Britney Spears accuses mom of sleeping with boyfriend

January 31st, 2008 // 73 Comments

Britney Spears supposedly told doctors at UCLA she’s on Adderall and has been taking ten laxatives a day. Wow, on top of all that Starbucks? That’s pretty gross. Anyway, she also laid down some heavy accusations against her mom Lynne, according to TMZ:

We’re also told, when she was admitted, Britney accused her mom of “sleeping with my boyfriend.” She wasn’t specific on who she was referring to.
We’re also told that for a time she was hurling profanities at her parents and staff.

Lynne Spears and Adnan McWienerPills? Of course. That makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever. Therefore it’s gotta be true. I’m on board. Lynne, you whore!


  1. Shep

    haahahhaahaha, grossssss

    Would it really surprise anyone?

  2. Ted from LA

    Now that’s just wrong. I wonder if she finished her “How to Parent” book yet.

  3. Mr.Poon

    Who would have thought the lyrics to one of the worst songs ever recorded would turn out to be so prophetic:

    U drive me crazy
    I just can’t sleep
    I’m so excited
    My mom fucked my pap

    (Ok so I made the last line up.)

  4. tight lipped smiler

    Sleep with that thing? No Lynne is smarter than that. She knows he’d sell her bed farts to & she’s the only one who’s suppose to whore off Brit.

  5. sharpeidude

    Lynne Spears slept with my 4th cousin twice removed….the whore!

  6. Ang

    Explains the chins of the men in her life.

  7. Auntie Kryst

    Oh please please please let this be true.

  8. Nancy

    10 laxatives a day? I’d hate to be a clerk in one of the convenience stores she always stopped in to use the bathroom (now it makes sense). A toilet full of foaming diarrhea topped by a clot of bloody semen. And you know she never flushes.

  9. theislamistsaretakingoveramericaonespearsatatime

    I just noticed that the two Osama’s in her life both sport the same chin vag patch. Scarey!!

  10. theislamistsaretakingoveramericaonespearsatatime

    I just noticed that the two Osama’s in her life both sport the same chin vag patch. Scarey!!

  11. D. Richards (Chef.)

    Shit. Adnan’s got a ten pound muslim cock that never deflates and he doesn’t wear a ‘rubber’; his condoms are made of sheep intestines – very sensitive for the ladies, hmm-hmm.

    All the bitches want a piece of that guy. He’s irresistable (Drugs them).

  12. havoc

    Look, nobody gives a shit anymore except the paparazzi and TMZ.

    WTF is so fascinating about a has been, redneck lip syncher with mental problems?

    When this bitch is dead, is the paprazzi going to stand around taking photos of her grave yelling “Britney!”?


    Rant over;……


  13. clareargent

    #8 ohmygod. EWWWW!

  14. Matt

    Yes, it’s terrible to be abusing drugs and living an out-of-control life when you’re a parent of young kids. Unless you died – an then, it’s worthy of respect. Almost noble.

  15. Dick Richards

    #8! Never flushes! Nice. Ha-Ha.

    I hear that Britney visits It’s a site dedicated to scatological fetishes.

  16. on

    britney looks so cute in that pic with her mom.

  17. Alex

    “A Clot of Bloody Semen” is now my favorite band name.

  18. adeliza

    Are the doctors sure she is bi-polar? I mean she always seems up and never down. It seems to me she is schizophrenic:

    Psychiatry. Also called dementia praecox. a severe mental disorder characterized by some, but not necessarily all, of the following features: emotional blunting, intellectual deterioration, social isolation, disorganized speech and behavior, delusions, and hallucinations.
    2. a state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.


    [Origin: 1910-15; schizo- + -phrenia]

  19. tanya

    Look at that woman on the right! She looks like she just got stuck with a hot poker!

  20. Andrea

    Laxatives and Adderall. Talk about having the turbo squirts.

  21. Gerald_Tarrant

    These fuckers should never have been let out of their trailer park. They should have just ordered Osama from a mail order catalog.

  22. meh

    #8-That was fantastic. Ha!

    #12 and all others that are “sick of hearing and reading about Britney”-Stop visiting this site. For the last couple of months that I’ve been reading the superficial, 3 out of 4 stories are about her…what makes you think that your comments are going to change that? It’s nobody’s fault that she’s fucking CRAZY and keeps making hilarious things happen after she calls the paps. Shut the fuck up and go somewhere else.

    Ok, I’m done…I’m still waiting for FRIST and LadyJane to comment though…where are you? I’m sad without the hilarity of your comments.

  23. Wim

    Well we knew she wasn’t abusing Clearasil.

  24. Gerald_Tarrant

    And somewhere in America, Jerry Springer began praying to land the interview.

  25. Skip Smith

    #8, awesome.

  26. Patty

    She was using laxatives to purge because she heard that vomiting makes your skin and hair look bad.

  27. SexyV

    I just wanna know whats with the boots. Is that the sign you’ve gone over the edge? When you wear ugly “cowboy” boots everywhere?

    Cause if it is, that means I’m super sane. Like Chuck Noris sane.
    Cause Chuck Noris would never Lock himself in his bedroom with his kids.
    He would pick up the cop car and throw it on top of the papparazzi, and yell. I’m Chuck Noris Bitch!

  28. ack

    mcwienerpills… lol

    8: nasty but hilarious!

    what the hell are we going to do if britney gets better???

  29. PrettyBaby

    Getting laughed at by the entire country while “performing”– Nope.
    Getting a divorce- No.
    Losing your babies– Nahhh.
    Losing all rights to them… Not Yet.


  30. meh

    #27-not funny. Not even a little. I think that pissed me off actually. Who mentions Chuck Norris when talking about Britney Spears. That’s just dumb. And so are you. Weren’t you insulting people on the comment board of the Heath story? Got tired of being called salty or shitty? Your jokes were lame there and they’re lame here. Please…go drown yourself in Britney’s diarrhea now.

  31. “Fucked my boyfriend”?

    I mean, let’s be serious people, she could be referring to half of LA… she might wanna be a bit more specific.

  32. PrettyBaby

    Ooooooh Rich, I didn’t think of that…. maybe Momma was fucking that gonad Sam ooooh or maybe Mom’s been tapping K-Fed!

    The mind boggles really!

  33. Lipper

    Is it just me, but now that I know puss fuzz takes male enhancements, I wanna have a peak at his manly bits like mad.

  34. Auntie Kryst

    @27 You sir are on FI YAH. What is up with the boots anyway? Good catch, she’s always wearing them – it’s crazy! Hey check out her boyfriend, what is up with that beard? Right, am I right?

  35. Binky

    I did not have sex with that woman.

  36. Mr Plumber

    If she didn’t flush, one of those gas station clerks would’ve scooped out that latte clotted corn laden hershey squirt into a jar and sold it on ebay.

    I wouldn’t buy it though.. I’m waiting for her brown boots to go on sale.

  37. jrodfantastic

    isn’t the subtitle of this website” because you’re ugly”? at this point, shouldn’t britney be reading useless articles about us?

  38. adeliza


  39. adeliza


  40. That’s just awesome. At this point, is there anything you could possibly hear about Britney, no matter how absurd or crazy, and say “No! No way!”? Nope. She has entered the Tyson Zone.

  41. Jeremy

    That guy must really love those new pants. Or he changes jackets several times a day maybe.

  42. The Office Whore

    Thank you. I don’t feel so bad about going out and screwing that 20 year old I’ve been eyeing.. Maaaaaaaaaaaan, I’m fucking excited!! woo hoo!!

    Don’t judge me.

  43. Retarded

    I can’t say I blame her mom

    I mean, look at him

    She is only a woman

  44. FCS

    I can’t even imagine the 1000′s of Yo Mama jokes her poor kids are going to have to hear growing up.

    Hey Jayden, yo mam’s so crazy, Tom Cruise told her to calm down

    Hey Sean yo mam’s so fat she jumped up in the air and got stuck

    just a sampler….

  45. Adnan The Terrorist

    D. Richards (Chef.) – thanks for the assist, but alas you’re fucking wrong. It’s pretty common knowledge that only Asian men – with their average 3.6″ dicks – have smaller cocks than Muslims. We sit around the campfire & jerk each other off, when we’re not busy fucking goats & pigs, that is. (Now do you all understand why I’m sticking it Sowwy Spears, she’s just like the pigs I know from the mountains of Afghanistan.)

    P.S. Mommy Spears was horrible in bed. She just laid there, chain smoking & eating bon bons, reading a People magazine, while I was trying to get hard. When she started squealing like a pig I finally got hard.

  46. PrettyBaby

    #43 What’s that you just said????!!!!!!

  47. Hollys-a-Swaying

    #45 Yawn……….man I’ve read text books that were less boring. Probably took you all day to type that shit, didn’t it?

  48. Donkey Ass

    Mom of the year!

  49. Ript1&0

    What a mother fucker!!!

    I’m all about Adnan, btw, mmm yeah. The pinky ring, the 3 jackets, that retarded hat… ooo the flavor saver that continues to run right down his neck and stomach and merges with the happy trail… He has it waxed and shaped monthly. Yum.

  50. RCA

    For real…I’m done caring. Enough already.

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