This New Video Almost Makes It Look Like Britney Spears Knows She’s In It. Almost.

November 29th, 2012 // 58 Comments
Britney Spears Scream Shout
WATCH: - 'Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears'
Britney Spears Jay Leno
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Here’s Britney Spears starring in‘s new video for “Scream & Shout” and by starring I mean they managed to get her to say ten words before giving up and literally just used some British chick to say the rest. It’s like her people only signed on provided she didn’t have to move below the waist or do anything more choreographed then wave her arms around and even that probably involved tense negotiations.

“So what can she do?”
“How do I put this… We’re not guaranteeing she won’t eat her outfit.”
“But I still get to wear the King hat, right?!”
Shut up, Will.


  1. Oh, Britney. I wonder if she was ever a real person, or if she is just a robot controlled by her family and enablers.

  2. Rachel

    can someone please explain why she sings in a british accent??????

  3. cc

    Oh look, it’s a novelty song featuring waxed fruit singing.

  4. USDA Prime McBeef

    still would though.

  5. theoriginal LJ

    Wow, that sucked.

  6. Nina


  7. Make fun of Britney all you want, but she’s still raking it in… and unlike many tools in the music biz, she doesn’t seem like a diva jerk. I will always love this girl!

    • Crissy

      Oh wow, so typical of Britney fans!

      Let me guess, you are a 30-something fat late-bloomer with no friends, who still has posters of Britney on the wall of the bedroom you live in your mom’s house, with pink walls that you refuse to paint any other color because childhood was the only time that was good to you and then you got stuck in THAT awkward phase everyone goes through, FOREVER…

      • Deacon Jones

        uhhhh…I’m a 30 something

      • Crissy

        Deacon, so am I, stay with me here, focus. It’s not about being 30-something…

      • Average Bodied and Proud

        Okay well I am not yet 30 with a great figure, lots of friends, and my own home nowhere near my mother’s house. Pink will always be my favorite color and I still love Britney. Chill the F out Chrissy. Just cause you don’t like her doesn’t mean no one else can.

      • Average Bodied and Proud

        And clearly the post doesn’t have the same effect with a user name of “Average Bodied” … but this was an old name before spending my summer working out and getting fit. Thought I’d post the disclaimer before people start their ridicule. Cause it will happen.

      • Crissy

        And BTW, a gazilion people are AVERAGE… Nothing to be proud about. Only those you excel can be proud. You, you are delusional.

      • Mike "Hard Bodied and Fully Erect" Walker

        Old name? You know you can use any name you want, right?

      • Average Bodied and Proud

        Yes I do know that. This name was just still entered in there and I forgot to change it.

      • Damn, Crissy- Parts of that are correct- the poster and living with mom part, but I’m in my 20′s and I’m definitely in shape and regarded by many to be awesome… Calm the f*** down!

      • Sierra

        Wow, Crissy has some serious insecurties. I’m 25, have my masters, run marathons, haven’t lived at home since i was 18, fucking hate the color pink, don’t own a poster, and STILL happen to be a Britney Spears fan. Let’s quit judging, eh?

      • Mud

        OMG a masters AND you run marathons? NEAT! I tell vulgar jokes and can stick my entire fist in my mouth. You’re not special. Way to throw out credentials and then say don’t judge. WhateveRR.

    • EricLr

      She’s not a diva because she’s so drugged-up and brain-fried that she barely knows where she is most of the time

      • Crissy

        oh damn! My bad! Gotta eat my words. I just played this non-sense and I actually enjoyed and will probably be dancing to this garbage! Fuck, I’ve been brainwashed! Gahhhhhh!

  8. Moo Cow Hunter

    She’s starting to remind me of a dog. You tell it to roll over and it does it. But in her eyes you can see she has no clue what she just did or why.

  9. Otis Sprewell

    Lights are on and nobody home? maybe I can score some white trim!

  10. Deacon Jones

    Wow, I’m going to go out on a limb her and assume he wanted her to talk throughout the song, but it was so bad he got that British woman dubbed over it.

    Is that steaming log labeled with a “B” midway through the video an artistic expression of “She blows”?

    As much as I hate everything about Will.I.Am. from trying to hard to the fact that he using frigging autotone every time he sings, I would actually be dancing to this in a club, with two mixed drinks in my hand of course.

  11. mikey

    I like when they blow up that over priced Beats speaker lol

  12. doni

    That was dog shit and everyone knows it. Yes, Britney Spears still makes a lot of money, but money is no measurement of talent, Have you heard of Snooki or Kim Kardashian? Yessh…

  13. god. what soulless shit.

  14. galt

    My 4 year old could have wrote better lyrics to that steaming pile a shit…

  15. Jeckaled

    Well there was my lol for the day….

  16. Cock Dr

    OK, that wasn’t the worst video ever.
    But it continues to amaze me how plumper and head case Britney Spears, who can’t sing, can’t dance, whose former talent was looking insanely hot while writhing around in skimpy outfits, continues to have staying power in the entertainment industry. It is a credit to her father and agent aka “the Handlers” that she still makes a load of dough for tripe like this.
    I’m guessing that they pour the meds into her and lay a trail to the recording studio with chicken wings and Starbucks.

  17. Average Bodied and Proud

    Crissy you seem like a piece of work. Before you fly off the handle calling me delusional maybe you should read all the comments. It’s an old name.

  18. I made it to 1:20 before I lost interest.

  19. AnnaD.

    This is what passes for music nowadays? I skipped through the video because I could feel my brain cells dying.

  20. poopy

    the blatant product placement wasnt blatant enough

  21. SS109 STOP PLEASE!! You are not as talented as you think you are

  22. Chris

    I don’t get what is supposed to be so cutting edge about a guy that rhymes shout with out and writes derivative lyrics containing a total distinct word count of 15.

  23. lori

    What passes for talent nowadays…

  24. tlmck

    They call this music, and yet not a single note was played on a musical instrument, nor was a single note sung.

  25. Randi

    First, if you have have big ears (ahem.. BRITNEY) you should never wear your hair like that.

    Second, such profound lyrics. Will.I.Am… Talented.You’re.Not.

  26. El Jefe

    God I feel bad for her, she just does not seem like a real person. I won’t be surprised if she just decides to end it all one day because she hates her life. No freedom, no real personality, nothing. Just a shell of a human being.

  27. I know he never was into existentialist sympho-rock, but seriously – is he actively trying to sound stupid?

  28. gigi

    why’s everybody talking about ‘talent’ & getting all personal with who’s doing what? it’s about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY & MORE MONEY. There’s no such thing as talent any longer. So go ahead & keep feeding these people with your attention & time, and forever perpetuate our downwards spiral….

  29. The Royal Penis

    Three letters:

    L. O. L.

    That about somes up this video and life.

  30. Lissa

    Does it really matter that they have Brittney singing British in part of it? Seems fine to me considering the whole thing is a rip off of other songs anyways. I can’t stand that people think that Will.I.Am is some kind of genius for just changing up the beat and mixing 3-4 previous songs together. He is a total rip off artist.

  31. BSName

    So little of what you see in this video is derived from the talents of and Britney Spears.

  32. Jesus Christ

    What’s up with her Nazi accent?

    “All eyes on aws. All eyes on aws.”

    Good God.

  33. Skeeter

    I don’t care what anyone says. I would still eat and bang Britney’s butt.

  34. Queen of the Harpies

    Saying this very quietly…Iiked it, I’ll dance to it : ( …Goes and hides

  35. Ben

    Listen to Skepta’s song “Rolex Sweep” total rip off.

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