Britney Spears Can’t Even Answer Pre-Scripted Questions From Her Own Publicist

It’s already been established that Britney Spears can’t hold a conversation which apparently Simon Cowell had to spend $15 million to figure out. And the times she does talk, she inadvertently reveals she’s being sexually exploited to sell albums which is probably why for her latest round of radio interviews stations were given a set of only three pre-scripted questions to ask Britney that, in theory, should’ve worked provided she isn’t constantly medicated to the point where she can’t even remember the answers they practiced in the car. A scenario that unfolded on Houston’s The Roula & Ryan Show yesterday when the DJs went off-script because Britney couldn’t even answer the questions from the script, and so naturally they’re now under attack by Britheads and her management team who claim the use of profanity threw her off. Which would just barely make sense if the title of her latest single isn’t, oh I dunno, Work. BITCH.


Photos: AKM-GSI