Unsupervised Britney Spears Looks Exactly How You Expect It To Look

Apparently Britney Spears’ dad is getting her ready to end this conservatorship because here she is in all her crazy-eyed glory while letting her children walk barefoot in downtown Los Angeles yesterday where hipsters ironically pee and puke after a night of $10 PBRs. Also, I have no idea why she’s holding piles of clothes, so just assume she’s doing her own laundry now and holding them out the “winder” to dry. “Shoot! Jaden, honey, mama got’cher shirt stuck on the antenner again. Scurry on out there and get it, won’tcha? Thatta b- MCDONALDS!!” *yanks the wheel left* “Jaden, y’all get it? Jaden? Guess he ain’t want no Furnch fries.”

Photos: GSI Media