Britney Spears Won That Mannequin Challenge Thing

Here’s Britney Spears doing the Mannequin Challenge, or as I like to call it, the Anthony Hopkins Just Walked In The Room And You’re A Wild West Sex Robot Challenge because I live in a nerd cage of loneliness. Anyway, this is clearly the most impressive video yet because if any of you have ever spent time with a toddler, or in this case, someone who shares their mental capacity, then you know that it’s next to impossible to get them to stay still. This is basically a miracle of Biblical proportions. If a guy in sandals stood up at the end of this and went, “I made this happen with my magic!” I’d punch him in the hippie mouth for letting Trump happen. You wasted your time on a hashtag trend? I’LL KILL YOU, YOU HANDSOME, WHITE, KENNY LOGGINS-LOOKING PERSON! (To answer your question, yes, this is going to keep happening for a while.)

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Photo: Getty