Britney Spears’ alleged stalker was ‘just making a documentary’

April 20th, 2009 // 20 Comments

Britney Spears’ alleged stalker Miranda Tozier-Robbins apparently isn’t a stalker, despite looking in Britney’s windows, and was simply researching a documentary on the paparazzi, according to E! News:

“The documentary is more or less just, [me] on the way to Britney’s house, going on the bicycle ride, the camping out in the woods,” says Tozier-Robbins.
While she confesses to being a fan of Spears, Tozier-Robbins claims that she is in no way a stalker. “There’s no obsession with Britney. Somebody else can go ahead and claim the title of Britney’s stalker, because I sure as heck don’t want it, you know!”
Once on the property, Tozier-Robbins was immediately caught by a Spears security guard and arrested for trespassing. She received a citation and was released.
But Tozier-Robbins tells E! that she would do something like this again in the future–minus the trespassing.

A judge actually bought all this, so if you’ll excuse me, I need to film a documentary from the inside of Mila Kunis’ shower. Also, my camera only works when I’m naked if I could get that that added to the record, your honor.

Video: E! News

  1. Susie

    comeon thats the face of a stalker!

  2. Susie

    comeon thats the face of a stalker!

  3. Susie

    comeon thats the face of a stalker!

  4. Susie

    comeon thats the face of a stalker!

  5. Dr. Awesome


    Do I have to post this four times in a row?

  6. Photoshop Police

    octomom claims that she is not obsessed with angelina jolie.

    who’s more believable?

  7. Mark

    that’s pretty bad a judge believed that. Just goes to show how our justice system is flawed

  8. E!

    The judge, the Honorable Chris Crocker, ended the session by pounding the gavel and tearfully wailing “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!”.

  9. Pilatunes

    I said the same thing to Kate Beckinsale and she still hit me with a shovel.

  10. Yea and I was just making a cannibus documentary when the fuzz busted in my garage and caught me smoking a Bob Marley spliff on 4/20…

  11. Manu

    You should write about the fact that britney & kevin are having sex in every corner of their hotel room while on tour instead.

  12. Barry O

    So (1) for judges, play the journalist card and (2) for juries, play the race card. The dyke sure took a strap-on to the system…

  13. Typical monkey business where YT is concerned.

    You libutards need to wake up and figure that the animals are loose and have been since 1890. Now that they are loose upon us they lay a plague and we all have to pay for it out of our wallets. Ask yourself; would I pay someone to distribute drugs in my neighborhood, destroy common property, make my kid’s schools dangerous, and possibly rape my daughter or wife?


    Judge the negro not by their color but by the content of their character!

  14. Still White on the Outside

    Still White checking in, to give a warm white shout out to my new good friend, #13. I just hope no one mentions the sheer number of white people weighing down the entitlement system, and that we keeping blaiming the blacks, even though they’re like what, 12% of the population. Then we can blaim the gays for destroying marriage instead of things like domestic violence, plunging incomes, and infidelity. Thanks #13. Your a rockstar.

  15. True American

    #13: The only tard I see is you. Please post your ignorant racist comments to a site where they will make a difference. Try

    BTW, if you don’t the state of the US, might I suggest emigrating? There aren’t any Africans in Antartica, and real estate is cheap there.

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  17. “Im not a stalker, im a documentarian”
    Why didn’t OJ think of that?

  18. A documentary about stalking Britney Spears! Great!

  19. Interesting idea, a movie about stalking from the stalkers perspective.

  20. How is that any different than the papparazzo?

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