Britney Spears and Kevin Federline learn to share

January 5th, 2007 // 57 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have reportedly worked out a mutual custody arrangement for January where Britney will have the majority of custody while Kevin will only be allowed with his children from noon to 4:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Britney’s home. Although the judge could’ve easily replaced these with 4-hour head-punching sessions and the kids still would’ve been better off. Deciding between Britney and Kevin on who to give the children to is like deciding if they’d be better off living in the microwave or the inside of a bear’s mouth.


  1. cole007

    I really hope Federline does something stupid, like “kidnapp” them for ransom money, and drive down the LA freeway at normal speed in a Neon or Kia while they film it all from a copter. He’ll be aprehended at the Mexican border, get shot and hopefully we won’t have to hear about any of this again.

    Is it bad I think that way?

  2. Damn she looks ugly on that picture :o

  3. Niecy

    Since K-Fed doesn’t have a job and probably doesn’t wake up until noon, I guess those are good hours for him.

  4. wedgeone


  5. The heterosexual RichPort has posted at Angry Ferret’s exactly once, when the ass munch offended me by taking credit for an Internet urban legend, and then endlessly plugging his lame fucking site on the Fish all day.

    The RichPort who loves butt sex apparently posts there all the time. ‘Cause that’s just how he rolls, …

  6. wow, at who’s house is the kid going to be more traumatized?

  7. it’s funny, but lately kfed seems to be the responsible one…

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