny, though, this is what you would consider a “quickie” divorce. I work in family law, and some drag out for years and years, and usually, USUALLY when it comes to visitation and custody orders, shit gets brought the fuck up….like drug use, meltdowns, child neglect, and USUALLY the better parent gets full custody. Trial must’ve been in CA.

  45. jus'stupid

    Did it ever occur to anyone that she donated her hair to locks of love.

  46. jrzmommy

    I really thought those two crazy kids were going to find their way back to love.

  47. adeliza

    “Bud Lite Maxxim-Stuffer Beavis and Butthead ”

    Yes-that is exactly what we all are around here.

    But, what is a Stuffer?

  48. Victor

    FRIST…….good morning.

  49. George

    Ain’t she purty. And, such a snappy dresser, she knows to match her bar with her purse and lipstick.

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