Britney Spears & Adnan: Together again for the very first time?

Britney Spears, seen here with her bodyguard, is secretly back at it with Adnan Ghalib. But this time Britney is pulling some James Bond action and using her vagina (It shoots darts.) to get back a sex tape Adnan made with her, according to the Daily Mail:

But sources claim the two haven’t got back together for purely romantic reasons – Britney is apparently terrified Adnan has an explicit video of her during the couple’s brief trip to Mexico in January.
‘Britney’s really scared that Adnan has a sex tape,’ an insider tells MailOnline. ‘She wants to get it out of his hands.’

I can’t really envision Britney Spears as the stealth espionage type. I can just see her trying to sneak around Adnan’s house, but then she knocks over the fridge and stumbles through a wall. And that’s just looking for a cookie. A hidden sex tape? Jesus. Adnan might as well have banged a wrecking ball then let it loose in his living room. Not that he hasn’t before, but I’m just sayin’.

Photos: Flynet