Britney Spears and Kevin Federline reach a settlement

March 30th, 2007 // 74 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline had a five hour meeting yesterday and finally reached a settlement in their divorce. K-Fed will only get $1 million after the airtight pre-nup drafted by Britney’s lawyer and the two will have joint custody of the kids, sharing physical custody 50/50. Although $1 million still sounds like way too much. If they made things fair based on what they contributed to the marriage, K-Fed would’ve left this thing with two balloons and a tube of toothpaste.

And here’s shots of Britney having a quick 30-minute celebration at the Bridge Restaurant and Lounge in Hollywood yesterday after the settlement meeting. Dropping K-Fed must’ve been like removing a tumor, because she’s starting to physically look better. By the end of all this she might actually turn out okay.

britney-spears-bridge-lounge-02-thumb.jpg britney-spears-bridge-lounge-03-thumb.jpg britney-spears-bridge-lounge-04-thumb.jpg britney-spears-bridge-lounge-05-thumb.jpg



  1. Skip Smith

    Not gonna say it.

  2. Jimbo

    I will, I think we finally have world peace. Now that Britney and Kevin and solved their problems the rest of the worlds turmoil seems trivial

  3. xXrebeccaXx

    damn site…I was almost first :P

  4. constellationrux

    Wow, I never thought I’d say this about her… especially so soon after her breakdown… but she looks decent.

  5. reptilicus



  6. xXrebeccaXx

    Well she does look decent…but that hat is ugly as hell

  7. Fanny

    What I wanna know is…is the hair connected to the hat…a sort of wig/hat combo?

  8. YouRang

    Awe, she’s back to looking like the queen of the trailer park.

  9. danielle

    I didn’t know that toothpaste came in a bottle.

    Oh, and Britney looks great.

  10. mztry


    Britney will rebound

  11. kathleen170

    Yeah, I really don’t know what’s going on with her hair. If it’s a wig, a weave, or what…

    I thought she was sexier bald though.

  12. Carsten5577

    Some people are just born lucky. Case in point: K-Fed. A stupid, uneducated, lazy, wigger, loser and dirtbag gets a million + for screwing and impregnating a has-been pop tart.

  13. mmmBitch

    It’s nice to have pictures where the paperazzi don’t SHOVE a camera up her ASS!

    She’s still pretty. Hope she’s better. She’s losing weight again, and hopefully she’ll get stuff under control again.

    Kill the photog’s – they’re slime

  14. balloons and a toothpaste bottle? if Fed-Ex was MY husband, he’d be leaving with my foot in his ass! and as far as joint custody 50/50 goes, well…as long as he’s supervised during the visits. leaving those poor boys alone with him is just plain insanity. where’s ur sense ppl?

  15. djfredflintstone

    I’m not so sure about K-Fed’s role in the marriage. Remember that video where she’s stoned out of her gourd and going on about time machines and being excluded from movie plans and he’s talking to her like she’s five? He looked like the mature one there. And video doesn’t lie.
    True what you said about her looking better. Those are the first pics in about 2 years where she actually looks like someone I’d go out of my way to have sex with. By out of my way I mean unzip and fall on top of her.

  16. danielle

    By calling Federwhine a wigger…you’ve just insulted all the real wiggers of the world.

    Shame on you.

  17. N@ughty

    @12 hahahahahaahahahaha! funny shit

  18. Jimbo

    @11 That is a cheap ass wig. She bought it a Big Lots in the 2 for $10.00 bin. She got that hat off the homeless bumb that was sitting out side the resturant bagging for money. Wait, that was K-Fed begging for the money. Oh well homeless bumb K-Fed, they are the same thing

  19. She’s dressed like she’s playing a part in Mary Poppins. Either as the the paperboy or the old spinster nanny.

  20. mrlithium

    why are you being so nice to britney…. she did NOT suddenly get hot over the course of a week, she still has no hair and i could go on and on but its already been said before. Don’t go soft on us now superfish

  21. ImaCracka

    Ok… she got her teeth whitened…

    now someone please tell her to shut her friggin mouth……..

  22. BarbadoSlim

    What the FUCK is up with the Fishdoode comment? Did he/she actually hoped Clitney well? YOU SUCK

  23. veggi

    Jesus Fing Christ! What is that??

  24. veggi

    were balloons and toothpaste what she got in the divorce? I don’t understand!

  25. N@ughty

    #20 she might be bald and all but damn. girl really can clean up…can’t say much for Fed-Ex though. he’s still a no-can-dance punk.

  26. cate

    Is she wearing blue contacts?

  27. Jimbo

    No that is what K-Fed shout have gotten. Not a million dollars. And as DanYELL so correctly pointed out, it is a tube of tooth paste not a bottle

  28. becca11

    when her face isn’t bloated, she can be VERY cute with minimal makeup… unlike more rat- faced bow-legged pop stars that don’t have eyelashes or eyebrows.

  29. DancingQueen

    The real question here is, why can’t the bitch shut her mouth???

  30. The blue contacts make her somehow seem crazier, lacking the warmth of her natural brown the icy hue adds a new dimension to her dementia. As for K-Fag cashing in on $1 mil, he had to have the worst attorney in divorce history. We have months of Brit-Brit whoring it up, associating with the likes of Paris Hilton, flashing her C-sectioned cootch, mimicking Sinead O’Connor in a very public meltdown, and leaving rehab three times. And K-Fag only gets $1 mil (after taxes, 700 grand if he’s lucky)??? His lawyer probably would’ve agreed to a bag of cheetos and a hand grenade just to rid himself of the Wigger King.

  31. Lowlands

    Once i got almost a heartattack because i saw the number 1.000.000 on my bankaccount.But when i looked closer i saw the currency was in some faraway-country currency.Anyways,i like Britney’s outfit because somehow she looks like a mushroom to me.

  32. danielle

    I think she is always photographed with her mouth open because she’s still in “recording” mode.

    Ya know:

    “Open your mouth Brit, the machines will do the rest. We have to look professional.”

  33. NicotineEyePatch

    “she might actually turn out okay”

    This site is no longer reflecting my white hot hatred.

  34. herbiefrog

    play nice babe… : )


    … ?

  35. lambman

    but what does Kevin get in child support? I mean you can’t have the kids in a 30 million dollar mansion 50% of the time and staying in a $20 dollar a night motel the other 50%

  36. Lowlands

    #34)Don’t you worry..I wouldn’t dear.

  37. Lowlands

    #36)It’s ‘dare’,it sounds the same to me.

  38. She should drop that old lady wig……… DROP IT ALREADY!!!!

  39. LoneWolf

    If by “better” you mean “no longer like an overweight redneck skinhead vandalizing someone else’s property with a look of insanity on her face”, then yeah, she’s a goddam kiss in the dark.

    You can put frosting on a dog turd but that don’t make it a birthday cake.

    Fuck her.

  40. zzjunk

    She looks good here. Go Brit.

  41. KatieKates

    This site is getting fucking soft. She might be okay? Yeah. And K-Fed might actually get a real job.

  42. JuniorLeaguer


  43. imran karim

    good for the prenup

  44. BarbadoSlim

    Like someone posted up there either his legal rep sucks massively *OR* maybe (dare we hope?) there isn’t that much money to go around. We all knew about the pre-nup (there is no such thing as an airtight pre-nup btw), but anyway, his ace in the hole was the kids vis a vis her behavior. I don’t see how any competent lawyer would give it up just like that unless there was no money in it. All they had to do was threaten to destroy her publicly (even more).

  45. Pikachelsea

    Let’s see… retarded hat, check. Big ugly dangly earrings, check. Sad attempt to disguise her ugliness with more “quick fix” answers like blue contacts and a wig, check.

    Looks like the same old Britney to me, only now a million dollars poorer. Wow, what a transformation!

  46. anothershityear

    i have to agree with the sentiment of many above
    who THE FUCK cares how B.Spears turns out
    she is an untalented corporate tool
    and what exactly is “okay” for abnormality??

    btw everyone is right, is there any existing photograph recently where her fucking mouth is fucking closed?

    just what in the fuck is really wrong with this useless turd, it goes way beyond breeding or stupidity

  47. ibestevie

    Is that Minnie Pearl?

  48. kate

    I still say she’s back off the wagon in 6 months. Probably 3.

  49. HughJorganthethird

    # 47 nah, Minnie Pearl is way hotter than Fatney

  50. stylebites

    42. OMG, I think she actually did. This is starting to look suspiciously like the work of Rachel Zoe…

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