Britney Spears and her blond wig



I take back my last post because I’m looking at these pictures of Britney Spears and I barely recognize her. She was spotted at the Roxy nightclub on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip for a karaoke-themed birthday party wearing a Marilyn Monroe-style wig and large black sunglasses, and reportedly stormed out of the club after 45 minutes when the DJ played Hit Me Baby One More Time in her honor. A source adds:

“It was a shock to see her in a wig after what she had done to herself. While she was in the club she kept going to bathroom all the time, which was weird.”

That’s like the worst wig I’ve ever seen. Either she forgot to get it fitted, or she isn’t even trying to play it off as real hair. She could be wearing a large trout on her head and it’d look more natural.