Britney Spears & Adnan: Together again for the very first time?

July 3rd, 2008 // 43 Comments

Britney Spears, seen here with her bodyguard, is secretly back at it with Adnan Ghalib. But this time Britney is pulling some James Bond action and using her vagina (It shoots darts.) to get back a sex tape Adnan made with her, according to the Daily Mail:

But sources claim the two haven’t got back together for purely romantic reasons – Britney is apparently terrified Adnan has an explicit video of her during the couple’s brief trip to Mexico in January.
‘Britney’s really scared that Adnan has a sex tape,’ an insider tells MailOnline. ‘She wants to get it out of his hands.’

I can’t really envision Britney Spears as the stealth espionage type. I can just see her trying to sneak around Adnan’s house, but then she knocks over the fridge and stumbles through a wall. And that’s just looking for a cookie. A hidden sex tape? Jesus. Adnan might as well have banged a wrecking ball then let it loose in his living room. Not that he hasn’t before, but I’m just sayin’.

Photos: Flynet

  1. tp

    Oh Brit stay away from that douche bag!!

  2. eh

    wow some people will have sex with anything ……ewwww

  3. Jen

    Is that picture supposed to be of Adnan? Cause it looks nothing like him.

  4. So what trolls are going to be me on this story? Im going with 3.

    Anyway, how did he manage to get any wood to hit that?

  5. Dump Him Now!

    Just look at this Dweeb, being away from Britney and her money made his hair fall out and he looks much shorter, so he must also be shrinking. She needs to get away from this old, turtle man ASAP!

  6. Tila's ginormous head

    If you douche bags could read, it says, “seen here with her bodyguard.” So that means one thing, THAT IS NOT THE STUPID TOOL FORIEGNER SHE USED TO BANG!!

  7. yodolayheehoo

    um read the story? it’s her bodyguard. I’m surrounded by idiots.

    Sportsdvl…LOVIN YOU.

  8. @4
    you really are an ass

  9. Pattie

    She is all messed up. I’ll take my 75K a year job and my peace of mind anyday. I would not want to be in Brits shoes.

  10. @#9 That’s so impressive to tell strangers how much you “make”
    Do you also like to get peed on?

  11. mimi


  12. numbers


  13. @9
    you have not seen 75k since you counted the special k in your cereal bowl
    Pattie you are also an ass

  14. Would the other Jimbo troll please step aside as I am working the Jimbo franchise today.
    Thank you

  15. Tila's ginormous head

    Damn…the price of prostition has gone up….way to go #9, you bag of douche!!

  16. Samantha


    Quit being a asshole you prick.

  17. shorty the body guard

    Hi My name is constant-flex I will be your bodyguard today.. to short you ask ah ha I have quicker access to the groin area..

  18. sla

    It is my opinion that any time anyone “gives back” a sex tape to someone, they always keep a copy for themselves. I know I would keep a copy. Wouldn’t you?

  19. troll #4 – thanks. And you Jimbo troll #8 – well, it’s not even worth saying what I think of you or any other troll.

    Seriously, if Brit Brit wanted this tape (if it exists) she’s just offer a couple of million to this douche bag and be done with it.

  20. cate

    i would KILL to see that sex tape.
    they’re probably getting it on, doggie style, while
    Britney stuffs her face with McDonalds and Starbucks.

  21. Pattie Harrison


    I have never been peed on, but I do love to get spanked and have my hair gently pulled when having sex.

    I forgot to also add my intangiable asset of peace of mind to be a net worth of 1 trillion dollars.

    Very funny comment (Special K) and I am not an ass, I am a human being. I am sorry that I make more than you and it hurt your feelings. Perhaps you should ask your boss at KFC for a raise.

  22. veggi

    Adnan looks muscular these days. Wow! Does anyone know the strongest vaginal itch cream?

  23. Hi guys, were finally together giving each other coffee colonics. We love Britney and ESPECIALLY Adnan. Anyone who remotely resembles Al Qaeda is a friend of ours, but you have to know that already from the liberal anti american slant we put on everything.

  24. veggi

    Adnan looks muscular these days. Wow! Does anyone know the strongest vaginal itch cream?

  25. veggi

    Wow it’s so cool for Jimbo and Sportsdvl to have gotten married. We all knew they were gay but who woulda thunk it? Man ya’ll wanna 3-sum?

  26. Tight Pussy


    When my wet tight pussy itches, I think oral sex is the best medicine.

  27. @9

    I ask because me and sportsdvl love watersports & especially brown showers. Hows the saying go?…Youre not doing it right if you arent getting dirty.

  28. yodolayheehoo

    23. oh so now we are getting political?? liberal anti-american??? Sheesh, I was convinced was a celebrity trash site…but THANK YOU for proving me wrong! DOUCHE TROLLS!!!

  29. Tessa


  30. Tessa


  31. Tessa


  32. It is a shame in today’s world that posters such as the legendary Jimbo and guys like myself have to let people know we are as American as apple pie, chevy corvettes and blowjobs in the White House. My love for America can never be questioned and I will not sit quietly when true Americans are talked about by classless trolls who’s lives are so uninteresting they have to post under other’s name.

    God bless America!
    Death to trolls!
    and God Bless blow jobs!

  33. Dixie

    -32-I wish more Americans had common sense and practiced logic and critical thinking when voting for our next US president, so we don’t get another Republican to continue ruining the USA like Bush.

    God Bless America and men who know how to give great oral sex and can stay hard for awhile and not have premature ejaculations!

  34. Matthew

    she is now back with one of the swengali’s waht’s next she is back with sam lufti?

  35. #33 Dixie – you are a true American and I like the way you think! Put women who love to give bj’s (and not just on your bday) and I’d vote for you!

  36. Troll with Genital Deformity

    I find it viscious that now menacing hosts are bashing their very own trolls who depend on them as head lice do filthy hair. Quite cruel if you ask me.

  37. I would almost believe, you’re really enjoying this life?

  38. Nexera

    I think Britney is looking good here. She’s got her nails done and she’s respectably dressed. Keep it coming Britney!

    Also, i don’t understand why people troll others. Why not just come up with your own fun name and commentary rather than being such a pathetic loser? I really like Jimbo’s comments, but I HATE the back and forth ‘troll’ comments.

  39. Grunion

    Happy Birthday all my fellow celeb hating Americans. Enjoy your day off/piss up. And remember fireworks are for outdoors, not indoors.

  40. FCS

    Has anyone that young ever had breasts so saggy?

  41. honey

    she looks sexy and cute with that sunglasses.His photos were seen at millionaire persoanals site
    “”"”"NYwealthyMatch.c o m”"”"”last week. It is said he is already in relationship with a young man on that site now.

  42. analy

    I’m sure Adnan has made twenty copies of the tape already.

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