Britney. Spears. Always. Looks. Pregnant.

Here’s Britney Spears arriving at LAX yesterday after visiting her family in Kentwood, Leeseyanner and apparently the photo agencies I do business with hired all new editors who’ve lived in caves for the past decade because here’s how they literally tried to sell these photos:

A worn out looking Britney has spent the past couple days eating out and weight gain is noticeable in her face and body but her breast look a size larger as well. Could Britney be going through the early stages of a pregnancy? Weight gain, breakouts and an increased appetite have been on the rise in the pop star’s life.

Before this becomes the new shrieking headline, let me ask one simple question: When has this description ever not matched Britney Spears? Christ, she celebrated Valentine’s Day last year at McDonald’s. The only thing we should be surprised about is that she somehow manages to stay thinner than Jennifer Love Hewitt despite an exclusively deep-fried diet. Now, I don’t know if that’s more of a testament to Britney’s team’s capacity to dangle French fries in front of a treadmill, or hamburger’s ability to make Jennifer Love forget no one wants to marry her. I’m not a chef.

Photos: Fame, Flynet