Britney Spears’ album sales fall off


Sales for Britney Spears new album “Blackout” have come to a crawl after fans bought only 430,000 copies, according to FOX News:

On Friday morning, “Blackout” stands at No. 59 on It’s also No. 13 on iTunes, which means that its downloading days are dwindling as well.
A new single, “Piece of Me,” is getting some airplay including on the nation’s top pop station, New York’s Z-100. But that doesn’t seem to make much of a difference.

I’m surprised actually. I thought Britney’s new album was excellent. I even bought copies for my family and handed them out yesterday at Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone seemed pretty happy. I mean, despite my parents disowning me and my 90-year-old grandmother trying to stab me in the neck with a turkey leg. Then my uncle said something about making it “look like a hunting accident.” I dunno, I was too busy trying to suck all the booze out of the rum cake with a straw before the cops came. Unfortunately for me, it was really a meatloaf.

Photo:Splash News