Britney Spears always hooks up with winners


Star magazine claims Britney Spears was messing around with J.R. Rotem before she split with Kevin Federline, and apparently Rotem is a friend of Federline and produced songs on his CD as well as Britney’s upcoming album. Additionally, they suggest Britney broke off her friendship with Paris Hilton because she found out Rotem had fooled around with her while he was producing her album. A source says:

“It was nothing serious, just a few hookups. I bet a million dollars that J.R. tired to keep that a secret from Britney. Britney would probably flip out if she knew that he’d romanced Paris first.”

And according to In Touch, Britney supposedly called up Federline and asked him if he saw the pictures of her making out with Rotem.

“It was really bad,” an “eyewitness source” told the mag, adding that Spears also started bragging to her ex about some sex she’d had. Federline was furious, although he reportedly isn’t quite sure whether he believes that she’s been dating. “[Spears] just started pushing his buttons … He started screaming at her.” Spears is reportedly also taunting Federline about no longer living the lavish life they shared, but sources say that he continues to gather info on her hard partying to use in the custody battle against her.

The moral of all this is that J.R. Rotem shouldn’t be allowed to produce music anymore. If you hear Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton sing and think, “Hey, this should really be on an album” then you probably shouldn’t be in the music industry. Because not only are you legally deaf, but you’ve got the business sense of baboon in a suit.

And for no reason at all, some more shots of Britney Spears leaving a Lakers game after the jump.