Britney Spears and Kevin Federline split in Vegas

April 25th, 2006 // 179 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline reportedly got in a huge fight in Vegas just before walking down the red carpet for the debut of his new album Playing With Fire.

It was a full blown war of words that got louder and more heated as the dinner went on” said one eyewitness. “It was a very bad night for Britney.” Another eyewitness says, “It really was huge fight.”

Finally shaking and in tears, Britney fled the restaurant and raced up to her suite alone — boycotting his performance at the nightclub. Kevin didn’t seem affected by the public row they’d just had. In fact, Kevin stayed at Pure drinking until they turned the lights back on this morning!

Picking a fight with Kevin Federline was a smart move on Britney’s part. A marriage can survive a fight, but it can’t survive a live performance of this. Seeing that sort of shit in person has to be the number one cause of divorce in this country. Number two if you count falling madly in love with me.



  1. CruisingForCock


  2. #149

    Actually, after K-Fed gets divorced, Step 4 would be: lose your life, because Britney is the only way K-Fed has any kind of life at all. Before this, he was sleeping on a couch and everybody called him Kouch-Fed.

  3. crazylittledancer

    TrannyGranny, love you too! Mwah!

  4. biatcho

    LittleWatson – you have not learned your lesson you Fat Jersey housewife whose husband is cheating on her as we speak.
    Go cock yourself because your husband is going to come home soon wreaking of booze & pussy and he wont have time for the likes of you. And if he has glitter on his lips it means he was with a disease-ridden stripper, instead of his secretary.

  5. chanel_bear

    anybody else think he’s singing a really bad karaoke version of “i will survive?”. and where did edna go? it’s not half as funny without her here reporting people to homeland security every five seconds…

  6. LittleWatson

    Biatcho- don’t be jealous of me just because your dyke girlfriend is the Lamisil toe troll.

  7. biatcho

    ooohhh LimpDick… good one. Did you think about that one all weekend? How’s that dick that’s growing out of your armpit?
    It’s probably caused by all of that slime & trudge that grows instead of grass in new jersey.

    how’s your husband? you should try calling him – I bet he doesn’t pick up.

  8. LittleWatson

    Your NJ insults are so lame. Here is a better way to make fun of NJ: go throw on your wifebeater and pick up your buddy Tony in your ’93 Mustang with window tints and ground effects and hit the Parkway to go to “the shore.” Get off at exit 87/Seaside Heights. After spending all day on “the beach,” get some eats at 3 Brothers Pizzeria on the boardwalk and then hit the clubs in Belmar. When totally wasted, go to a diner, order a taylor ham, egg, and cheese, and then start some fights with someone who once insulted your cousin.

  9. lurkerx

    Hahaha! All true. I used to live next to the Sawmill and hit the Chatterbox. We’d hang out after at Denny’s or the Ocean Queen. If it hadn’t burned down again. I can’t count the number of drunken fights I saw on the boardwalk or at the diners. I even saw a lesbian barfight one night over by Brick.

  10. BarryBonds

    #107 Your an idiot….well I was going to tell you why but you probably wouldnt understand so I’m done.

  11. BarryBonds

    Actually I take that back #103 your not the only moron…#114 is an idiot as well.

  12. nostromo

    #147 Oh my sainted aunt! Edna’s gone over God’s head. Rush Limbaugh is nigh!! Run away!

    Here, Rush, I’ve got some Oxycontin … Good boy!

  13. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    #1, MsT, YOU said it!!!!!
    HMMM YA think THIS was the time their SON fell on his HEAD? eh, (shrug) what do they care? there just his PARENTS!!!!!…as for them splitting? can we say KARMA, shitney? can we say…..SHAR JACKSON?? hey, did anyone else here know that shar and shitney’s ex ( the one she married for like 34 hours ) are hittin it??!!!!
    ugh, i just hope
    A) HE leaves HER!
    B) they take BOTH the kids away
    C) both of them rot in the menthol-cheeto induced coma after shooting so much valium into their arms when they find out they cant even BUY their way out of THIS one….

  14. biatcho

    That’s the ticket #158. Now we’re getting somewhere… you’re doing a fine job! Keep it up.

  15. hafaball

    yes mst…I was thinking the same exact thing when i saw it XD another great pic of K-Fucker

  16. IwearBananahammocks

    Good thing the karoke machine is off. More Cowbell Britney, come on your makin’ me look bad here. Check out that chick in front roll, looking like she is going to hurl. Peace Bitches

  17. YunGunna

    goddamn he looks like a fairy…


  18. sundaybl00dysunday

    Cletus, the Slack Jawed Yokel!!!!!

    that made my day!!!

  19. Hara

    Everytime I see this pic I want to stab myself in the face. Thank you, Superficial, for keeping entertainment at the level it should be…

    I swear I hate this man more and more with each passing day. Tomorrow I’m writing a song about it. Dang.

  20. lurkerx

    Some folk’ll never hit Brit’s hole, but then again some folk’ll, like K-Fed, the slack-jawed yokel….

  21. Hara

    I feel bad for rmeno. One day off from the terminally ill? Here are some things to cheer you up.

    Fisher saying Biatcho had an ugly head.
    -i don’t know if that being funny makes it a bad insult or a good one. Either way I laughed.

    Chanel_bear- “a really bad kareoke version of I will survive.”
    -Never thought I’d say it, but I just might pay money to see K-fed perform that one.

    Pearly’s sharing the beautiful rendition of the Care Bear song a la Federline. If that’s not a Brazillian @ss Shaker, i dont’ know what is.

    that @ was for you Edna btw. Am I the only one who thought She was trying to be funny? Well, if she was, it makes the list. “You Are REPORTED!” Haha. It reminds me of some Donald Trump or Andy Dick. New Catch phrase? Anyone?

    btw nice song lurkerx. we can set it to banjo, whiskey bottle, and washboard. I’m thinking about rustling cheeto-bags for extra percussion.

  22. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    hey rmeno, if you really think about it, aren’t we all terminally ill, really?
    Think about it, it’s kind of Zen.

  23. chanel_bear

    this picture does not stop being funny. it just doesn’t.

  24. gogoboots

    You need to thank me for the info by the way, because I’m the one who told you about this…JERK!

  25. purplepuppy

    “I look like I might stink, yo…but I don’t”.

    I bet he does.

    Jeez Britney at least give him the once-over with a Wetnap before you let him leave the house.

  26. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    Biatcho and Osh-Gosh FUCKING ROCK!!!

  27. whatever_67

    Yawn. How sad that people think profanity is clever,amusing,original. etc.

  28. AmandaT5

    They split?? No fucking way….I “never” saw it coming!

  29. why dont you all eat other peoples shite for a chage, you sad inadequate pidgeon spunk drinkers..

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