Britney Spears Made A Marilyn Manson Video

November 16th, 2011 // 84 Comments

I’ve never been to one of Britney Spears‘ concerts before, mostly because on Tuesdays a bus full of mentally handicapped people goes to the mall and I can’t see how the two would be much different. Except it turns out I’m half wrong because apparently Britney writhes around to Marilyn Manson‘s “Sweet Dreams” onstage, and now there’s a video for it where, no joke, she’s never on screen for more than a second at a time. I guess the key is to cut away quick or else the illusion of an Eyes Wide Shut orgy is shattered by the appearance of curly fries. Her dad warned them not to film near an Arby’s, but nooooo, the director’s an “artiste.”

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  1. Clarence Beeks

    Ever since I have seen her fat and walking into public bathrooms barefoot, I will never be able to see Britney as sexy again.

    She also lost her looks, she is not pretty to me anymore.

    • She looks Great to me.
      She is Dirty Sexy, just the way I like a women.

      • Clarence Beeks

        remember that is filmed through filters. We see her in candids almost every day. She lost her looks.

        Must suck to peak at 22.

    • Randal

      With each year, Britney continues to push the envelope to take a step further than she ever has. In this latest installment, she shows her fans how good she still looks, swaying her hips and singing along with that sexy pout. Still a hit, always a hit.


    • Serious?

      You seem to be very self-centered. I’m pretty sure yer not that good looking lol
      And no, not a fan of her. But for someone that went through the shit she’s gone through…She looks damn good.

      • Clarence Beeks

        You can think whatever you want, Serious. I don’t care. Beauty is PERSONAL taste, and I think she used to be very pretty. Some women improve with age Julianne Moore, Cindy Crawford, for example. Some lose their looks- Mischa Barton and Britney for example.

        Randal, you are a Lindsay Lohan fan. enough said.

      • TomFrank

        I can’t speak for Clarence’s looks—mostly because I think she looks like Paul Gleason. But she didn’t build her career out of her looks and body image. Britney, however, did. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

      • Clarence Beeks

        Once again, TomFrank, I fucking love you. Are on FB? One of these days, we will have to reveal ourselves on a Superfical post there! :)

  2. Are you sure that is Brittany Spears? When was this video made?

  3. Gilmore Girl

    Ummm…. why? This song is old, and it’s not like Britney is doing a cover of a cover. What is the point of the video?

  4. Mau

    I think she might be lip syncing… not… sure

  5. Natwee

    1:06: NIPPLE!!

  6. susieleigh

    to be fair, its the best thing she’s done in years

    • Cock Dr

      That’s because of the tight corset and dark shadows.
      She should do all of her appearances down in a coal mine with that soft midrift covered up and cinched in tight.

      • TomFrank

        You left out the part where she’s not squeezing her ass into something meshy and three sizes too small here.

  7. Richard McBeef

    not sure if writhing is super hot or just kinda creepy or both.

  8. MJB

    Marilyn Manson’s cover version of “Sweet Dreams” sucks. Give me the original with Annie Lennox singing.
    I love how Britney could never sing to begin with. Now, she can’t even dance. Unless, dancing consists of just sitting around shaking your head.
    Well, Britney has some shrewd business people propping her career up. She’s a crazy, stupid, talentless trashy woman with 2 kids still working the nympho Lolita angle making a ton of money.
    God bless America.

    • stratacat

      quit gettin all jelly, madonna.

    • cc

      Never underestimate the power of marketing. Let’s face it, the equation used to be talent + marketing = success…now it’s marketing = success.

    • occam's boner

      Indeed. There are many many piggies sucking those droopy teats dry…she has been used and abused fo sho

    • Drew

      His ORIGINAL cover of Sweet Dreams was very well done… this version on the other hand, is horrible. It’s sped up, rearranged, and he gave it that annoying “techno beat”. To each their own.

      Then again, I’m going to assume that “MJB” stands for Mary J Blige, which implies you have absolutely no musical taste anyway.

      • Manson flat out blows!

      • Brooke

        Drew is right, the original over was better. I like both the original song AND Manson’s cove, but this is a remix or something. With the slower tempo it wasvery haunting, but this is… Meh. Sped up for hip thrusting.

    • TomFrank

      This is what I like to see. Someone saying, “give me the original that came out before I was born,” not someone who only knows and cherishes the stuff that came out in her own lifetime.

      MJB…what are you doing this weekend? *grin*

    • kimmykimkim

      Oh my God, thank you MJB! Marilyn Manson licks dick and is a scrotum. I like the Eurythmics (sp?) version better too. And don’t even get me started on Britney Spears. Bitch doesn’t even try! Oh yeah, you are a musician, right? Or a singer or something? I need to setup a publishable (yeah, that’s a word) email address and give it to u here because I’d love to hear you if you have any demos. I too am a musician but I don’t have any recent demos…yet.

      • MJB

        @kimmykimkim: Girl, you’re a musician? Are you in a band or solo? We should exchange info.
        Yeah, I’m an actress/singer. I don’t have any recent stuff either. I worked with other people and it’s best I do stuff on my own now.
        @TomFrank: That’s a pet peeve of mine: people who don’t know or appreciate popular culture from before their time.
        Gee, what you got in mind? ;) Hey, where are my heels? LOL
        @Drew: Yes,to each their own but Annie Lennox with her incredible voice came out with some amazing post-punk stuff back in the day with Dave Stewart. MM can’t come close.
        Btw, MJB are my initials and, no, my name is not Mary Jane. LOL
        If you ever come across an actress/singer with curly black hair from NYC with those initials, c’est moi!

      • kimmykimkim

        @MJB: Oui, oui, ma chérie! I’m solo, been in a lot of bands growing up in high school and whatnot. But I prefer being on my own though. For now anyway. And I have trouble getting behind a lot of the new music these days. The only current people I really like are GaGa (she wasn’t shoved in my face like with most people) Florence + the machine and Adele. Having trouble with the new Flo album though. I like for an album to really, you know, grab me and fondle me and the new Flo is barely even trying to cup my boob, ya know what I mean? I need to give it a few more listens. Anyway, I’ll set up an email I can share here and next time I see ya here, I’ll give to u! You have a sexy day!

      • MJB

        @kimmykimkim: I hear you about not being able to get behind the current scene. My influences are synthpop and industrial. I love NIN and lots of obscure British & German bands. I’m getting ready to go out now and I’m listening to IAMX. Check him out on Youtube. I LOVE the song “Nightlife.” It puts me in the mood.
        I hear you about wanting music to “grab” you—right in the crotch!

  9. The left boob looks like a giant nose wearing a blond toupee.

  10. not about to watch that weirdfest. besides taylor momsen did that outfit better in her video oh and im sure sounds a lot livlier

  11. Britney Spears Marily Manson Video
    Commented on this photo:

    Um, what the hell is that thing dangling over her right shoulder in the background?

  12. I think I’d rather see Gaga with a pink sperm hat on.

  13. Alex

    What the hell was that???? I dont’ get it. What’s the point? Her time has come and gone such a long time ago.

  14. Oh my god. Where are the conservators? Why are they letting her parade around like a porn star? Oh yes, the God Almighty $$$$.

  15. krunchyfrog

    My sweet dreams haven’t been made of her since 1999.

  16. mrsmass

    was that suppose to be sexy? haven’t we seen this before anyway? in every video she does she’s writing around naked or half naked. kinda gets a bit old.

  17. Archies_Leach

    Ever since she became of age she’s not desirable anymore.

  18. Jennifer

    This is super old… It was shown on the big screen between songs in 2009 for her Circus tour

  19. anya

    Shame she’s not pretty anymore.

  20. Loonesta

    Britney’s own take on “Sweet Dreams” (entitled “Everybody”) is among the 52 or so tracks done for “Blackout” that were eventually discarded. It’s available tho’.

  21. Mandy

    I love you Fish, but this is ooollld news. This is from her Circus tour, which was 2 (or more?) years ago. It was a video on the screens while she was in costume change. Britney even tweeted this video a few hours ago, saying “Haven’t seen this video in soooo long. My dancers & I shot it in under 2 hours a few weeks b4 the Circus tour. LOVE IT!”.

  22. rxpracer22

    Well… at least she has hair…

  23. Layer

    Btw. if you’re looking into getting in the industry of “Perez-Hilton-Wannabe-Newsreporter-Slandering-Name-Of-Inoccent-People-Who-You-Privatly-Love-More-Than-Your-Own-Mama” then at least try to find out the facts on time :P

  24. dee cee

    I’m thinking Justin has 50 copies now.. just in case Biel accidentally ruins 49 of them..

  25. Brooke

    This is the sexiest video she’s done in years, but it gets a bit repetitive. But for a costume change video, I guess it’s funsies?

  26. Arzach

    Have her done that when she was 20 should have been a hit

  27. Michaela

    Yeah, this is old! Confused as to how Superficial has only just discovered it!

  28. locknload

    I really like it, it’s pretty hot. Then again I’m a girl

    Soooo where are the Skarsgaard posts?

  29. Terry

    Look, when Brit gets her body on point and wears lots of makeup she is hot. But in real life the woman is ordinary. She is now 30 and even though she is in her prime she ain’t 17. She’ll gain weight easier than before. But she does come across as nice. I’d hit.

  30. Britney Spears is probably the only person who has screwed up heavily in the past and was given a second chance. Hell, not even Michael Jackson got a second chance with his last albums. The thing about Britney is that everyone think they know her, all because they saw her grow up and old..And, Britney knows that and seems to appreciate her fans. It’s a win-win for both..

  31. Donald Trump

    What a no-talent bitch.

  32. LDM

    I dont get it. Its her wiggling around in a skimpy costume to a crappy remix of an otherwise decent Manson song whilst a bunch of people touch eachother. If shes trying to appeal to mask fetishist or people who enjoy ruining other peoples songs I think she’s pretty much done it.
    She’s a failure who needs to understand that shes already reached the peak of her career and it can only go downhill (again). Honestly, some people.

  33. maxine

    Britney is beautiful and more talented and rich than u will ever be. So fuck u

  34. ally

    theme song of her childhood


    SHE IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. juniper

    People who think she has lost her looks perhaps should try finding WOMEN attractive instead of just GIRLS!!

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