Britney Spears’ Trainer Made Her Go On A Diet. Guess Who Just Got Fired.

Britney Spears has reportedly fired her trainer Derek DeGrazio because he made her eat nutritious foods in moderate portions, so torture basically. She fired him for torture. InTouch reports:

“It was amicable,” says an insider to In Touch. Britney, 30, doesn’t want to worry about every single thing that goes into her mouth anymore. “She knows Jason loves her no matter what and he has encouraged her not to stress about it.”

Understandably, Derek wasn’t too broken up about getting the boot because apparently he felt Britney was making him “look bad” which makes a whole lot of sense. It’s kind of hard to be taken seriously as a professional trainer when your biggest client is a jiggling mongoloid constantly touring the globe. Poor bastard probably goes home and lies to his parents every holiday. “Training Britney Spears? Ha! You two and your stories. But, for real, I still work at Kinko’s.”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News