Britney Spears and Kevin Federline split in Vegas

April 25th, 2006 // 179 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline reportedly got in a huge fight in Vegas just before walking down the red carpet for the debut of his new album Playing With Fire.

It was a full blown war of words that got louder and more heated as the dinner went on” said one eyewitness. “It was a very bad night for Britney.” Another eyewitness says, “It really was huge fight.”

Finally shaking and in tears, Britney fled the restaurant and raced up to her suite alone — boycotting his performance at the nightclub. Kevin didn’t seem affected by the public row they’d just had. In fact, Kevin stayed at Pure drinking until they turned the lights back on this morning!

Picking a fight with Kevin Federline was a smart move on Britney’s part. A marriage can survive a fight, but it can’t survive a live performance of this. Seeing that sort of shit in person has to be the number one cause of divorce in this country. Number two if you count falling madly in love with me.



  1. Pearly

    Those girls are all there because they saw this:

    They’re all screaming “where’s our Care Bears song?!”

  2. biatcho

    Fishcake: Generally the people who insist on the INTERNET that they’re “young, hot & hung” are truly the fat, obese, incessant-masturbating types that don’t have any friends. In your mind you’re young & hot but in reality you’re Andy Milionakis, but now way near as funny & successful. You’re going nowhere in life, Fishcake. You’ll never graduate and make it into college because colleges don’t accept fat people. Although you do have a wild & vivid imagination so that might help your cause, but I doubt it. Note: do not quit working the customer service desk at the supermarket – it’s gonna be a while until you move onto working the CoinStar machine and eventually head-bagger. I do suggest killing yourself though… pretty pathetic.

  3. biatcho

    Fishcake, oh and just as I was correct in guessing that you’re still in high school (writing things like “did that make your ugly head hurt” are clear giveaways) I am also correct in telling everyone you’re fat & you masturbate to pictures of Pamela Anderson circa Baywatch. You’re a loser whose never even made out with someone yet. My suggestion is that you try to have a game of spin-the-bottle with your sisters dolls & get some practice. Not that you’re gonna need it, but once you get old enough to buy sex you kind of need to know how to do some things. Although being a fat hairy man just laying there will suffice for the types of hookers you’re eventually going to use.

    Now you’re just being a nuisance to me… can you kindly go away & kill yourself?

  4. rmeno

    he has to be one of the biggest wastes of space in the news todate. he’s an ugly person inside as well as outside. He’s trash in the truest sence of the word…Brittney seemed really sweet with a future at one time, but marrying this jerk will unfortunately have lasting negative effects on her carreer. It just shows how really stupid she is and no one likes stupid…unless you’re a fan Jackass.

  5. thebor


    Thank you I’m crying over here.

  6. lurkerx


    You’ve been REPORTED. For failing to properly gobble my salami. Next time, just go the extra yard and swallow.

    Isn’t that large stick in your ass a sin? What’s the difference in having a wooden pole in your rectum, and one that’s battery powered?

  7. BigJim

    Does anyone on this post watch “Prison Break?”

    Cuz K-Fag totally looks like Teabag in that shot.

    Oh, and I almost forgot: Fuck you, Edna.

  8. thebor

    It fits like Dark Side of the Moon, and Wiz of Oz.

    Just wanted to say it,

    K-fed loves the cock.

  9. Fisher55

    i’m in grad school, peaches…can you spell Ph.D?

  10. thebor

    Edna’s cock that is

  11. tits_on_snack

    Hmm. Somebody trying to make somebody else jealous of their office. That’s an internet first for me.

  12. trophywife

    i heart biatcho

  13. BigJim

    krisdylee: you out there? Me and PapaHotNuts wanna DP you again.

  14. Fisher55

    Tits, i know. i have to admit, this is a new low for me

  15. biatcho

    Like I said – you have a VIVID imagination Fishcake! Working really hard on that PHD I see… everyone I know that has gone to grad school barely had time to take a crap & make a pot of coffee, hell my brother didn’t even make time for his kid, yet you have time to constantly hang out on the Superficial? Don’t even try to pretend anymore… you’re just making yourself look even sillier. And the constant abuse you are going to receive is going to give you a teenage complex! So which supermarket is it that you work at? Stop & Shop? Whole Foods?

  16. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    This fight between Fisher55 and biatcho is making my nipples hard.

  17. BigJim


    I have an MA and an MBA, but you don’t see me bragging about it here.

    Oh, wait…

  18. LRonHoover

    biatcho is the shit!

  19. LRonHoover

    in other news.. TOM LOVES THE COCK!!!

  20. Fisher55

    yeah, i cruise the Net here at Winn Dixie

  21. Jacq

    I actually don’t totally hate K-Fed for being famous. I hate Britney for making him famous and this is her just desserts for doing so, when he tells her to hit the road.

    Edna, you’re fat right? I mean I bet you’re really frigid and there is a lot of food in you, like a refrigerator. Jesus doesn’t even look at this site anymore. He threatened to report us to his dad once. And, like you must be familiar with, NOTHING HAPPENED.

  22. biatcho

    Good it’s a new low for you. Now can you please ejaculate all over your screen already & go tell your mom you love her before you kill yourself. Let’s get this over with & move on. We all have better shit to deal with.

    who the christ is this post about? Edna??

  23. Jacq

    Edna, have you ever heard of the hook-n-slap?

  24. ~S.Starr~

    Edna Bambrick:

    Let me remind you that the constitution will always trump God and religion in a court of law. You can “report” these posts to anyone you want…the FBI, God, the Pope, the pony that lives in your closet, The Secret Service or Mother Theresa… It wont matter. Why? Because of that fancy little thing called the 1st amendment. Hence why there are porn sites, sites showing you how to make a bomb, sites showing you how to rape people…etc. And case after case has been turned down because there is nothing that the LAW can do about it. Unless someone says something that can be misconstude as a terrorist threat, a threat on the President, or child pornography…YOU and the LAW can’t do anything about it.

    I can say cock, shit, piss, fuck, dildo, assfuck, porno, yer mom, donkey fuck, ass rape, and cum shots all I want and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about. So feel free to waste your time reporting god knows what to god knows who…this site WILL NOT get shut down because of it…so I think it is about time you got off your god fearing religious fat ass and actually RESEARCHED the LAW!

    Fucking Moron…


  25. brewdick

    can’t we all just get along…along hard throbbing…oh Dame Edna are still here?

  26. biatcho

    70: I couldn’t even begin to tell you what the fuck a Winn Dixie is. I don’t know what it is and I won’t respond to it. I do know you are some sort of midwestern little queerbait though.

  27. crazylittledancer

    Hey – I found Edna’s class photo from 1929. She’s an old fart…

  28. Fisher55

    Aisle 10, Haagen Daaz and Ben & Jerry’s…”oh, hi Biatcho…weren’t you here last night?”

  29. crazylittledancer

    Ooops sorry… she’s four rows down and ten across. Kinda cute back then!

  30. Fisher55

    Try Miami, sweets…people like you sometimes come here for lipo…

  31. biatcho

    There you go again moron. No one gives a shit about your pathetic made-up little life. Give it up. We all know you live in a barn in Oklahoma and you just got dial-up internet for the first time, so you’re all sorts of excited cause now you get to see naked chicks on the com-poot-uur.
    The compooter is gonna come in handy for those dissertations you’re gonna need to do in “grad school”… beats the hell out of the 1992 Brother Word Processor you’ve been using. queerbait.

  32. bored1

    biatcho and fisher: you’re REPORTED for WASTING MY FUCKING TIME

  33. Rustler

    God has asked me if people could stop using his name for their own beliefs, copy right and trademark infringement laws are now in place – you know who you are.

    And on a serious note: I cant wait for K-Fed’s Xmas album! “Po Po under the Mistle Toe”

  34. mattnoks

    Biatcho is a bitch. Your brother is a bad father. Several of my friends have their PhD and still made time to play volleyball and go out. Its not that time consuming to click on one’s bookmarks. Why don’t you go over to for awhile.

  35. sherry-co

    Hes so grimy and gross looking, look at the big gut he’s getting, he must be eating the same things as Britney…..I sure wish Britney would visit…

  36. biatcho

    Can anyone else that loves to make fun of teenagers take over for me with this little cock Fisher? (since he’s so busy with grad school he keeps posting on here to the point where it’s annoying). I have to go eat a bag of skittles, some Haagen Dazs and Doritos and then watch some old Richard Simmons VHS tapes I have.
    He’s really easy to make fun of I swear!
    If not I’ll be back in a couple of hours after I sweat to the oldies!

  37. BarbadoSlim

    Looks like federfag is really workin’ on that beer gut. Gosh, if he looses his looks, how WILL he earn a living?!?!?!

  38. Astriastar

    #1..OMG! I hope you’re happy! I just spit carrot juice out of my nose! That is soo funny!

  39. biatcho

    #84: ooohh… I’m a bitch! That stings! And a fag who defends midwestern fags like Fishcake said my brother is a bad father. You really know how to get me!! I have to leave now, I am going to go cry over a bowl of cheetos! Then I need to investigate what a Winn Dixie is. I am sure mattnoks can tell me since he shovels hay & hosershit for a living.

  40. mamacita

    So, Edna. Last night, my husband and I got into a loooonnnnnnggggggg session of sweaty fucking. It involved lots of moaning, writhing, slapping, grabbing, biting, pinching, sucking, licking, gyrating, and screaming. We started off with your usual kissing and fondling, then swiftly progressed to him licking my pussy while I feverishly worked my clit with one hand and played with my tits with the other hand. We moved on to full on penetration after my first orgasm and it ended with hair-pulling and teeth imprints on his shoulder and let me tell you……………….. I thought about you the whole time. I thought, “Wow, I can’t wait to talk to my good friend Edna and let her know how super fun my night was!!!!!”. Aren’t you glad that we’re, like, BFF????!!!!!!!!! I sure am!!!!!!

  41. Trotter


    Fishy55 works at the Piggly Wiggly in Sulphur Springs, TX as a stocker. He’s 55 years old, drives a ’77 Sky Blue Chevy Chevette which has Disney Stickers covering most of the rusty parts. His skin is covered in scabs and dandruff, he is 5’4″ tall and about 285 lbs. His glasses are very thick and covered in fingerprints, and he works after closing, as the customers boycotted the place until he was removed from sight. Oh, and he puts kittens up his anus. No lube.

    Thought you should know.

  42. LookAtME

    Biatcho and fishstick… why don’t you two play the rusty trombone and make up?

  43. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Kittens are soft. Soft like K-Fed’s abs.

  44. smylee

    Hahah Kevin’s gut, he’s been eating Britney’s cheetos…

  45. Trotter

    Kittens also have claws. Rowr.

  46. biatcho

    #92 I am gonna give you a rusty gillespie when you’re not watching!

  47. LookAtME

    Blow baby blow!!! And then I’ll give you a dirty sanchez.

  48. biatcho

    uh oh, watch out #91 – fishcakes is gonna call you all sorts of names like “fat”, “stupid” and “ugly”.
    I just want to warn you. And then he is going to create a few other screen names & log on as them so it seems like other people have his back.

  49. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I’m going to give Trotter an Edna, so to Trotter: I hope you have the rest of the day off and I hope you’ve been stretching your hamstrings. Lay down a tarp and I’ll be right back with the clamps.

  50. thebor


    I just blew my load, now I am sleepy,

    Bye all…..Fuck you Edna

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