Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are poor

bspears_poor.jpgBritney Spears and Kevin Federline are supposedly struggling to fund their celebrity lifestyle, due to their recent $7 million purchase and renovation of a new Malibu mansion, as well as the fact that neither are currently working. New York Post columnist Cindy Adams reports, “Mrs Federline recently made a quiet call to her record label. The gist of the discussion: We’ve got to get money in the house. Cash flow is going down. How about we cut another album?”

This would have been funnier if Kevin Federline just hiked up his pants and said, “Look, baby. Let me take care of this.” And then proceeded to get a job at Walmart, possibly also working the night shift at the local gas station for those exta bucks. And in case you’ve ever wondered what a $7 million mansion undergoing rennovation looks like, this should give you a rough idea.

And this is the Malibu estate Britney Spears is renting while her mansion is undergoing the heavy rennovation. I wish my house had a sweet waterslide that fed to the pool. I’d use that thing every day.