Unsupervised Britney Spears Looks Exactly How You Expect It To Look

January 25th, 2012 // 42 Comments

Apparently Britney Spears‘ dad is getting her ready to end this conservatorship because here she is in all her crazy-eyed glory while letting her children walk barefoot in downtown Los Angeles yesterday where hipsters ironically pee and puke after a night of $10 PBRs. Also, I have no idea why she’s holding piles of clothes, so just assume she’s doing her own laundry now and holding them out the “winder” to dry. “Shoot! Jaden, honey, mama got’cher shirt stuck on the antenner again. Scurry on out there and get it, won’tcha? Thatta b- MCDONALDS!!” *yanks the wheel left* “Jaden, y’all get it? Jaden? Guess he ain’t want no Furnch fries.”

Photos: GSI Media


  1. Looks normal enough to me. Maybe not “J-Lo let’s charter a helicopter to go to Target” normal but pretty normal.

  2. it had to be said

    Unsupervised she still has hair and pants on? Good for her!

  3. Drew

    Was this supposed to be funny?

  4. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
    Commented on this photo:

    Britney Spears’ kid is already a Nazi… Who could’ve seen this coming?

  5. hate myself and want to die

    i’d crush it but that’s based almost entirely on a gamble that her batshit craziness extends to the bedroom.

  6. EricLr

    Pssh..only POSEURS still drink PBR. The real avant garde artists, like me, drink something else. I would tell you what it is, but I doubt any of you are brilliant enough to understand it.

  7. blah

    Some kids are in swim trunks and their mom is carrying their clothes. SO CRAZY.

  8. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
    Commented on this photo:

    Awww…he’s got an imaginary adult who holds his hand.

  9. TheSledMan

    Yeah, Honestly, this is the most sane thing I’ve seen her do in a long time. Looks like the kids changed out of their good clothes into play clothes at the party. I will give you the crazy eyes though.

  10. mrsmass

    i’m sorry, why are there pictures of these kid’s legs?

    • The pics show them barefoot on a city street. The thumbnails tend not to represent the proportions of the full pics, so some stuff gets cut off.

  11. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
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    “OK…just walk and smile for the cameras, Brit. Don’t look crazy, now. You don’t look crazy. No one thinks you’re crazy…”

  12. Clarence Beeks

    She is just so unattractive to me now. I can’t believe she used to be so pretty.

  13. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
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    ” I thank I budder git some stockings on them ther bare feet, or eltz they may step on sum critters”

  14. Weaselmouse

    $10 PBRs? Dude, WHAT world do you live in? They’re $3 in Philly.

  15. Hit Me Baby

    So… where is the next Britney Spears? And make sure she’s 16 this time, thanks. And give her some bigger jugs. No mexicans.

  16. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
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    i think that guy behind her is thinking, “shit, when did her hair grow back. My business as a Britney impersonator is going to take a hit”

  17. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
    Peter Griffin
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    Wish I was the boot.

  18. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
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    he’s got a french manicure.

  19. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
    Stewie Griffin
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    “Sieg heil! Sieg heil! Sieg heil!

  20. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
    Stewie Griffin
    Commented on this photo:

    Yea, she don’t look too crazy.

  21. Megan

    Love her!!

  22. Jason

    I’m right there with ya Megan. She looks great, and no shoes? When I was a kid, I barely wore them all summer.

  23. juss

    She’s either pregnant or got breast implants.

  24. I’d wager that, if this were a video clip, those eyes would be spinning around in circles… in opposite directions.

  25. Loser!

    She’s still a country bumpkin, no matter how much money she makes. I just hope someone makes her continue to take her medication. If not, we’re going to be seeing her soon standing on a street corner, naked from the waist down, peeing on herself…

  26. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
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    Please let her go really crazy again. It was so much fun.

  27. whip

    home & jobless folks in the netherlands look pretty much the same……….

  28. Jon Hex

    There’s a bar here in DC that has $1 PBR nights. In fact, a few bars do that. I’ve yet to take them up on the offer.

  29. vgirl

    As my opinionated asian mom would say, “American women age poorly, especially after having kids.” I generally do not pay attention to her, but in this case I will have to agree because she used to be so cute sexy a few years back.

  30. KIMM

    She looks better than usual. But really, Brit, show a bare minimum of parental responsibility and put shoes on your children. They are not walking on a nice green yard or the beach. Besides the puke and pee that lie in the unseen crevices of a city street, they might step on a piece of glass and cut themselves.

  31. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
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    I’d still give her alittle dose of ass to mouth…

  32. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
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    Never trust a handicapped southern woman to raise children. All you’ll get is a bunch of holocaust deniers.

  33. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
    Stewie Griffin
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    You’re not a real man if you say you still won’t fuck her.

  34. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
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    Yep! she probably def just did laundry. The bleach-stained pants is how I know!

  35. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
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    OMG kids have bruises??? o no!! they are almost normal

  36. Suds

    I’m not surprised about the bare feet. This is the girl who a few years back was spotted going into a gas station restroom barefoot. I’d rather go squat down in the woods before using a gas station but barefoot?? I wouldn’t even touch anything in there without a paper towel barrier first.

  37. Britney Spears Barefoot Kids
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    They look like totally normal little boys who just got back from having some fun at a party. It’s actually refreshing to see that she is doing so great!

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