Britney Spears: ‘Kiss Mah Grits’

“Radiance.” Riiight.

In a textbook example of how not to handle a celebrity client with special needs, Britney Spears was actually allowed near her Twitter account this evening where she left a very special message for Star and RadarOnline (above) after the two collaborated on the fake audio recordings of Britney calling her husband of 55 hours Jason Alexander to accuse Jason Trawick of beating her. In fact, like idiots, Radar is still touting them as real as of this afternoon, which is more than likely what prompted Britney to lash out. Or at least attempt to because there’s no way she didn’t spend the majority of the time smashing a carrot into the keyboard until a publicist stepped in.

PUBLICIST: Why a carrot, Britney?
BRITNEY: Veg’ables make mah face mad. RRRRR!

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Photo: Twitter