UPDATE: Britney Spears nipple slip / butt flash

June 12th, 2007 // 214 Comments

britney_spears_josephs_butt_flash_01-thumb.jpg britney_spears_josephs_butt_flash_02-thumb.jpg britney_spears_josephs_butt_flash_03-thumb.jpg britney_spears_josephs_butt_flash_04-thumb.jpg britney_spears_josephs_butt_flash_05-thumb.jpg britney_spears_josephs_butt_flash_06-thumb.jpg britney_spears_josephs_butt_flash_07-thumb.jpg britney_spears_josephs_butt_flash_08-thumb.jpg britney_spears_josephs_butt_flash_09-thumb.jpg britney_spears_josephs_butt_flash_10-thumb.jpg britney_spears_josephs_butt_flash_11-thumb.jpg britney_spears_josephs_butt_flash_12-thumb.jpg


  1. As usual, she’s the epitomy of beauty and class. Which really means, I kinda puked in my mouth.

  2. Jimbo

    I think it is new because she has her panties on this time. This must be the only pair she owns

  3. Ashley2112

    if she got a boob job wouldn’t you be able to see some scars????

  4. sage

    #9 – YES. Thank God that somebody is honest enough to admit it…I know that I would too.

    PRO- TIP: hey! Everybody that says she’s a pig – you probably aren’t getting anything any better when you get home at night.

  5. TheMan

    Who’s the hot brunette?

  6. Bubba

    You gotta be pretty high on something to not realize your tit is falling out.

    I don’t really understand the fascination with train wrecks that have done almost nothing worth mentioning (Brit, Paris, Lohan).

    They’re just a bunch of wasted drunken whores with no talent and they’re not even really good looking.

  7. freakoid

    this chic has the worst fashion sense of any person i’ve ever seen

  8. Katiiie

    oh for the love of god and all that is holy….
    im legitimately not sure how much more of this (‘this’ meaning: haggard half naked old slags who have begun the decomposition process before their time).

  9. Wow.. Could you get ANY more staged than that?

    She really wants that comeback… Well, Paris IS out of the whorelight for 20 days…

  10. Ramon

    She is too classy for her own good.

  11. td

    I think her handlers are holding her up. She’s probably high on something. My memories of her as a sexy young thing has almost completely faded. Baby one more time?

  12. Jimbo

    @105 you have it completely backwards. She has the best fashion sense ever. She always has a tit, an ass, or her twat showing. How many women dress like that. She is one of a kind

  13. Nitsua

    Is she digging for MORE food in the back seat or did she just have to fart after all that Jack in her box?

  14. Why in the hell is she wearing a mistletoe head band?

    Her poor kids..one day they’ll see these pictures of their mother looking like a hot slutty mess all the time.

  15. My God I cant stop looking at these pics..She looks like a White Trash Keebler Elf!

  16. citizenstrange

    Those bent over butt shots remind me that I have to take a Red Eye flight tonight. Thank God in heaven she had the wherewithal to throw on a pair or granny panties before she left the house.

  17. Jesus, I fucking log back on and THIS is what the Fish has? God this site has gone downhill. Where the fuck is the funny Fish guy? Where the fuck are the good commenters?

    You moronic pansy ass fucktards couldn’t accumulate an original thought if it was written for you by PapaHotNuts, Dr.Roktor, LadeeBug, TrannyGranny, BigJim, or Fa Cube Itches. Bye-bye, baby brains, and keep thinking you’re funny, if it gets you through the day.

  18. roughdaddy

    wheres the nips and ariolas?

  19. Binky

    I’m glad Butt Flash is finally getting some ‘name play’ as they say in the industry.
    I always thought he was more of a world saver that Silver Surfer.
    (He’s probably even a Truther.)

  20. marme


  21. ladybug

    At least she’s wearing underwear this time. I appreciate that. I almost had to blind myself before.. it was bad.

  22. DrPhowstus

    @115 — You forgot to add “…and I even signed on with a different name so no one could possibly know who wrote this, just so I can suck off all the bestest posters EVER and lament because basically we’re still talking about the same four or five cunts two years later and most of the funny shit has already been said about these one dimensional whores… MOSTLY BY ME, with the name I could be recognized by that I didn’t use this time because I still post and I’m not funny anymore either.”

    Don’t let the door hit ‘cha…

  23. ctti

    @119: Yes, at least she’s wearing underwear this time…

    …wait…I feel something coming up…I think it’s my breakfast…

    …oh, great. There goes my keyboard, covered in puke.

    Can I sue her for emotional & psychological damages?

  24. cosmetologist

    I think she did this on purpose to mess with the pauperizes minds.

    No one would really go out of their house looking like a John Deere on purpose.

    Either way, what a retard.

  25. WTF, no nipple? You gotta blur areola? is this site run by Islamic fascists? I wanna see tit, nipple! then blur the shit out!

  26. Enough of the nipple. How about slipping some parenting skills?

  27. CHESTER THE ...


  28. Crap Tonight

    Hey this is a simple problem – there is nothing on Britney that couldn’t be fixed by a small yet expert team of stylists, doctors, teachers and horse groomers working around the clock for 72 hours

  29. Jade

    Britney is a fat ugly whore. She looks like a man. Her cousin always looks better than her.
    Her cousin is hot, but britney is ugly and fat

  30. Kevin_FederSwine

    Well, pigs have nipples, and from what I see, The Superficial has posted photos documenting that fact. I see a pig, I see nipples, I see a pig with nipples. CASE CLOSED!

  31. Y am I not zurprized:
    1*shez drezzed like in Robin Hood..
    2*what Mother showz her azz like that?
    3*ztill bad hair
    4*nazty bootz
    5*alwayz haz to zhow her titz

    If thiz were a guy showing himzelf,
    he would be in jail for indecent
    expozure, zo Y izn’t zhe?

  32. Zombie Jesus

    There are wind-tunnel-pussy strippers at my local rathole strip club who are hotter than Britney. Ye gads. Those yellow boots are a cry for help, not a fashion accessory. The blond is being held against her will and forced to appear in publicity stunts with a trashed and blimped-up Britney. Please help her.

  33. Cock_Ninja

    I love Britny, be still, haters.

  34. hollyj

    Did you know that if a woman has a recto-vaginal fistula, she can poo out her love tube?

    Seeing Britney just made me think of that.

  35. Jackie

    Her hair grows really fast.


  36. Spotty

    Uh why are her nipples down by her belly? Britney you are just so ugly in every possible way, you are setting some sort of Guiness world record for fugly.

  37. meangirl

    She needs some serious help…
    from POP ICON to TRASH-CHEAP-WHORE looking
    so sad.

  38. star69

    When will this circus finally leave town?
    I’m so sick of it.

    Hope she gets trampled by an elephant.

  39. tinyELVISpanties

    @120 U admit 2 b-ing not funny & I agree. Go away troll. I d8nt like yer nu name & think yer stupid from yer last name [whatever that wuz] Go Wally yer self.

  40. tinyELVISpanties

    115+120=Wally stalking himself. Loozer.

  41. b

    Those girls with her have no idea. They are just like “ooo!! paparazzi!”

  42. Poor thing. If all my crazy episodes and nipple slips were caught on film I’d be horrified. You know what else? It’s damn hard to get into/out of a car while wearing dress without accidentally flashing your undies.

  43. Alayney

    Are you kidding me? ARE … YOU … KIDDING … ME??? WHO does that? Crawls over to the backseat in a dress? Surely, nobody SOBER. She’s something else!

  44. muzt we witnezz
    every fucking

  45. Hemlock Queen

    Priceless. Fuckin’ A BS Priceless. hahahahhahahahah!

  46. If I had the sort of money she has I would be able to afford the class to use the door to the back seat as opposed to climbing…..just saying, is all.

  47. Brad

    Alli is very doable

  48. Wanky

    i thought i would never say this but……i bet her vagina stinks!

  49. starred_on

    she chews that gum
    like a cow chews it’s cud, y’all

  50. tc

    Who is her friend on the right.

    I want to fuck her. Up the cunt.

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