Bertney Stopped Wearin’ Her ‘Gagement Ring!

A few weeks ago, Jason Trawick finally figured out Jamie Spears tricked him and getting engaged to Britney wasn’t going to be the cash cow he envisioned, although she does sometimes eat grass if left unattended. Anyway, cut to yesterday where Britney showed up to her conservatorship hearing without her engagement ring which she normally has on (above). E! News reports:

Wearing a cute peach knee-length top with the sleeves rolled and tan heels, Spears drank a bottle of water as she waited for attorneys to arrive. However, several at the courthouse noticed she was not wearing the 4-carat round Neil Lane diamond given to her by her fiancé (and co-conservator) Jason Trawick when the two got engaged last December.

I like how Britney Spears is at a hearing to make sure a grown-up’s always in the room with her, yet people are wondering why a small, easy-to-swallow object is missing from her finger. K-Fed knows what I’m saying.

“Just like our honeymoon.”

See? Just like their honeymoon.

“It’ll work it’s way out.”

And it’ll work it’s way out.

“Might have to give her some apple juice though.”

Dude, I think we got it.

“Or Wendy’s. Wendy’s never sat right with her.”


Photos: INFdaily, Splash News