Britney Spears Wanted To Be a Lawyer

Britney Spears appears in the newest issue of OUT where she answers a series of questions ranging from her favorite way to relax to the worst advice record producers ever gave her. I posted some choice answers below which I should point out were all answered over e-mail (Read: By a publicist.) and explains how Britney understood such concepts as reincarnation and more impressively, her own name:

Assuming reincarnation exists, in a previous life I think I was…
Audrey Hepburn, because she was a trend setter.

Assuming reincarnation exists, in my next life I’d life to be…
A bird, so I can fly.

My idea of hell is…
Being on a diet.

If you hadn’t become a superstar, what career do you think you would have chosen?
I was in seventh grade and it was career day and I remember thinking that I wanted to be an entertainment lawyer. I always knew I would be in this business somehow. I think this path worked out way better.

What is the best advice you’ve gotten and who was it from?
My mom said when you have a bad day, eat ice cream. That’s the best advice.

Lady Gaga is…

Christina Aguilera is…
Truly talented.

Britney Spears is…

WHEEE!! *clap clap clap clap* (Sorry. Just trying to recreate the scene.)

Photos: OUT