Britney Spears is Still in a Bikini. And Diets?

Here’s another round of shots of Britney Spears in Hawaii yesterday which prompted her former trainer to come out of the woodwork and say crazy things like “Britney Spears diets and exercises.” I’m assuming there’s a drug problem involved. Hollywood Life reports:

“There are no shortcuts to anything,” Corliss, a NASM CrossFit certified trainer who worked with Britney a couple years ago in Los Angeles, said. “Britney goes after what she wants. She’s a hard worker. Plus, I’m sure her diet is on point as well.”
Just what does it take to go from an average shape to a bangin’ bod in no time at all? Corliss is a big advocate of balancing cardio exercise, strength training AND healthy nutrition.
“It obviously has to be a combo of all of it,” he said.

In related news, the president of Starbucks died laughing moments ago…

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News