Britney Spears’ Parents Got Back Together

“Mama Papa gon’ be a family ag’in!” People root toot doodly:

“They are back together and are doing well and happy,” a source tells PEOPLE. “[They’re] not remarried but back together.”
The couple, who divorced in 2002, were looking friendly on Saturday at Los Angeles lounge Boudoir. Onlookers at the lounge spotted Lynne and Jamie cheering and dancing as DJ Mr. Best spun Britney’s hits, like “Toxic” and “Gimme More.”

While this gives hope that one day Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus can wash the Bret Michaels off and start anew, does anyone else find it tacky that Jaime and Lynne were dancing to music that made them rich at the expense of their daugther’s sanity? Don’t get me wrong, I understand raising a child with special needs is hard and would never begrudge anyone in that situation a rare opportunity to cut loose. But, c’mon, this is like Corky’s parents popping open a bottle of champagne and yelling, “Extra chromosome gonna make it rain, bitches! Holla!” — Jamie and Lynne did that, too, didn’t they? Of course.

Photos: Fame, Flynet