Britney Spears’ abs have to be the result of black magic. Have to be.

January 16th, 2009 // 63 Comments

These are shots of Britney Spears working out for her upcoming tour in March. There’s more on her website and who the hell thought ever I’d be starting at Britney Spears’ stomach while thinking lustful thoughts? Okay, maybe if strippers used it as a moon bounce, but now, I don’t even need them.

Then again, no one likes to feel left out. Who wants dollar bills?


  1. Que

    Que sex.

  2. CaptainMorgan

    One night, that’s all I ask. And of that night, it might only be 1 minute…in fact, it could be over before I get my shorts off.

  3. Sarah

    never thought I’d care, but I’m a little tiny bit glad she’s better.

  4. lindsey

    @3, me too actually. Everyone goes through struggles, but it’s nice to know things can get better.

  5. lindsey

    @3, me too actually. Everyone goes through struggles, but it’s nice to know things can get better.

  6. lindsey

    @3, me too actually. Everyone goes through struggles, but it’s nice to know things can get better.

  7. lindsey

    @3, me too actually. Everyone goes through struggles, but it’s nice to know things can get better.

  8. Randal

    Britney Spears is exactly what the industry needs right now – someone real – because the hip-hop and rap genre is so watered down with fake glitz and glam that no one cares anymore.

    Hard work and dedication will always bring folks to the top and Britney shows it time and again that she’s not going anywhere soon.

    For a beautiful young lady that has already had two children, you’re looking great, Brit!


  9. p0nk

    now that the lipo scars are barely noticeable, she doesn’t need to wear her leather granny panties combo any more.

    kudos brit.

    still praying for mimi….

  10. Britsbitch

    You lot are pathetic, there are women hotter, sexier and infinitely more intelligent than this dumb fuck walking around every town, who haven’t had a football team run through there vag or go cuckoo at the drop of a hat and yet you all tug off to this lipo sucked bitch….ffs!

  11. Jackson

    It is not like Britt was short and fat like Kim Kardaskank. Britt had about 12 pounds of party fat compared to Kim’s 40 pounds of overeating.

  12. Cash

    “Britney Spears’ abs have to be the result of black magic. Have to be.”

    Or, you know, sit ups.

    Just because you haven’t seen your toes in a decade doesn’t mean the rest of the world has resigned themselves to that same fate Op. There are a lot of crazy bitches in this world that deserve your ridicule, but Spears becomes less of one every day, so lighten up already. Slow news day or not, this shit just isn’t interesting.

  13. missywissy

    Oh, no! Somebody get her away from the damn pole!!

    Sunglasses inside?? That was cool in the 80′s.

  14. Anna

    Cash, go fuck yourself. Seriously. Right now.

  15. Plobes

    it’s LIPOSUCTION y’all!!!

  16. Danklin24

    The second picture doesnt look like her. i dont think this is actually her. Maybe her website is all BS. But whoever she is, she looks great.

  17. combustion8

    what abs?, I just see a cute little pooch belly.

  18. the Commish

    FAIL!! This post fails on so many levels. Who the hell cares!?

    This is exactly like that time a major television corporation decided that the masses would gather ’round their picture boxes and drool like idiots as washed-up stars danced the night away with professionals. The has-beens get judged on their ability to not trip over their counterparts and get awarded points based on the ability to appease the judges. It was all just a ploy to get the studio execs more money and, before anyone realized this, it was a smashing success. Eventually the people realized they had been duped by their own need for self-fulfillment and became enraged at the new television series and stopped watching.

  19. Dr. Taint

    Over this site. Stop posting about this pig. Stop shoving this packaged celebrity retard down our throats. Anyone can karaoke and use voice enhancers. No more Paris. No more Firecrotch. F you Superficial.

  20. amanda

    in pic 3 you can tell shes had kids, but she looks great!

  21. Damn, she finally snapped back.

    All it took was a year-long imprisonment with her father.

    Speaking of fathers, you never know the length some will go to the get the son the perfect present (watch out for the kid with the hair!):

  22. p0nk

    todders, you really are a fucking douchebag.

  23. Nigger Hair

    pop star stripper pole.

  24. PunkA

    She looks hawt again. i mean, HAWT! Britney is back to being MILFy.

  25. JPRichardson

    Not even close to her former self.

  26. Dorian

    Shitney has more ‘scandal’ coming. Rest easy folks. This chick’s too stupid to stay out of trouble for long and her daddy can only do so much to sweep it under the rug.

    On topic: okay, the lipo scars are virtually invisible, but can’t they do something about her sagging velveeta loving jaw?

  27. The Truth

    “What nobody care about me anymore? What if I just flash my nasty stubbly snatch with Paris to the cameras again? Would that help? OK!”

    Who gives a shit about Spitney Beers anymore? She’s a dumb whore with little talent and even less ability to pick non-retarted husbands…

  28. hootie

    Could it have been photoshopped? Maybe her head on somebody’s else’s body?

  29. jenni

    she looks grosse!

  30. adoption is the way

    Kids ruined her life. Kids ruin every womans life. I’m never going to have kids!

  31. Guntlicka

    But Her FACE…

  32. CaptainMorgan

    @13 Uhmm…it goes like this:

    I wear my sunglasses at night
    So I can, so I can
    Forget my name while you collect your claim
    And I wear my sunglasses at night
    So I can, so I can
    See the light that’s right before my eyes

    BTW – if she needs a ‘back up pole” I have one in my pants she can use…

  33. It does’t matter how attractive she becomes, for I will always have the image of her etched in her mind of months passed… with a cheeto stained face and a buldging stomach used as a Big Mac table.

  34. uh huh, yeah

    Her real hair goes only to about her chin, the rest is fake. Bitch is fake as hell and batshit crazy. She acts all good and wholesome and then she sings about rubbing her clit…c’mon bebah bebah, gotta rub that clit, bebah, c’mon daddy, help meh, sing about my clit, bebah, and gettin’ fucked, bebah, um just stupid bebah, gotta take my pills, bebah…,

  35. Ummm...yeah...

    This bitch is white fucking trash and everyone knows it….so cut the shit people. Just looking at those pictures doesn’t make me forget all the shit she did…the fucking flip out and hurting her kids…you all are total asswipes.
    Fuck you Shitney and Fuck you Fish…and double fuck you Randal.

  36. Fake Plastic McLashen

    hmmmm…. Blonde hair back, lipo, but le shechild is still cuckoo bananas in the head and THAT my chums is all that matters and that creature WILL be back.

    That smile she pulls off these days is the one that screams “I am going to boil your bunny”

    My guess; Umbrella cover version no doubt not considered for the show? :D

  37. me

    She is really very hot on the ***seekingsugarmomma. c om*** . There are so many hot pics on videos on that web. If you have a look, you will not want to move the eyes.

  38. Exo

    Does’nt her tummy look kinda Tara Reid-ish in pic #3?

    For Brit’s sake I hope it’s just bad lighting in that photo.

  39. be honest americans: YOU STILL BELIEVE HER, folks?

  40. Josh

    I’d let her hit me one more time

  41. Bob

    I remember the last post that dealt with her (re)newly flat stomach suggesting it was the work of a good air-brushing (believable), but this time it seems real.

  42. me

    the reason she has nice abs is because shes a dancer. and all active dancers have strong core muscles. so all she has to do is stop acting like a crazed house cat and she’ll get back those fit abs in no time.

  43. bolgar of america

    my dear and noble friends, forget about the woman’s name and just focus. That’s a good looking woman.

  44. Not black magic – the bitch is takin’ something. Test her urine!!

  45. Xena

    Britney is an exercise addict. Back in her glory days she was doing 1000 sit-ups a day alone.

  46. Jessie

    She looks GREAT! I am so happy for her, I always thought that she could get straightened out if her parents would intervene and she did. Britney gained weight, in my opinion, because like someone else said she was an excercise fanatic back in the day and then she stopped after having children, I think because she had postpartum depression and after you have worked out and then stop it causing weight gain. All the muscle turns to fat, but now that she is back to working out she snapped right back and is beginning to look like her old self which was beautiful. I remember watching a VH1 show that Jenna Jameson was on a long time ago when Brit was fit and Jenna said she’d like to take a bath in Britney’s sweat and then she went on and on about how beautiful Britney was. I often wondered if she changed her mind after Brit got out of shape and went crazy lol…Anyway, like I said she looks great. Whoever said there are prettier girls ect. well actually, back when Britney was at her best no one could touch her. She was untouchable, no one came close to being as pretty as she was. Then she had to get all crazy, but now she’s back.

  47. Amber

    It’s not just her stomach that’s changed, her hair is growing back out and looking more normal, you can’t see the extension tracks anymore. She’s lost weight everywhere, not just in her stomach, but I never thought she was fat, she just wasn’t up to the Hollywood standard. Then there is the fact that she’s wearing better clothes, and she’s looking tanner, her face isn’t all broke out anymore. I think she looks awesome. It will be interesting to see what happens when she is out from under her parents care. I hope all stays well with her. Everyone loves a success story, well good people love a success story, jealous people just sit back criticizing. For some she’ll never be good enough again, it doesn’t matter what she does or looks like, they’ll always see her as crazy. However, I too think she had PPD after having 2 kids in a row. So, really all that crazy stuff she did, she couldn’t help, not to mention the fact that Sam Lufti was crushing up no telling what kind of pills and feeding her. It’s sad that some people can’t get past everything and forgive her. Everyone makes mistakes, just because she’s a singer doesn’t mean she is perfect and doesn’t make mistakes. The positive thing is that she is getting better, people should see that and not put her down. I feel so sorry for her because she’s working hard to get her life, career, kids back after having a breakdown that she couldn’t help and people still say negative things about her. It’s sad. I think she has enough fans out there that it doesn’t matter what anyone says, she’ll be back to being America’s pop princess before long.

  48. Linda

    Wow, she is looking terrific again! I know how hard it is to lose weight, for some reason you can be so thin your entire life and then there is something about when you get to be in your mid twenties that you can no longer eat whatever you want and not gain weight. Then to top that off with having two children, it was no wonder she gained a little weight. She was by no means fat for normal standards, but to be in the entertainment industry she weighed too much. She’d got a bit pudgy and when you are an icon and sex symbol you have to look good. I think she got depressed with having two kids, a husband, then going through a divorce. She started putting on weight, she couldn’t get control and had a breakdown. If you are in an industry where everything depends on your looks and you start to gain weight and get negative comments about your marriage then I can see why you’d go crazy. Then there were people saying her children were ugly, how could someone be so cruel? That would make anyone upset. I’m just glad that her parents got to her before she ended up dead. Britney you are looking great, I hope you know that there are people that appreciate your hard work and effort. I wish you nothing but greatness.

  49. kitty_kat

    They’re called diet pills, people. Everyone in Hollywood is on them. How else do you explain all the crazy-fast weight loss? Some celebs lose weight so fast that its impossible.

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