‘Oh my garsh. Jewelbry!’

May 11th, 2010 // 72 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears performing her duties as Miss Mouth-Breather 2002-2009 while shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday. There’s also a rumor floating around she’s dating the bodyguard in these pics which is, of course, bullshit. Men don’t date Britney Spears as much as they get paid by her dad to pretend her vagina isn’t a cupholder for buckets of chicken. It’s a delicate dance.

EDIT: The saddest thing you will ever see in your life.

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  1. RMC

    that runt is her body guard? usually these “celebs” have some huge moolie guarding them

    i guess who’d want to attack/get close to her anyways

  2. brit is still awesome. and first

  3. Gweb

    You know, she doesn’t look that bad here. I’d tap it.

  4. snarkyscreenname

    Picture number thirteen is EXACTLY how I always see Brittany Spears!!! So glad the rest of you can finally join me in this. *sniffle

  5. pimp

    looks like she showered…would ass eat…

  6. justifiable

    You know, when you’ve got trucker calves and thighs like that, wearing sandals that literally cut your legs off at the ankles is NOT the best look for you. No matter what the trend is, avoid it. Not even wearing men’s boxer shorts can save you.

  7. Janie

    Her legs look great!

  8. Janie

    Her legs look great!

  9. twhite

    Can I just point out that I LOVE what has happened to her?? Finally she looks like the trailer trash she has always been.

  10. daaamn

    haha, saddest thing i’ll ever see indeed.

  11. L

    The crazy part? She’s wearing a bra!

  12. Vas Deferens

    Holy shit this bitch is gross looking. I laugh at all the people that thought she was hot back in 2000.

  13. Mike Nike

    I would suck on her bum hole for hours.

  14. Heywood Yablowme

    #6 – no I wouldn’t know. I am a guy. Women should go sit over in the corner and keep quiet while we fap one out over someone who used to be hot.

  15. Irene Barcelo

    At least she is wearing a bra.

  16. justifiable

    #14 Remember to save something for the Brooke Hogan post , since you’re obviously a guy who likes hefty guy legs on chix – I don’t, so get over it. She can’t dress herself, she never could.

  17. facts

    She’s no more chunky than Elisha Cuthbert and her legs have better tone. Not that you could tell from the comments.

  18. Gweb

    @ #12 – You’re so full of shit. You choked your chicken to Brit Brit in 2000 every chance you got. You’d of given your left nut to have her piss in your face, douchebag.

  19. andy7171

    she is hot as balls in that light blue boxer get up!

  20. Urbanspaceman

    So where are the pictures of Britney going commando again? The Sun has them but censored.

  21. Sport

    Balls are hot?
    Shit. When did this happen?

  22. pic 6 (edit): Go ahead Brit, you’ll fill it out later.

  23. oh i know

    @#4 ~ hahaha! I agree, BUT pic# 18, with the “Hamburger Haven” sign hovering over Brits’ head is a classic…..

  24. missywissy

    Everytime there’s a picture of her “shoppping” it looks as if somebody said “we’re stopping at the nearest store and you are going to put something on. I’m not going anywhere with you looking like that”.

    Btw, I hope this is her new boyfriend. he’s actually a looker.. Good for you brit, now get your shit together!

  25. Vas Deferens

    @ #18: you are incorrect. Back in 2000 I was whacking it to Milla Jovovich. Britney was for all of the losers that did not know trailer trash from a hole in the wall. Apparently, from your reaction, that loser was somebody like yourself. But, if you want, I will piss in YOUR face…

  26. Vas Deferens

    Is it just me or is she starting to look like Courtney Love?

  27. Savalas

    Re: The saddest thing you will ever see in your life.

    Swing baby. You’re platinum!

  28. Parker

    My dick is gonna rot off for this but…I want to fuck her ass!
    *scratches boil ridden cock and waves off flies*

  29. aury

    LMAO… oh my God… the headline just goes w/ the photo. i think i almost pissed myself laughing. thanks for that.

  30. Jon

    She probably does look like Courtney Love because that’s another woman that is unattractive.

    You would think the first rule of being a pop star would be to be attractive. Especially one that doesn’t have other talents like singing live or writing music.

  31. justifiable

    #20 I wonder if tthey’ve blocked out something that wasn’t there to be seen in the first place – just like the Fish putting a pink star over Lady Gaga’s lined panties.

  32. Jon

    12 – She was hot in 2000.

  33. Sardonic

    Bozo, Krusty, Britney

  34. chuck

    She give white trash a bad name

  35. bar room hero


  36. brilliant

    It has been so long since I laughed at a post title…thank you for bringing back to love.

  37. She’s not fat, but she still looks like a frazzled crazy person.. Why do her friends let her go out like that?! She’s shopping in a nice place in a wife beater and pajama shorts with shoes that look like they’re from the 90s. GOD! Her fashion sense infuriates me, and can someone do SOMETHING about her hair! Wtf.. I’m angry she’s so rich and looks more broke than I am.

  38. girl

    Interesting to know how many of you like thick legged girls. I’ll be sure to inform the masses. Yeah, she needs a stylist. Those shoes aren’t helping her stump legged cause. But more importantly: What the fuck is up with her hair? Seriously… did she get it stuck in a door a’la Sixteen Candles and one of her drunken friends had to cut it with a bread knife? So bad.

  39. Roxi

    her hair is horrendous, wearing red lipstick just because its a big NO, NO, shes dresses like a trailer trash woman all the time, im not surprised at all and on the other hand the bodyguard is HOT!

  40. OOps She Shidit again....yay!

    I love how the lady in the background is amused. Like like she’s babysitting a downs syndrome adult that chose to use the potty instead of crapping themselves. Look at the table Brit-Brit…You’ve got Mail!

  41. cc

    So that’s where my boxers are. I wish she wouldn’t steal things out of people’s luggage.

  42. Gweb

    @ Vas Deferens – AHHHHH….so pissing in guys’ faces is what gets you hard, eh? That would explain why you didn’t think Brit was hot 10 years ago, even though the whole fucking world knew that she was.

    I’ll pass on your generous offer to piss in my face (even though I know you have a throbbing boner just thinking about it) and stick to formerly hot, FEMALE white trash, if it’s all the same to you.

    However, if gay watersports is your thing (and with a name like Vas Deferens, how could it not be, right?), here’s a link you can go rub one out to: http://www.usapiss.com/.

    Have fun, freak!

  43. scott

    #34, sorry she’s soiled your classification. People can point, laugh, and throw rocks at her all they want, facts are: Shes seen more, done more, made more money than everyone in here combined, lived a life none of us ever will come close to and would, in all likely hood, sell our soul to have

  44. my life on the ROUGH list

    Let me guess the rumor started in the Poconos? Well, knowing brit brit’s track record with the hired help… Wont dispute it…

  45. Tek

    …. she’s wearing a bra. That’s a good thing, right? Oh nevermind, I just noticed the rest of her.

  46. so what

    uh whats the problem? at least her body isn’t riddled with cellulite like elisha cuthbert – and everyone here thought that bitch looked amazing

  47. Anne Boolean

    That’s not Beverly Hills. She’s in WeHo, by the Abbey.

    Yeah, that is one sad photo in the muumuu and skanked-up hair.

  48. snot

    Love the “Hamburger Haven” sign in the background of a couple of the pics.

  49. JW

    You know, I just can’t hate this girl. It’s like kicking a guy in the knees who’s on crutches. It just seems totally unfair. I mean, she’s being…herself. Kind of refreshing, actually. Like Corky from Life Goes On.

  50. JLO

    hahaha look at pic # 10

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