Bertney Takes A Bus Ride

Bertney Takes A Bus Ride
by Beatrix Potter

“I ain’t ever been on a red one before,” Bertney said, as building after building whooshed by. “I wonder what kinda school it goes to.”
With each passing turn, Bertney would throw up her arms and yell, “Whee!” all the while wondering if English peoples got McDonald’s.
“Y’all just have to have MigNuggets,” she told the bus driver who let her wear his cap. “They taste like happy! Especially when they all come with their best friends… Furnch fries!” she giggled.

As the passengers stopped to get off, Bertney waved at each one wishing them a good day and hoping that “mean old Queen don’t chop off their heads.”
“If you see card people, run!” she warned them.
Bertney liked to run and play, but lately, all her papa wanted to do was make her wear outfits that show off her boobies for videos and made Bertney feel funny inside, like she wasn’t a good girl.
These thoughts made Bertney very sad. She didn’t want to ride the bus anymore.
But, wait, what was that? Up ahead. Golden Arches!
“Hurray!” yelled Bertney as her bad feelings went away. This was going to be the best day she ever had.

The End.

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