Bertney And The Belly

Bertney And The Belly
An Early Reader Adventure

Bertney knew she wasn’t supposed to leave the dance studio without covering her belly up, but the ice cream truck was right outside.
“If people see your belly, they wouldn’t believe you’re a dancer, and then we can’t go on tours anymore,” Papa had warned her.
Bertney liked being with the other dancers. They played dress up and had sleepovers and one dancer even put two babies in her belly that she gets to watch cartoons with. Bertney loves cartoons. But sometimes the baby boys would call Bertney “Mama.”
“Silly babies,” Bertney would tell them. “Only grow’d ups can be mamas.”
Then they would laugh and laugh until the boys went to their other home the nice judge at the courthouse said they had to live in. Bertney wished she had two homes to live in.
“Two kitchens means two fridge-a-rators with TWO times the ice cream!” Bertney would tell Papa while he tucked her in and checked for monsters under the bed.
“I suppose it would,” he’d always say with a smile.

The End

Photos: Pacific Coast News