Britney Spears: ‘Kiss Mah Grits’

December 2nd, 2010 // 74 Comments
Britney Spears Kiss My Ass

“Radiance.” Riiight.

In a textbook example of how not to handle a celebrity client with special needs, Britney Spears was actually allowed near her Twitter account this evening where she left a very special message for Star and RadarOnline (above) after the two collaborated on the fake audio recordings of Britney calling her husband of 55 hours Jason Alexander to accuse Jason Trawick of beating her. In fact, like idiots, Radar is still touting them as real as of this afternoon, which is more than likely what prompted Britney to lash out. Or at least attempt to because there’s no way she didn’t spend the majority of the time smashing a carrot into the keyboard until a publicist stepped in.

PUBLICIST: Why a carrot, Britney?
BRITNEY: Veg’ables make mah face mad. RRRRR!

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Photo: Twitter


  1. Dude

    Leave Costanza out of this!!!

  2. Hugh Gentry

    ya’ll…what a fucking moron. Sorry but the grammar police need to lock you up forever.

    • Rosemary

      Hugh.( and Jaime, (did you misspell that ?)

      .eh sorry but you probably thought this was true about what Britney said..she didn’t actually say that….the article is trying to be funny.
      She was on Twitter last night and she said ” Radar Star and Jason Alexander are liars and they can kiss my lily-white Louisiana ass”
      I was actually on Twitter at the time and read her tweets as she was sending them…….. This journalist/gutter-press-writer literally MADE IT UP to get people to believe more lies; but I hope she SUES this publication, as well.
      PS : She is going to sue Radar, Star Onlineand Jason Alexander in a rare move (she normally doesn’t bother , considering she would have “got married 39 times last year and had 119 babies” if the reports were all true).
      Every day there are about 10,00 articles written about her worldwide and she couldn’t be bothered/wasting her time suing ….but THIS time they will be sorry.
      The moral of the story is: Don’t believe what you read.
      If you want the truth it is easy to find out …thanks to the liberal laws around privacy, stalking, freedom of speech and papparazzi all over the world.
      You can read the truth on her website or one of the hundreds of Briitney websites worldwide…the people who report on them do not need to make up lies, britney is interesting enough without that. She is a huge Icon and she will be written about for the rest of eternity, she is an enigma who inspires people ‘s curiosity like very few before her.People who hate her( or pretend to hate her) cannot help seeking out her videos/news-reports/scandalous-titbits/songs although they say they hate her. Why? you tell me, this is also a mystery ( athough she has sold over 120 million records and her 4 perfumes are the four top -selling perfumes in the world EVERY YEAR, she has written two books and is an accomplished pianist, she has been playing since she was four!!!! She is the top-selling female artist of the past decade. Very few Icons in our times will be remembered, but Britney will ( kinda like Marilyn and elvis)

      • lot lizard

        After reading your litany of dumbass bullshit, I now have a splitting headache and nausea. Thanks, “Rosemary.”

      • Vito

        OK, here I go throwing kerosene on a flame war…

        I totally agree with Rosemary and find her intriguing. The same with Britney. Academically Brit may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she has the “prettiest blade”, so to speak. And for someone who, I’m guessing, didn’t even finish high school, she has certainly made herself into a force to be reckoned with. Hence the banter regarding her life in this very forum.

        OK, well perhaps she’s not as physically attractive ass she one was (although I think she’s hot as hell), but as you move along in life you’ll find that to be a constant in the human comdition.

        In other words, “Haters…fuck all y’all.” I’d kiss her lily white southern Louisiana ass in a fucking heartbeat! The only problem I have with Britney is that she’s never fulfilled MY fantasies — and no, I’m not a teenager. I’m a grandfather.

      • Dread not

        I didn’t know Britney was from Southern Louisiana. Nor was I aware that her ass was lily white. You learn something new on The Superficial everyday.

        And Rosemary, I doubt that Britney has READ two books, and having them read TO you aloud doesn’t count.

        She’s an enigma that inspires peoples curiosity? More like a train wreck waiting to happen and people just want to see the carnage that ensues.

        As for her being in the same company as Elvis and Marilyn? You do realize that both of them died horrible drug related deaths, which means they basically killed themselves, right? And judging by Brit Brit’s psychological profile, you’re probably also aware that your words may turn out to be prophetic.

  3. Ash Bones

    i’d kiss it, and other stuff

  4. she misspelled y’all, seriously? she’s southern, she should know that one!

    • Anon

      Unfortunately, even most southerners misspell y’all. There was actually a restaurant whose slogan was, “Ya’ll down South now!” They had a huge floor mat and signs all over the place. I told the manager about the problem; he didn’t seem to care… They’re out of business now. /grin

    • Melissa

      I think maybe because to them it’s supposed be an contraction for “ya all” instead of “you all”? You know those southerners. ;)

  5. Facebook Me

    Said with such class, like a southern woman would.

    Whatever happened to turning the other cheek bitch?

  6. ava

    Yeah, if your boyfriend was accused of beating you I’m assuming you’d tell the accusers to kiss your ass too. I wasn’t aware one had to be “classy” at times line this. How silly.

    • Vito

      I agree with you, ava…hell, I’d tell them to suck my dick.

      Except if I were a woman in a similar…then I really wouldn’t have a…


  7. BigDaddy

    Y’all are morons. But I do agree with you Ash.

  8. oohlilit

    you tell em girl!!!!

  9. Britney Spears Kiss My Ass
    Commented on this photo:

    shit, this is the boldest thing britney’s ever done! i think it’s hot.

  10. Lady Blah Blah

    Why is Trawick fucking Spears? Here are some relevant facts:

    1. Trawick is Spears’ agent.
    2. Spears probably makes a ton more money that Trawick ever could.
    3. Spears suffered a mental breakdown a la New York Dolls’ style Personality Crisis.
    4. Spears fucked Taliban reject Adnan Ghalib. (“Sorry,” he was told by an Al-Qaeda leader, “but you’re so ugly we can’t even use you as a suicide bomber.”)

    Conclusion: Trawick inserts his penis into Spears’ loose, aging hole because somehow he will profit financially from the relationship.

    • Rosemary

      Sorry Wrong! Here are the facts

      1 Trawick is NOT her agent, where have you been?
      2 Britney made 65 million last year and she didn’t even release a studio album!!!!! You know that very few people can top that!
      3 You are p[robably a teenage boy with a Britney -fantasy….dream on!

  11. She's a DUMBASS

    Radiance is not the word I would have used. Maybe “Slutiness” or “Retardation” or “Dumbass”. Whoever took that pic & put “radiance” on that website needs to go back on their meds, because that’s the most delusional thing I’ve seen in years…

    • Rosemary

      It’s her new perfume, eh, and with her other three, are no 1 2 3 and 4 best selling perfumes in the whole world……..have been for years now….no other perfumes come close! for sales or for genuinely beautiful scents, you should try them!

  12. Rosemary

    Even I, would kiss Britney’s ass……what a gorgeous ass it is!

    Y’all being spelt wrong was the writer’s error.
    Even “Right” is spelt with three i’s in this ridiculous piece of nonsense called journalism, lol, ahahahahahha

    • Godihatepeopleotherthanme

      Please read the post again and say the word “right”, but stretch it out like”riiight”. Now learn something about anything.

    • Godihatepeopleotherthanme

      Also, it’s a screen shot of her tweet. God I hate you.

      • Rosemary

        Yeah , i know, you hate everyone and everything…….hehehehehehhehehee……Happy Holidays …oh sorry, you are always like this……hehhehehehehe
        I love you though
        love you

        Go out and make friends with someone…it would be a start..
        oh god i hope you reply to this /…….

      • Godihatepeopleotherthanme

        It’s XOXO, stupid. The amazing part reading this is you truly think you are the educated one on here, but you sound so incredibly dumb when you’re posts are read aloud. You still don’t understand why “right” was misspelled, and you have convinced yourself that anyone who posts against you is just some fat Internet loser. I never post, that is how inspired I was by your stupidity. Even woke up to see your replies! They didn’t disappoint.

  13. Billy

    She stole that quote or most of it from the movie “Young Guns 2″ It was said by a prostitute who was in the process of having her brothel burned down and then she rode out of town naked

    • Rosemary

      Exactly!!! Thank you, a bit of culture in the USA wow, amazing

      • Rosemary is a DOLT

        “a bit of culture in the USA wow” – yeah, this coming from someone who regards Britney fucking Spears as an icon the likes of which we haven’t seen since Marilyn or Elvis.
        I think you may be the most idiotic person to comment on this board, ever.
        Oh, and for some wonderful European culture, check out Lene Alexandra’s “Hot Boy Hot Girl” or “My Boobs are OK” on youtube. The latter went to #1 in Norway and was top 10 in the rest of Europe.
        Or, check out some Hasselhoff songs. He’s the biggest thing since Hitler in Germany.
        Or, the “comedy” stylings of Jerry Lewis. He’s heralded in France.
        While you’re at it, go to a “football” game in Italy, where there are entire sections of white supremacists in the stands waving banners and shouting racial slurs at the players…and then beat each other senseless if the home team loses. Hopefully you won’t be one of the many who ends up in traction.

      • Jillia

        “yeah, this coming from someone who regards Britney fucking Spears as an icon the likes of which we haven’t seen since Marilyn or Elvis.”

        No disrespect but I would bet that if Marylin or Elvis had twitter or even the internet in their day, we’d be exposed to all the dumb shit they’d probably say and do as well, and then we’d be talking the same shit on them.

      • Rosemary's Baby

        @Jillia …but at least they were artists. If that were the case, they’d still be remembered for their work!
        Brit is a song and dance puppet, that’s it. Her ‘music’ is forgettable, and she’ll ultimately only be remembered for how she enthralled child molesters with her Catholic school girl outfit.

  14. wim

    let’s say this decent: THIS IS A F*CKING LUNATIC, folks!!

    • Rosemary

      Wim, I am surprised at you!

      hahahaha ..
      “methinks me lady doth protesteth too much”
      (The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare)
      (for the uneducated/unread/uncultured haters out there)

      • Shakespeare

        “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” – Hamlet, not Merchant of Venice
        Misquoteth me not to make thy point, I beseech thee.

  15. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I love her! Go Brit!
    As some of you say she is retarded and all but she makes huge buck and you wish you were capable of doing so!

    • GodIhateTheMedia

      I agree! What is she supposed to do with a world full of Loser-parasite vulture media feeding off her every move. And let’s face it, garbage journalism is social parasatism.
      I think what she said was perfect.

  16. Jerry

    Britney haters are starting to get desperate in their attempts to insult her without coming across as pathetic and jealous. They’re starting to clutch at straws here. Insulting a woman for being angry about false accusations against the man she loves? Telling her to turn the other cheek? Yeah… cuz the poster who wrote that would be so biblical lol.

  17. Jon

    Who’s more retarded Britney or the losers arguing over how to spell ya’ll.

  18. Is brit playing up this southern shit or can she not count? The plural of y’all is all y’all.

  19. Rick


  20. Britney Spears Kiss My Ass
    Commented on this photo:

    well stated…. she will be chastized for it, but I couldn’t agree more… radaronline so badly wants to be TMZ its pathetic. I stopped going there.

  21. Savalas

    Lily white ass? Or is it really cottage cheese white ass?

  22. Johnny Cage

    I’d not only be the first one in line to kiss her ass, but also do many other things with it.

  23. I love it!

    She’s like Forrest Gump with tits…….


  24. Karen

    I think her boyfriend is cute!!!!!!

  25. molly

    meh, good on her. fuckin tabloids make shit up all the time.. when it’s something as serious as accusing somebody of beating their girlfriend… yeah, fuck alllll y’aaallll

  26. g!

    white trash !

  27. Boston_Freek

    Godihatepeopleotherthanme | December 3, 2010 at 11:11 am

    It’s XOXO, stupid. The amazing part reading this is you truly think you are the educated one on here, but you sound so incredibly dumb when you’re posts are read aloud. You still don’t understand why “right” was misspelled, and you have convinced yourself that anyone who posts against you is just some fat Internet loser. I never post, that is how inspired I was by your stupidity. Even woke up to see your replies! They didn’t disappoint.

    Ummmm…….it’s “your” posts, not “you’re.” So before you go about telling people how stupid they are, make sure you revisit English class. Love you! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

    • hereinvegas

      You are too funny!! Hahahahahahahahahaha – Rolling on the fucking floor, laughing my fucking ass off ya’ll’s. Now, seriously, who the fuck is Britney Spears?

  28. David

    Where was she at at Waffle House when she posted this?

  29. JN

    I’ll kiss it smothered in sausage gravy!

  30. How ’bout I slip on two condemns and stick my dick in your “grits”? well on second thought, it’s better that Billy Bob takes care of that shit hole.

  31. daniel

    yho! it is hard being a public figure.

  32. Britney Spears Kiss My Ass
    Commented on this photo:

    This will probably be the only time I ever visit this site, but I will have something to say this time.

    I am NOT a Britney fan, wore her shirt once because a friend of mine and I switched places (I was goth, she was all preppy, but best friends for a long time) for a day. About as close as I could ever get to her music without sticking butterfly knives in my ears.

    That being said, Britney is obviously mentally ill. All of us that went through middle school and high school at the time could have predicted this. She was a cute little southern girl that has sociopath parents, that lived their lives through her, I am sure she had her charm (although I don’t see it). She was sexualized at a young age, all the boys around her age wanted her and all the pervy old men.

    OF COURSE SHE HAS ISSUES! There is no disputing that. If you endured what she did growing up you would have issues as well. Human psychology people.

    Honestly, she is rich enough to sorta be exempt from spelling. I am not saying the spelling is not annoying, it is.

    She has every right to defend her boyfriend for something he didn’t do, if it is true he didn’t, IF he did she needs to get out of that relationship and needs help. I know what it is like to be in the middle of drama, although much smaller scale, it is enough for you to lose your shit, in annoyance. Fuck it, let her say what she wants. Yes, she is a public figure (*shivers*), but she was thrown there by money hungry adults, let the woman lead her life in peace.

    I don’t think much of Britney’s “talent”, if you will, but the woman has done well for herself financially. As far as personally, I cant tell you, she may be a delightful person. Her flaws are just like any of ours, but hers are always in the spotlight, everyone going on about them, rubbing them in her face.

    In my opinion she doesn’t have enough talent to be famous, but at the end of the day I am proven wrong by the hundreds of thousands of dollars she makes weekly.

    I am sure she will be remembered, but I can’t put together what for, at this point. I hope she has the strength and intellect to make a positive impact on this world, like leaving a large portion of her money to a charity, or funding it during her life. I would like to see that for her. She has stumbled (a lot) in her fall from grace, but she needs to get herself up and show all of the critical people that she is more than they think, if she is going to beat this.

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