Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib secretly married

February 14th, 2008 // 91 Comments

Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib secretly married in Mexico on January 9, according to the latest issue of Star Magazine:

A source tells Star, “When Britney got out of the hospital the first time, Adnan talked her into going to Mexico to get married, saying that was the only way he could protect her.” But Brit’s paparazzo boytoy forgot to mention that he was still married to second wife AzLynn Berry! Oops!

Adnan is working hard to set things right with Britney who is apparently fronting the money for Adnan to finalize his divorce:

“In all my years,” said an insider, “I’ve never seen as big a dirtbag as this guy. I can’t believe how he has taken advantage of this woman when she is in such a fragile state.”

Now that’s a true love story. Guy and girl run off to get married in Mexico. Guy turns out to still be married. Girl foots the legal bills because she has the mental capacity of a sea turtle. It just pulls on your heart strings. I hope these two lovebirds make it in this crazy world. Then honeymoon inside a live volcano.

Photo: Splash News

  1. First

    First, biatches.

  2. Linda

    I can’t and won’t believe it!

  3. I have received several emails regarding the Sexual Harassment meeting in conference room B at 1:00p.m. tomorrow. Some of you have been asking if this meeting is mandatory. I have checked with management and it is still unclear, but in light of the incident last year with Bob from Accounting, I would assume it is. But, I will check with Legal and get back to you all as soon as possible.
    Thank you,

    Cyndi Thomas
    Human Resources Director

  4. ohomg

    Oh. omg. My friends told me they met each other on where Charlie Sheen found his new love there. Many celebs are there. Have they deleted their profiles? I will check.

  5. Sebastian

    Makes my own life seem like a fucking DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I married Britney too. We got married at the donkey show in TJ. The donkey was the bride’s maid..

  7. To All Employees:

    Cyndi from HR just contacted me regarding the sexual harassment lecture tomorrow. There seems to be some confusion on whether this meeting is mandatory or not. Attendance is required for ALL EMPLOYEES, no exceptions. Corporate is requiring all divisions employing 25 persons or more to hold staff meetings twice a year regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. You can all thank Bob from Accounting.


    Karen Beemer
    Legal Department

  8. mamadough

    fish, i love you but damn….other sites reported this within the past few days. and i hope people are getting to point where they are like “fuck britney!” if she’s so fucking stupid to keep doing these retarded things then she deserves all the bad shit coming her way…I say “let ‘em crash.”

  9. Hey everybody! Did you hear there is going to be another staff meeting about sexual harassment?? God I hope the chick that teaches it is as hot as the one from last time. Man, that girl had the biggest tits and hottest ass I’ve ever seen!!! I want to stick my cock in that ass and pound her so hard she won’t be able to sit for a WEEK!!!! See ya there!

  10. nipolian

    Hey Cyndi – I will show you some sexual harassment that you won’t soon forget if you ever post that dumb shit on this site again. Way to go Bob from accounting!

  11. Yowee

    I like milkshake and cheeseburgers too. Nothing wrong with my mental state. Cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

  12. @3 Hey Cyindi. Dosn’t boobs popping out of your top count as Sexual Harassment..

  13. Hahaha! Someone give Britney a new pair of boots for a wedding gift.

  14. mamadough

    Karen and Cyndi have a lotta nerve posting shit here, considering the money shot picture of their 3-way with Bob on the boss’s desk made the company’s christmas card this year.

  15. How Can Anyone Be So Stupid?

    I wonder who passed the idiotic genes to the Britneys – the mom or the dad?

    It’s pretty pathetic when everything in a someone’s being is rotten: her vagina, boobs, body, taste, style, and of course, brain. Yet such people are the ones who usually reproduce and proud of it.

  16. dozer

    I am really disappointed with the sexual harassment posts. when they went to a site called IBS I was hoping it had something about Tyra Banks on it

  17. IKE

    Dad’s gonna need to get this addressed, too.

  18. Wow. Nice boots Brit. I would hate to take a whiff of her shoe closet. And her panty drawer. And HER..

    Hey did you know that escalators can never break down? They can only become stairs.

  19. Aura

    K FED leaves his 7-months pregnant girlfriend to marry this girl, and he is still a lesser evil than Adnan ???

    These people all deserve one another.

  20. Steve from Shipping & Receiving

    Guys, I just got word that we are all required to attend another mandatory meeting from the skirts upstairs. As usual I am not authorized to issue overtime. Please clock out when you head to the meeting. After the meeting please clock back in before returning to the loading dock.

    PS our dart team dues are coming up. We can’t play in the bar league until we get paid up. It’s only $10 bucks. I got a sign up sheet attached to a manilla envelope on my desk. I want to give it to Joe at happy hour on Tuesday.

  21. I bet her feet stink.

  22. Tinfoil Raccoon

    You got to watch out for those guys in accounting.

  23. D. Richards (Masochist.)

    ‘Hey, diddy. Less gos to Mexico and gets us some married and start us’s a family. I wunna forget about my past, darlin’ — my past kids; theys wus bad — Theys could read my thoughts. My boys’s wore warlocks from th’ planet Mars.

    Don’t ya’ feel like tacos? I am so h’ngry. I’m ovulatin’. Touch mhe!’

  24. ElleMenopi


  25. Gerald_Tarrant

    This story is fucking retarded and absolutely insane. Sounds like something Brit would do. I believe it.

  26. Adnan

    “You, Britney – YOU! – are my one and only true Az Berry.”

  27. Salesman Terry

    #3, Cyndi, I must say you’re looking especially lovely this morning. When you bent over the photocopier so I could see up your mini skirt, well, you warmed the cockles of my heart. Such a naughty girl for not wearing panties. Can I sit next to you at the meeting tomorrow?

    Terry McNamara
    Director of Sales

  28. nipolian

    I have finally figured out what Adnan Doucelib’s facial hair looks like. It looks like they were engaged in a little 69 action and Brit left him a skid mark that he is not aware of.

  29. feg

    I really can’t take anymore of this shit.

  30. gits

    Aw, too bad. They were such a great couple – AzLynn and AzChin.

  31. Jim from the Mailroom

    To Cyndi and Karen:

    Kindly refrain from using inter-office mail to exchange personal toys and lubricants.

    As per your own policy this is not an acceptable use of corporate resources.

    This is your second reminder. Third time I have to take this to Miles.

  32. Ted from Medical


    Yes, you would need to pound “her” in the ass because he is yet to complete his last step of sex change. One of the agendas in the next Sexual Harassment meeting is how to correctly identify the possible victims of Sexual Harassment since we do not want any employee to be embarrassed for committing such act to a person of the wrong gender.

  33. turdo

    what a completely ugly-ass, buttstain couple they make. happy V day to two of the most worthless ass-clowns around. Is he supposed to be cool? He looks like a total poser dork.

  34. Vang from I.T.

    To All Employees:
    We recently completed an office wide audit of your Explorer caches. It goes without saying that viewing material of a sexual nature is not allowed on office equipment. We take a strict no excuses policy. Later today certain individuals are required to report to HR. You will receive individual emails shortly.

  35. Jim

    Any chance her current conservators will seek to have the marriage annulled on the grounds that she was legally mentally incapable of entering into a marriage contract?

    Could happen.

  36. Jaffo

    You know what’s NOT a secret? Brit is fat and Adnan is a money-grubbing scuzzbag. Shhhh…keep it on the down-low.

  37. You don’t have to get it annulled. It’s Mexico – you can strangle a Mexican hooker after an hour of handcuffed lubeless anal sex and you don’t even have to apologize. So I hear.

  38. The Office Whore

    Jezuz Jimbo Troll. In the words of a confused white boy, ‘you’re wack’..

  39. Buddy from R & D


    Because our company produces sexual aids, such as vibrators, dildos and lurbricants, it’s necessary for research and development purposes that those of us in the lab be able to view materials and websites with strong sexual content.

    Thanks to your f***ing filters, we can only access sites containing cute fuzzy animals and rainbows. Unless the company has changed its mission statement and is going into weather forecasting and production of bestiality accessories, I suggest you reconfigure the filter so we can do our damned jobs!

    Buddy Postlethwait
    Director of Research and Development

  40. Joe, the cute UPS guy

    Please inform the girls in reception that men are victims of sexual harassment too. They continually undress me with their eyes and squeeze my biceps when I ask for a signature. Just ask them about yesterday….when I left your officeI felt so dirty.

  41. Rupert, Community Liaison

    Dear Joe,

    Your complaint against the female employees in our reception area has come to my attention. Please be aware that, because you are not an employee of our company, their behavior does not constitute sexual harassment. You can be sexually harassed only if you work for us. If you’d like to apply for a position with our organization, please contact Cyndi in HR.

    Rupert Merriweather
    Community Liaison

  42. Vang from I.T.

    Buddy, I read you loud and clear. I hate to get all “1984″ on everyone but we need to exercise a certain amount of discretion. Last I checked our product line did not include any aids to assist with relations with species other than the human race. As such we configured our company search engine to red flag us each time words such as “donkey show” “harness” “peanut butter” and “Mexico” are queried.

    PS, are you going to be on WOW tonight? My mage is aching to go on a new adventure.

  43. roastbeef

    Would you stop with all of your stupid fake office letters?!? It’s lame and annoying.

  44. Secret Admirer

    She CAN”T go into a live volcano ….They require a virgin … It would just spit her back out
    Does this brain-dead-what-cha-ma-call-it marry every freaking dude that tells her she’s sane ?
    Gawd I Hope So ………….. “YOU SANE SWEETIE – YOU SANE AS A M/F !!! ”
    We go get married now ? (you batshit crazy freak)
    Yes sweetheart …. Daddy spank later (whack-0 M/F)
    What babe ? No ….. The space ship won’t be here tonight (you dip-shit)

  45. mak

    does anyone notice that she’s losing weight? ah, the silver lining.

  46. FCS

    I can’t believe Mexico let these douches in thier country

  47. Office Whore, I think I got the whack job troll today. Which one did you get?

  48. Adnan the Terrorist

    Britney is teh best luvr I’ve had, next to the camels and the other stinky men I’ve ass-fucked.

  49. BS

    Who Cares

  50. Mal Gusto

    That picture is priceless. It should be followed by a pic of the janitors sanitizing the escalator. I feel the need to Lysol spray my monitor just for showing that image.

    The interoffice mail is great!

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