Britney Spears allowed to sell her house, Ed McMahon does a jig

The commissioner overseeing Britney Spears’ conservatorship has agreed to allow Britney to sell her house. She’s eyeing up a $5.6 million mansion in Encino which is conveniently closer to Kevin Federline. My people tell me it’s obviously to improve the reception of their phone sex. Although, I could’ve done without the visual aid,Geekologist. I hope you plan on marrying that Blackberry. E! Online reports:

Spears has not exactly endeared herself to fellow denizens of the community, who have complained about the constant presence of paparazzi outside the gates. Some reports have blamed Spears as the reason neighbor Ed McMahon has not received a single offer on his $6.5 million house that’s facing foreclosure.

I really feel this is best for the children. And, no, not Britney’s kids. I’m talking the ones her neighbors sacrificed so God would take pity and shield their eyes from “Beezelbub’s Hatchet Wound.” On a brighter note, Ed McMahon can finally stop wasting his golden years scaling Britney’s gate with a blowgun and promises of fried chicken.

Photo: Flynet