Britney Spears Is Getting Dumped After Jason Trawick Gets His Cut of Her ‘X Factor’ Money


Provided you even consider their relationship a relationship and not a strictly business arrangement where he bought her from her parents which he did, Britney Spears is reportedly getting dumped by Jason Trawick but not until she finishes filming X Factor, a deal that landed him a cushy producer gig as well as a cut of Britney’s $15 million contract. There’s a lot of genuine love and emotion here, is what I’m saying. Hollyscoop reports:

“Jason has told Britney’s entire family that he’s planning to leave her, so that Britney will have a support system when he breaks the bad news,” the source tells us.
Jason is reportedly waiting for “The X Factor” to be over, because he and her whole family think Britney will take the news real hard, and would rather not have her deal with it while she’s trying to film the show.
But here’s the weirdest part, Jason reportedly wants to remain her manager after the break-up. So basically their relationship will become strictly business. Pretty sure Britney won’t want him on payroll after he dumps her, but he has been great for her career, so who knows.

In Jason’s defense, he did spend every single taping bonding with a new small puppy in his jacket only to watch it essentially get thrown into a woodchipper. A woodchipper he’s often stared deep into until one day it finally stared back. Or just smelled like Funyuns, he honestly doesn’t like to talk about it.

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