Britney Spears Made $500K From Product Placement

February 22nd, 2011 // 51 Comments

When Britney Spears‘ new video for “Hold It Against Me” debuted last week, virtually everyone noticed the insane amount of product placement. Including Britney herself who was reportedly angered at the lack of French fry endorsements. “Y’all mean I just got money? How’m I suppose to dip that in sweet n’ sour sauce? Don’t mean I ain’t gonna try, but gotdamn…” TMZ reports:

Spears netted a cool $500,000 for various product placements in her “Hold It Against Me” video.
We’re told the dating site, one of several companies featured in the vid, forked over six figures to feature their site on Brit’s computer during the vid and saw immediate results … a 20% spike in traffic the day after the video premiered.

Is it wrong that I equate Britney Spears being a millionaire with a retarded man having a giant penis? No, really, think about it. They both have something people go their whole life wishing they had, but they have absolutely no idea what to do with it. Which is why I’m amazed companies are even paying her money at this point. I’d just show up with a cardboard box and some wooden spoons.


  1. I love Brit and I’m so glad to see her getting herself back together. Go Britney!!

    • babooda

      Uhhh? Did you watch the same video as the rest of the world? This is a long playing commercial, nothing more and nothing less. It is a good thing that Brit-Brit made that much money of the product placement because the video won’t be making her any great amount of money!
      She, Lady CaCa, Madonna and Xtina should all just go away…far, far away where there isn’t any Internet or other media for them to communicate with humanity…somewhere like, say, Pluto!

      • Yes I watched it, as a matter of fact I saw it on HERE. Yeah it sucked ass, I don’t care…as I said I’m just glad to see her getting herself BACK TOGETHER.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I love a lot of Britney’s stuff, but she is NOT getting it back together. This song sucks, the video is dumb, and they can’t even make her look pretty anymore. It is sad that she isn’t even 30, and peaked at 22.

    • IntelligentAsFellasGet

      Trailer park trash. She’s just nasty.

  2. The problem with this is even if you’re rich, the Taco Bell $.99 menu is still just $.99…this is a recipe for a lethal dose of Cruncy 5 Layer Burrito.

    • Bucky Barnes

      Taco Bell employees refer to it as the $99 menu whenever Britney show up. Shockingly, she hasn’t yet caught on to their little joke.

    • babooda

      With the money she made from this video, she could by 100,000/$5 Dinner Boxes at TB and have a whole lot of variety in her food plus Pepsi to drink!

      • 100,000 of the same thing is not variety. But Brittney has the object permanence of a pre-toddler, so she forgets things exist if the can’t see them, therefore when one Bacon Club Chalupa is eaten, the next one is like a shiny new thing she’s never seen before.

  3. gogo


    • babooda

      Yeah……”First Idiot of The Superficial”! You should change your screen name to Gone Gone and then be what it says!

      • Vivian

        The “first idiot of superficial thing” was clever but the rest wasn’t. You disappointed me…

  4. Bucky Barnes

    As a retarded man with a giant penis I resent the slanderous implication of this post. I know exactly what to do with it, which is stand on the roof of my car and shake it angrily at people in other vehicles. I’m just lucky my dog has gotten to be such a good driver

  5. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    Sales in “special needs” Umpa-Lumpas alone went up 300%.

  6. slappy magoo

    The whole video made me feel dirty and itchy. You’d think a plug for Vagisil would be a no-brainer. But then again, no-brainers are Final Jeopardy-against-Watson HARD y’all! for Brit Brit.

  7. Rebecca

    $500 Million… now I have to watch the video and see who these shmucks are

  8. what an unequivocal WHORE

  9. jojo

    I wonder how much she got for the orange Doritos stains she has on her fingers.

  10. “Hold it against me”
    And the penis joke writes itself…..

  11. southern belle-ish

    sooo, I’m surprised Gerber didn’t get in on this.

  12. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    Crabs do jump…

  13. Mandy

    I do give her props for not putting the product placements in the TV version of the video. They’re only on the Youtube version. Regardless, product placement is nothing new in videos. Britney just gets paid a lot more.

    • maybe if she runs a ticker on the bottom for prozac she can get a break on her meds

    • babooda

      I am willing to bet she had nothing to do with the content of the TV version of the video, except appearing in it! The broadcasters and producers of the video probably had the final say on the inclusion of the product placement. If certain things were in the video and the proper fees weren’t paid for the broadcasting of those items, it could have violated some contractual clauses.
      Then there is the fact that Britney was too busy scarfing up all those 99 cent tacos from TB to care what is in the video, just so long as she had enough money to buy more tacos!

  14. Britney Spears
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    Open your mouth bitch, so I can stick my dick in biatch!

  15. Averil

    Check out her face at the 2min45sec mark during the vid…

  16. Harriscandoit

    Product placement in music videos should not happen but at least she is not pimping out her own brands like Avril in her new video. That chick has no shame, starting up the vid in her under ware so she has our attention to whore out her perfume. That’s just the first 30 seconds!

  17. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that the emergency bra?

  18. blahblah

    those were real products? I honestly thought it must somehow be a parody– making fun of how celebs subtly endorse products… woof. not so subtle. that is outrageous

  19. Queequeg

    How old is she now?

    What, 40 maybe?

    A little old for this now.

  20. brit

    Additionally, she had to compensate the bra company $100K for desecrating their product.

  21. Drew

    With the site layout that hasn’t been updated in 10 year, and inundated with annoying and ugly advertisements (mostly for sex sites), it’s no surprise PoF has the money to toss in the garbage.

    And I find it cute that people think product placements is something new to freak out about. It’s been happening for decades, they are just less subtle about it now.

  22. McCock

    I don’t care, I’d still eat the peanuts out of her shit and then floss with her ass hairs.

    • Cock Dr

      Yes, but the true test of fandom is: will you buy her songs & pay big $ to watch her lip synch at your nearest concert venue?

  23. Britney Spears
    Commented on this photo:

    “Sorry Kevin, you’ll have to hold it until the video’s over.”

  24. Oh. I see some are still playing the game that she’s a credible “singer.” Okay.

  25. cc

    People still watch her videos? WHO?

  26. aretha

    tell me: WHAT IS A “Dollar” WORTH TODAY?
    ……………remember Ronald Reagan, folks?

  27. Nero

    How a nobel product like a parfum does get stained within seconds. Folks?!

  28. Jovy

    She looks like a bison. I mean her face. Something about it.

  29. Glad Im not you

    You guys are lame (by “guys” I mean the goons making comments). Not even any good jokes, just lame chatter about how much better you all are. The jokes are all so old and tired that Britney tired old ass looks fresh and new in comparison… :(

  30. Glad Im not you


  31. LAprincess2011

    $500K… not too shabby. But I didn’t like the video at all… the wedding dress she was wearing was horrendous! Brit needs a new stylist (that’s if she even has one) and a new glam crew ASAP!

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