Britney Spears allowed near Lindsay Lohan. Smart.

August 4th, 2009 // 68 Comments

So Jamie Spears is dead and no one has found the body yet. Is that what I’m supposed to gather from these pictures? Because, honestly, I have no rational explanation for how this could happen on his watch. The fact that the man didn’t burst out of the table and kick Lindsay through a window is pretty much concrete proof he’s stuffed in Sean’s closet with a Frappucino straw through his neck.


  1. datroof

    I would lay them both out in bed, naked and side-by-side and slam some monster rails off both these chicks’ tits, then fuck them stupid with my coke-numbed cock.

    Of course, if you were to point out that fucking them stupid is impossible as they already exist in that mental state, I wouldn’t be able to argue with you. But that wouldn’t stop me from trying.

  2. joe m, Randal you are not.

  3. Cc

    So britney now has access to cocaine or meth via lindsay. Sweet.

  4. co

    two skanks in one place, they are made for each other, Britney should turn lesbo

  5. I don't understand

    when photo’d by herself Britney looks like a worn out piece of trailer park trash. Now that you place her beside Lindsay I would have to say that Britney Spears is the most attractive female I have ever seen in my entire life.

    I have got to hire me an ugly person to follow me around and stand beside me all day.

  6. Lohan clearly still has a lovely sparkle in her eyes, what a beauty, but she needs to put on a few pounds.

  7. ashley

    Are these two people on the top spot of the celebrity deathwatch list? –

  8. robert

    wow…. Britney’s teeth are whiter and makeup is better than lilo. holy crap, lilo has starting to look like sam!

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  10. Bitchney

    Oh my god!No again i’ts the end

  11. tess

    That scar on Britney’s knee is from having two knee injuries. She’s had one in 99 I think and another in 2004. That’s why she cancelled her Onyx Hotel Tour back then and why she can’t do very big moves with her legs anymore.

  12. Galtacticus

    Lindsay Lohan is having some spirituel time with guru Britney Spears.

  13. Darth

    “Oh guru,do i’ve have to swallow these pills before or after the bottle of booze?”

  14. Nero

    All the gathered STD’s together.I would have expected at least a mushroom cloud!?

  15. Rhialto

    What were they talking about?

  16. WTF

    #4, I think that’s an ear cuff that people just use to look like they have a lot of piercings. It goes in like the cartilage. But eh. Whatever.

    #61 is right about the 2004 surgery. It was when people were saying she lied about having knee surgery and really got a boob job when she probably just had both.

    Poor Lindsay. There’s like none of her left.

  17. Lohan looks much better in the photoshopped ads soooo. Seriously people if someone buys this garbage, even as a gag gift, kick them right in Damned cat …

  18. tallulah

    Britney has great teeth.

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