Britney. Spears. Always. Looks. Pregnant.

February 24th, 2011 // 63 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears arriving at LAX yesterday after visiting her family in Kentwood, Leeseyanner and apparently the photo agencies I do business with hired all new editors who’ve lived in caves for the past decade because here’s how they literally tried to sell these photos:

A worn out looking Britney has spent the past couple days eating out and weight gain is noticeable in her face and body but her breast look a size larger as well. Could Britney be going through the early stages of a pregnancy? Weight gain, breakouts and an increased appetite have been on the rise in the pop star’s life.

Before this becomes the new shrieking headline, let me ask one simple question: When has this description ever not matched Britney Spears? Christ, she celebrated Valentine’s Day last year at McDonald’s. The only thing we should be surprised about is that she somehow manages to stay thinner than Jennifer Love Hewitt despite an exclusively deep-fried diet. Now, I don’t know if that’s more of a testament to Britney’s team’s capacity to dangle French fries in front of a treadmill, or hamburger’s ability to make Jennifer Love forget no one wants to marry her. I’m not a chef.

Photos: Fame, Flynet


  1. have some coffee with that muffin..

  2. gogo

    i hope the other gogo will not show up today and try to be first..

  3. bi chick

    OK, she doesn’t look her best, neither do I at the airport! But I’ve seen her look a lot more tragic, and BTW just because someone’s hipbones aren’t sticking out, doesn’t mean they are pregnant.

  4. DogBoy

    it’s mine. I didn’t pull out in time.

  5. she always looks like her dirty asshole smells like heaven…yes please!

  6. brilliant

    I can’t take it anymore! Does her house have mirrors? Maybe someone can make one of those worksheets we used to do in 1st grade. Put the following pictures in the correct order: Ugly Britney, lots of money and good career, Pretty Britney, no money and no career.

    But, all I hear is the banjo from Deliverance in my head.

  7. Sugar

    Britney Spear always looks ugly, and trashy, and stupid.

    • Any Guy

      amen to that. I never, EVER understood how any person (male or female) EVER thought this fucking white trash trainwreck was/is the least bit attractive. I call this the ‘Madonna’ syndrome. same deal.

      her face looks like someone dropped a sunny-side-up omelet on the ground. HEINOUS.

  8. Queequeg

    Pregnancy after 40 can be risky.

  9. Facebook Me

    I say we give her a break on this one..she could be on her period and is just sporting the bloated look as a result..she might be just in desperate need of a Midol.

  10. ludichrisspeed

    You think that’s fat, but she’s actually wearing chain mail under than hoodie. She’s crazy man, crazy!!

  11. You know what it is Britney? I’ll tell you what it is, come here.
    You’re faking it. Read a book about it, something, anything. You have the access to it. Find a muscian and just, I don’t know, talk to them. Maybe even get to know one. Madonna did it, she even learned to play the guitar. Just try. There’s muscians out there, they would love to hang out.

    Britney your music kind of smells like a truck dirvers ass. Probably because you hang out with truck drivers, nothing wrong with that. Fuck I love trucks, I own three. Thing is, you do music, not trucks and grease and franch fers. So, ya know, talk to a music person.
    I don’t know maybe you don’t like being a music person maybe you want to be an acting person. I’ll make you a deal, Britney: Hang out with Willie Nelson, Neil young or Robert Plant and absorb some of that. If you hate those three guys then whatever is in that range.

    • Sorry Fish forget to finish my “deal’. Brit: hang with a legit established music person, not Dolly Parton, absorb their knowledge and then try to make something. If you don’t like it still then you go back to acting or directing or writing. Point is, let’s see you be part of an enriching shared creative experience.

      • ludichrisspeed

        Do you work for Toys R’ Us?

      • some situations are beyond repair. time for some new blood. brit’s appeal was the sexy schoolgirl thing. now she looks like someone’s mom trying to be hip in teenagers’ clothes. her time’s come and gone.

      • babooda

        Hate to tell you this, “Geoffrey of the Gay Name” but in a large part of this country Dolly Parton is a goddess and your sorry ass would be getting kicked from here to hell and back for your remark regarding her.
        You were doing a reasonable job naming REAL musicians up to the point your spoke in a derogatory manner of Dolly, then you slid off into “ineffectual rant” territory. Although, I hesitate at calling Robert Plant a real musician,real singer maybe, but musician,not really.Jimmy Paige was the real musician in “LED Zeppelin”, all Robert did was sing and occasionally play the tambourine. Real musicians play instruments, in most cases several different ones quite proficiently.
        When all is said and done, an admirable attempt at telling Britney the truth but she is a “Louisiana Girl” , so she may not want to hear what a guy named Geoffrey has to say….. maybe you should have used a screen name like “Billy Bob” or “Jimmy Joe Don” to get her attention first! Better yet, “Taco Bell”, “Starbucks” or “Kentucky Fried” would have definitely gone the trick!

    • baba wawa's hoohah

      Two things, Geoffrey: what are “franch fers?” Is that your attempt at making fun of southerners? If so, fail. Way off.
      And “hang with a legit established music person, not Dolly Parton,” say what??? Did you just hear about her the other day or something?

    • baba wawa's hoohah

      Oh and the rest of your post was blather.

  12. Crabby Old Guy

    Help me refresh my memory here. She was smoking hot once, wasn’t she? I mean within our lifetimes, right? I think I used to think impure thoughts about her…and it was fairly recently…maybe not. Maybe I’m thinking of some other ex-Disney stroumphette. You know, somewhere between Annette and whomever 16-year old girl’s life is just about to be ruined by the evil mouse empire and her efhead parents.

    • it’s not disney it’s the girls. i don’t see brenda song, ashley tisdale, or selena gomez going out getting tats, doing drugs, or otherwise being annoying and in the press all the time. tho i wish someone hadn’t told the latter two they could sing.

    • babooda

      Here’s a new flash for all of you who think that Annette was as pure as the driven snow, she wasn’t! Brian Hyland of “Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie, Polka Dot Bikini” fame once said in an interview that Annette was referred to as “The Mouth” because of a very special talent, that wasn’t singing. She only refused to do nudity on film because of a promise she made to “Uncle Walt” and the fact that she didn’t want to embarrass her three children.
      She was pregnant and married by the time she was legal, is divorced and remarried and once said, ” People see me out eating dinner and say, “Oh, I see you drink” or “Oh,I see you smoke.” and I say, “Yes! And I have three kids want to guess what else I do?”
      The difference is the internet, not the girls or the House of Mouse.They are both constant, but when Annette was out doing normal teenage girl things, like drinking, smoking and having sex, there weren’t nearly as many paparazzi and nowhere near the number of outlets willing to buy the images.

  13. ray

    Britney doesn’t give a shit on what she looks like for everyday attire. She only puts effort into it when she’s in a really good mood, or if she’s attending an event/red carpet.

  14. What the hell happened to the airbrushed, can’t dance anymore, product placement chick I was drooling over in that video a few days ago? Nothing is real in this life anymore !!!!!

  15. It looks like they’re airport traffic directing her into the McDonalds waiting spot of shame. “Maam, we can’t possibly fill an order that large when you don’t have a car. Hell, I don’t even know what a ‘grumptun of brugras’ is”

  16. Jen

    *plop plop* Thats the sound of me putting ruphies in Brits soda pop so I can shave her head when she passes out. This bitch doesent even deserve to have hair let alone expensive fake hair.

  17. LJ

    This girl is probably going to look like Conchita Ferrell from “Two and a Half Men” in about ten years.

  18. freshxprincess

    calm down, guys. She more than likely just ate a baby. “Mmmm deep fried pampers. With fudge inside? Goshdamn! It’s my lucky day, y’all!”

  19. Britney Spears Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Britney. Spears. Never. Washes. Her. Hair.

  20. jenyjenjen

    Britney. Spears. Never. Washes. Her. Hair.

    • bell

      She doesnt have any to wash..Very little of that is real. She just gets reaally bad weaves all the time that are trying to hold on to whats left of whats shes got so it always raggedy.

  21. It’s not a “bun in the overn.” It’s a “boob in the oven”. She needs a bra to keep them from sagging so low.

  22. Tamlyn

    Her son’s little belly is fat, too. I suppose he has cirrhosis of the liver, right? Good God, LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!

  23. Spader

    I’d still hit it…

  24. Britney Spears Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    She always looks like a hot mess. Would it kill her to at least put a brush through her hair?!

  25. Well, at least she is finally over… Now to watch the death throws of her career…

  26. Britney in Catholic School girl outfit was hot. Britney in soccer mom outfit is not.

  27. Britney Spears Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    wow an ass bigger than Kim Kardashian , who knw?

  28. Charlotte Corday

    She’s not quite a fly over fatty but by LA standards she looks like she just sprung from a half way house.

  29. bell

    After you have a baby, especially two, you body just doesnt work or respond the same way anymore and most likely never will in her case. It doesnt respond to exercise the same way either. Its so much harder for some women to get and keep the weight off. I think people need to realize that before they judge. And im not even a Britney fan.

  30. Britney.Spears.Looks.washed. out.

  31. Clarence Beeks

    she doesn’t look pregnant to me, just dirty as usual.

  32. Britney Spears Pregnant
    Mike Nike
    Commented on this photo:

    Time to leave the britster alone. Havn’t you heard. Lindsay Lohan is the new toilet.

  33. She used to have a dancer’s ass that would make you want to scream for more. Now she’s got a hunt that just makes you want to scream and run away.

  34. Talk Dirty

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  35. bitingontinfoil

    Wonder if she’s back on the meth? Looks like some “face pickin’ goin on.

  36. Britney Spears Pregnant
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Mommy butt.

  37. Britney Spears Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    poor bitch :(

  38. kai

    Dirty! 10 years ago she was fab.

  39. katie

    Considering the fact that she eats fast food alot (they photo her!) and shes had two kids I think she looks GREAT!!! I saw her twice in concert in 2009 VIP both times so I was very close and I can tell you she looks very small and skinny. Shes got muscle definition but she definitely isn’t fat. I have a very similar body type to her too, I am a size 0 very skinny but muscular (I exercise every day) but when I eat my tummy sticks out like I’m 5 months pregnant, I think maybe my spine is curved more or something lol my family teases me about my tummy :) TONS of love to britney tho, shes amazing!!

  40. Britney Spears Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    The spotty reminds me a little bit of those before / after photos of meth addicts. She’d look great if she put on makeup, ditched the skin tight tops, and went for a slightly less ragged shade of blond. It wouldn’t take that much effort – five minutes in the morning and a trip to a hair dresser once a month. Why won’t she do it?

  41. Britney Spears Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    i would let britney spears suck my dick anytime

  42. Britney Spears Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    i would fuck britney in her butt. i know she can’t it

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