Britney Spears acts, one might say, ‘good’*

Here’s a short clip of Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother. She actually does a decent job acting and I believe her character can read. I mean, ha, Britney Spears reading. Could you imagine? LFMAOCCMFGMYS! The writers also took quite a risk having Britney reference Tom Selleck. It’s a proven fact that if her feeble mind tried to comprehend the awesomeness of Magnum P.I., it would collapse upon itself. Seriously, the guy solved murders in Hawaii – with a Ferrari! The greatest minds of our generation couldn’t come up with a premise like that. Though Carl Sagan did pitch a show about a robot butler who drove a Camaro. He called it “Robot Butler in a Camaro.” Genius…

*Grammatical error intentional. Ha! Beat you to it, suckers.

Video: CBS