Bertney’s X-Factor Rider Demands Chick’n, Soder Pop And That There Tater Salad She Likes 24/7

Despite being a ward of the state, Britney Spears is getting $15 million to judge X-Factor but that don’t mean a girl can’t ask for some chicken and potato salad delivered to her dressing room in the mornin’. So here’s her official X-Factor rider which surprisingly includes diet soda, so just assume her dad added that one. “Alright, Britney, now I let the chicken, ‘tato salad, Doritos and Snickers slide, but dangnabbit, you ain’t drinkin’ no sugah water.” Via Contactmusic:

The ‘Toxic’ singer – who has signed a $15 million deal to join the panel of the US version of the show alongside Demi Lovato – has made a number of backstage demands, including six cases of Diet Coke containing 24 cans, which must be replenished every week.
She also wants 10 snack size bags of Doritos for her and her team a day, 12 vases of magnolia blossoms in her dressing room, 10 pieces of chicken and four pints of potato salad every week.
According to LOOK magazine, Britney – who is engaged to Jason Trawick – also requires a beauty team which includes a personal manicurist, a facialist and a massage therapist.

I’ll take a shot in the dark here and say the manicurist, facialist and massage therapist are mostly there to mash everything together in a bowl, but there’s no way this can be good for the show. Just no way.

SIMON: Well, I thought that was absolutely dreadful. Britney, what’d you think? … Britney?
BRITNEY: *still sitting on the floor of dressing room* What’s that Mr. Cool Ranch? Y’all wants me to dip you in tater salad? You’re the boss! Eerrrrrooooowwwwwwww….

Photo: Getty, INFdaily, Splash News