Britney Spears Walked Off X Factor Already

With a dressing room stocked full of fried chicken, tater salad and all the Doritos a girl can eat hanging in the balance, you’d just assume Britney Spears would take her first day as an X Factor judge very seriously. (You keep saying she’s also getting paid $15 million like that means something. I don’t get it.) Instead she walked off in the middle of an audition which is exactly why Simon banned candy wrappers from being on set. “She can bloody smell them, you twits!” TMZ reports:

Britney Spears walked off the set of “X Factor” moments ago … and according to several people in the audience, she was upset after a contestant butchered her song, “Hold It Against Me.”
Britney did not come back immediately … and four contestants auditioned in front of the remaining judges … and an empty seat.

Ha! I like how they pretended she can recognize her own songs. But, seriously, how the hell did they expect this to go down? You’re dealing with a woman has a set routine every afternoon of chocolate milk, one episode of SpongeBob (Two if she doesn’t let her kids play with the garbage disposal again.) then naptime. You interrupt that schedule and you might as well forget getting her to sit still during dinner. That’s your funeral, bub.

Photos: Splash News