Britney Spears Fell Down

“She smells fries. HOLD TIGHT MEN.”

In keeping with today’s theme of anticlimactic Internet news, here’s Britney Spears falling on stage and spraining her ankle in the most boring way possible, but everybody’s writing about it anyway because you clicked on it, didn’t you? And to make it even more anticlimactic I didn’t even turn this into a Bertney Story because I’m spun out on NyQuil and saving my word juice for Avengers: Age of Ultron tomorrow. That said, it is pretty amazing to watch Britney Spears somehow execute simple dance moves even with someone screaming instructions in her ear. I just assumed most of these shows involve her pulling a coloring book out of her leotard and asking the audience for “crowns.” (She’s not allowed to use pens. Dead things happen.)

Photo: Getty