Britney Spears and Kevin Federline split in Vegas

April 25th, 2006 // 179 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline reportedly got in a huge fight in Vegas just before walking down the red carpet for the debut of his new album Playing With Fire.

It was a full blown war of words that got louder and more heated as the dinner went on” said one eyewitness. “It was a very bad night for Britney.” Another eyewitness says, “It really was huge fight.”

Finally shaking and in tears, Britney fled the restaurant and raced up to her suite alone — boycotting his performance at the nightclub. Kevin didn’t seem affected by the public row they’d just had. In fact, Kevin stayed at Pure drinking until they turned the lights back on this morning!

Picking a fight with Kevin Federline was a smart move on Britney’s part. A marriage can survive a fight, but it can’t survive a live performance of this. Seeing that sort of shit in person has to be the number one cause of divorce in this country. Number two if you count falling madly in love with me.



  1. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Yeah, I’m a slut.

  2. BigJim

    mamacita: you said:

    “progressed to him licking my pussy while I feverishly worked my clit with one hand ”

    If you could touch your clit while your hubby licked your pussy, then he wasn’t doing it right.

  3. rmeno

    i gotta say, after reading some of the comments on this post…there are a few of you who are wayyyyy more fucked up than K-Fed, or Brittney, or any of the other of the celebritys this site makes fun of..instead of commenting on the celebrities (which is what we are supposed to be doing because it’s SUPPOSED to be funny) some of you have turned this into your own slugfest and “outlet” for your frustrations…WHO the HELL has time to sit in front of a computer all day fighting tooth and nail to be FIRST POST..(what a joke) and then slam each other to no end??? Get a life people and then maybe you’d find something better to do than reading about celebrities or thinking up what other discusting comments you can try and shock people with…by the way, I have time to sit in front of my computer because it’s my day off :)

  4. crazylittledancer

    Go eat a big fat sloppy dick, rmeno. You’re Edna’s kid, right?

  5. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    102 – I like it when men tell women what they like when it comes to getting their pussy eaten. Next time I’m giving some guy head I’m going to start chewing on his dick like beef jerky. “No baby, you like it like this. If I’m not using teeth I’m not doing it right.” And you’ll all have BigJim to thank.
    Yeah, I’m still a slut.

  6. mattnoks

    What? Once again are you watching me or something, first you knew that you hated my face and now you know that I shovel horse shit for my job.

    I just think your a dick. You attacked me for no reason on the other page. And did I hit a nerve with your brother being a bad father. It probably stems from your shitty parents who also managed to turn you into a bitter, annoying bitch.

  7. spatz

    so youre wasting your day off to
    a) read the superficial
    b) read through the hundreds of posts which include fights and everything else
    c)write down a comment which probably took you 20 minutes to figure out and write

    mst of us are on here because we’re at work. i sit in front of a computer designing all day so while i’m waiting for files to oopen/print, i go on the superficial

    if i have a day off of work i’m usually doing something other than critisizing a bunch of people on a celeb blog. that makes you the biggest loser of all

  8. rmeno

    is your name CRAZYLITTLEDANCER because you’re the ugly, fat, toothless orphan in the nut house who always wanted to be a stripper??? LOL I’ll leave the big fat sloppy dicks to you babe…I’m sure you’ve been getting alot of them from an early age…

  9. sundaybl00dysunday

    EEEWW he looks pregnant!!!

    mmmm it seems he follows the same diet Britney does and the free push up regime to get a beautiful 4months-pregnant-like belly

  10. Dr.Rokter


    I spend time on the SF because someone explained to me that the Suicide Hotline isn’t supposed to be a 900 number. Boy was I mad. But thank you for the life lesson. Praise Him!


    um who is edna? This person frightens me.

  12. Dr.Rokter

    Oh, and #105

    “Next time I’m giving some guy head I’m going to start chewing on his dick like beef jerky.”

    That makes me hard. Is that weird?

  13. crazylittledancer

    @108 OMG – are you psychic? Yeah well I was here first.

    Oh, and aren’t you doing the SAME EXACT THING you were just insulting all of us about?

  14. biatcho

    106 Fisher55 or mattnoks: Can you please read what you wrote to me & not laugh at yourself for sounding like the biggest pussybag on the planet? If you can’t take someone making fun of you & join in on the fun then go back to nursery school.

    mattnok: You said I’m a loser… I hate you!

    me: shut up fag

    mattnok: i am telling my mommy on you because my mommy raised me right by fighting all my battles for me

    me: shut up fag.

    oh & #103: I had 2 days off last week, they were called sick days and that’s why I was on it all the time, because I was sick and couldn’t go anywhere. If I actually had a day off (like I do every weekend and I’m not logged on here)I sure as fuck wouldn’t spend it on here. You’re a loser!!!!! By the way – work your way up to management when you get other people to do work for you, then you can spend all the time in the world on here asslick.

  15. Giggles

    ENDA –

    There’s BAD STUFF on this web site?

    Then you better not watch the news. Did you know “your president” sends people to their deaths or terrible injuries? Why aren’t you offended about that? There are 20-somethings (and more) dying EVERY DAY over there for a bullshit war. Why don’t you go report YOUR PRESIDENT for offending ME? I am OFFENDED they take my money from my job to pay for this BULLSHIT war. Go ahead and report me. I welcome it.

  16. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    112 – Only if “weird” is Bolivian for “very, very sexy.” You can thank BigJim, he also knows where to buy the ointment for the biting-wounds.

  17. mattnoks

    biatcho, you’re right calling people fag truly does trump all. I surrender to your superior wit and verbal skills.

  18. Lindz_Blowhan

    Looks like Kevin’s been eating Britney’s cheetos, that beater seems a little snug through the stomach area…..I bet you’d find orange dust under his nails if you dared to get that close

  19. rmeno

    SPATZ….and whoever else…I work with the terminally ill and are present when patients are dying almost everyday I go to work…so coming on this website for 15 to 30 minutes on my DAY OFF to try and find something funny to laugh at is not a WASTE OF TIME at all..and the only reason I posted anything to begin with is NO I didn’t read all of the “FIGHTING” comments, but I had to scroll through too damn many of them to get to something actually FUNNY! And if you’re at work waiting to find something to do..LOL then you’re the biggest loser of them all…I’m sure your boss would love to know your time is well spent…You must be a real asset to your company let me tell you, if you have to WAIT on something to do and while you’re waiting you’re fighting with strangers on the by the way, I won’t get sucked into this piss ass fighting which so many of you seem to “get off” on..I’m off to the next post and try to find something funny to read..on my DAY OFF before the kids get home and we’re off to the mall :)

  20. Lindz_Blowhan

    maybe that’s how the fight really insued, Kevin was full at dinner because he ate Britney’s cheeto stash!

  21. Trotter

    Osh, ooh, that’s tender! Wait a minute, is that my foot? Uh, better loosen up the clamps.
    MMMMMMMmmm. Almost as good as when Edna does it.

  22. Fisher55

    hey Mattnoks, fight the power!

  23. Jacq

    #77 – She’s uglier that I imagined.

  24. Tatamo

    EAT GLASS ….

  25. junebug

    Maybe Brittany should get with Sheen. He’ll treat her the way she wants to be treated.

    and who gives a shit about the posts. I enjoy the “fighting” posts.
    To everyone else; you guys are hilarious.

  26. Pez_D_Spencer

    What scares me most is that there is something of a crowd there. And at least some have “hands in the air like they just don’t care”. Thank God at least a few look really, really bored.

  27. biatcho

    Oh my god Fishcakes! How did you know I was a huge Public Enemy fan??? oh wait, you weren’t born when they were big, forget it. You’re not that cool…

  28. Charlaurz McHall

    Britney is pregnant (apparently) check it out,

  29. replicunt

    damn, K-Fed’s lookin pretty fly in that wife beater…

  30. crazylittledancer

    And yes, rmeno is STILL here. Welcome to crazy town, bitch.

    If I ever know someone with a terminal illness, I’ll be sure and ask for you. You sound like such a caring janitor that I would definitley let you remove the shit-filled diapers from the hospital room.

    If you’re coming here for a little pick-me-up, I think you’ll find that you are constantly disappointed. Unless you like being bashed that is.

    Now that’s funny. And you’re just jealous that we all get PAID to read the Superficial. Have fun at the mall, Nurse Ratchett.

  31. eva86

    he’s white trash

  32. Take a look at the photo… isn’t that Britney Spears in the front row?

    Or a mysterious doppleganger?

  33. Ew. Doesn’t he understand that a wife-beater should be worn by someone with abs? Definition? Muscle tone? Even then it’s the fashion equivalent of announcing to the world that you will forevermore be known as Cletus, the Slack Jawed Yokel.

  34. Iambananas

    that is the single worst song I have ever heard and I’m going to laugh and laigh when he tanks and Britney dumps him, and regains her carreer… unless she is beyond annopying or in jail for doing something to her baby.

  35. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Once there was this cute but scruffy little secretary who toiled day in and day out for her unappreciative and cold-hearted boss who refused to give her a measly raise, even though she had been working there for well over a year. As she typed away furiously, horn-rimmed glasses askew and tousled blonde hair pinned back in a sloppy bun, her firm breasts heaving as she tried to restrain her pent up rage, a stranger interrupted her work and forced her to face the dreary reality of the pointless mundane life she had been living. Not able to contain herself any longer, she flew about the office in a frenzy, tearing her clothes and shedding paper, yowling like a cat as she smashed the fax and copier with a broken stilletto. The only thing left for her to do was go home to her empty apartment in a psychotic haze and fashion herself a tight black leather outfit with pointy ears and a tail. Beware, rmeno, you set off a ticking time bomb, and her claws are coming for your balls.

  36. trophywife


    i’m confused… i heart biatcho but after that beef jerky thing, i heart oshkosh too..
    is that wrong?

  37. crazylittledancer

    #135 I see you’ve read my book, then ;)

    And damn, you’ve almost got it, too! I don’t wear my hair in a bun, though.


  38. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    137 – Whatever. You can be the Halle Berry to my Michelle Pfeiffer, which is still respectable.

  39. TrannyGranny

    I just found the upside of Britney turning into a fat sweaty trailer bumpkin. Her self esteem is probably low enough to do me now! Yay fat chicks! Oh, biatcho thanks for the help on the Bai-ling link, I can’t believe I forgot dego, I’m half friggin Italian! I hate not being thorough.

  40. sundaybl00dysunday

    Agree!!! in the white-trash but not in the poor Britney thing, as long as Britney herself IS a white trash, she tried so hard to keep this jerk for some reason, now she has to deal with it.

  41. deyanira_spain

    he looks pregnant!

  42. mamacita


    “If you could touch your clit while your hubby licked your pussy, then he wasn’t doing it right.”

    Hmmm, thanks for the advice, but maybe you missed this part?

    “lots of moaning, writhing, slapping, grabbing, biting, pinching, sucking, licking, gyrating, and screaming”

    and this?

    “after my first orgasm and it ended with hair-pulling and teeth imprints on his shoulder”

    In case you missed it, the emphasis was on FIRST orgasm, as in first of the night, with more to follow. Trust me, he was doing it right.

    P.S. OshKosh, I love beef jerky.

  43. liveoutside

    so are we sure whether it’s kevin or britney that is carrying the baby, because kevin has a significant “bump” himself. eeeeeew.

  44. This is the WORST picture of kFED ever. he looks like a gay rapper. and its on EVERY BLOG.

    I love it!

  45. pepper brooks

    haha the name of the club on the wall looks like “PUBE”

  46. CruisingForCock

    142 I didn’t miss it either post. Believe you me…proof can be found in the vajayjay juice running soaking my chair.

  47. ~S.Starr~

    This is some funny shit…I was reading the latest Britney post and found this comment by our famous hag of god miss Edna…This is great…

    Posted by Edna Bambrick on April 25, 2006 07:21 PM

    This sites administrators have deemed me a nuisance and have tried to have be BANNNED! I am back, I have written to my congressmen and told them of the filth contained on this site. I will call Rush Limbaugh tomorrow also and tell him about this site, The Superficial, you have been REPORTED!

  48. dirtypiratehooker

    Steps to a successful life:

    Step 1: get in a fight with your lover.

    Step 2: get pregnant with make-up sex.

    Step 3: get divorced.

    Step 4: get a life.

  49. TrannyGranny

    crazylittledancer Rock on!

  50. LittleWatson

    Biatcho, just like you to spend time arguing with someone you think is in high school.

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