Bristol Palin shoots down abstinence-only education

February 17th, 2009 // 88 Comments

Bristol Palin, everyone’s favorite unwed teenage mom (Jamie Lynn who?), sat down with FOX News last night and dropped two major bombs. Governor Palin’s daughter made Rupert Murdoch’s head explode by saying sexual abstinence is unrealistic and that every woman should have the right to choose. NY Daily News reports:

Stopping teen sex? Ain’t gonna happen.
So says Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s 18-year-old daughter, Bristol, who told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Monday night that the abstinence her mom preaches is “not realistic at all.”
Bristol Palin, who gave birth in late December, described the rigors of being a teen mom, and while she wouldn’t go into detail why it isn’t realistic for guys and gals her age not to have sex, she did say it isn’t smart to get knocked up.
“Everyone should wait 10 years,” Palin said. “I hope people learn from my story. It’s so much easier if you’re married, have a house and career. It’s not a situation you want to strive for.”
She denied that her mother’s anti-abortion views were the reason she went ahead with the pregnancy.
“It was my choice to have the baby,” she said. “It doesn’t matter what my mom’s views are on it. It was my decision.”

Jesus. Giving an interview with logical, effectively communicated answers? At this point Bristol Palin might as well have peed on the Bible then joined PETA because she’s out of the family. They’re probably dog-sledding her out to an igloo as we speak. Facts based on real-world scenarios. Ha! Adorable.

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  1. Megabyte

    Good for her for somehow managing to not inherit her mother’s sense of crazy.

  2. kermit


  3. Scrodo

    Abstinence is only realistic if you can’t get some.

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  5. Racing Joe

    I like the Palins. And her mom is not crazy, just because you disagree with her views. If thats the case, everyones crazy cause no one person has the exact same viewpoints on everything.
    BTW, Bristol has some gigantic baby feeders there, its prob very happy.

  6. PlushBarbieTits

    BRISTOL 4 PREZ!!!!

  7. Hunter

    Something of a stretch to read Bristol saying “every woman has a right to choose” from her quote there. But, whatever advances your agenda.

  8. Ted Mosby

    She is allowed to have viewpoints that are a 180 from her Mom’s.

  9. BEAM

    I just like how Democrats were suddenly outraged by teen pregnancy when they found Bristol was knocked up.

  10. Ooh lala

    Her man is a hottie

  11. Ooh lala

    Her man is a hottie

  12. Deacon Jones

    They weren’t outraged. It’s called irony. You know, like Larry Craig blowing men in a toilet stall. That kind of thing?

    A sense a collective gasp hit the middle of the country last night.

    How come Fox News isn’t reporting on this bombshell?

    Oh, nevermind. Their lead story right now is “Vicious Chimp Attack”. Atta boys

  13. Anubinomicon

    I like how the republicans who point out when democrats are outraged about something are super pissed that Obama is the president and that he’s high fiving terrorists and drinking 40′s. All while their raptor riding-wolf shootin-go get um palin’s daughter is high fiving terrorists and drinking 40s.

    and your right her moms not crazy she just believes that a jewish zombie rode raptors and that god would make her the vice president if people prayed enough.

  14. BEAM

    @12… Sure, sure.

    Btw, its actually a Fox News interview being quoted, so no, they aren’t ignoring the story.

  15. Wow, who knew she is already twice as smart as her mother? At least there is one Palin who isn’t a raving idiot (just a horny teenager).

  16. Randal

    Is this picture before or after she had the baby? She’s fat. No wonder her mother wants nothing to do with her. Sarah is a saint and her daughter is a fat little devil. Don’t worry Sarah. we’ll make sure you’re president in 2012 and then you can outlaw these fat little girls from getting pregnant.


  17. tired

    #1 … from whom did you inherit stupidity?

    #12….didn’t you read the story? It WAS on Fox news …. No signs of intelligence from you either.

    It’s amazing how little people know about a subject yet are willing to form closed minded opinions on the subject.

  18. Randal

    It’s great to know that Bristol has some realistic smarts about her when it comes to teenagers today. Pleasure is an experience that one should not deny themselves.


  19. Bucky

    #9: You dipshit, it’s not teen pregnancy that upset the Democrats. It was the blatant hipocricy of those mouth-breathing bible-thumping “morally superior” phoneys and their idiotic family values. I could give a fuck about teen pregnancy; what bothers me is the idea of living in a theocracy run by racist cripples and beauty queens.
    Well said #13.

  20. jmac

    Are all of you 12? This girl is retarded. Ain’t? Wow. Just wow. I am not listening to anyone who uses the word ain’t considering ain’t isn’t a word. She is a high school drop out and people think she is intelligent. Wow. As for abstinence not being possible as a teen? Some of the hottest girls I’ve met at college are still virgins. Ok then. What a backward hick. That family deserves to live in the middle of nowhere because they are retarded. For the record, I am a democrat but wanted McCain to win. So this isn’t me spewing hate towards a republican family for being republican. I don’t like Obama at all. He accomplished nothing as a senator and I don’t believe he’ll accomplish anything as a president. Also…. the stimulus bill that was just passed already has 1.6billion that has turned up missing. Great president… just awesome.

  21. jmac

    Also, Bristol the size of Tennessee Palin has the nastiest legs I’ve ever seen. Look like freaking trees. Sick.

  22. Learn to Read

    #20. The “ain’t” is from the Daily News article, not a quote. Who’s retarded now?

    Also, nice pretending to be a Democrat. Wow, nobody’s ever tried that on the Internet before. Jackass.

  23. Akirakirimaru

    Haha. Palin got Owned by her daughter. You can’t sit there and try and push your tightassed backwards conservative rhetoric on everyone else if your own daughter throws that shit right out the window.

  24. I suspect her dislike for abstinence only education has just as much to do with her aversion to education as her enthusiasm for penis. Thank god we didn’t end up with this unwed, unemployed teenage mother freeloading in the white house.

  25. elenas

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  26. Deacon Jones

    @14 and 17

    No shit. What I meant is if she actually supported abstinence only, it would be fucking plastered all over their webpage this morning.

    Since she spoke out about it, there’s hardly any mention of it.

  27. Anubinomicon

    #20 – Link to an article explaining the missing money, there seems to be a missing article showing this to be even something thats being talked about. the only thing related to 1.6 billion and stimulus was the amount of jobs it could create.

  28. Anubinomicon

    #20 – Link to an article explaining the missing money, there seems to be a missing article showing this to be even something thats being talked about. the only thing related to 1.6 billion and stimulus was the amount of jobs it could create.

  29. doc holiday

    Okay. So who really gives a shit what SHE thinks about anything?! She is obviously too stupid or imature to even USE birth control properly.

  30. 10pound

    Shes looks like a shit I took this morning.

  31. Lionel Mandrake

    She seems pretty clear on her views on abstinence, but I’m not sure I read her comments as pro-choice. I do think she wants to make clear that she isn’t just blindly doing whatever her mother orders, whether that’s true or not (I have no way of knowing).

    How she’ll reconcile her conclusion that being a teen mom “isn’t smart” with her view on teen abstinence is something I’m intrigued to see work out. Even the Pill ain’t 100% effective.

  32. M

    Ain’t it funny when people have nothing to say but comments on other people’s grammar and/or spelling?

    #20: “Ain’t” is in the dictionary. Tard.

  33. Truth

    Yet another example of how America dodged a bullet with the McCain/Palin thing. Yikes!

  34. Andy

    It was particularly difficult for her to remain abstinent because all the teen guys wanted to close their eyes and pretend they were fucking her mom.

  35. Pat

    She speaks reasonably well and doesn’t say jaw-droppingly retarded things, so clearly she takes after her dad. Trig, on the other hand, clearly takes after his mom.

  36. Elles

    You are such a tool.

  37. U. Betcha

    As the economy recovers over the next 2 years, and Obama gets the credit even though government intervention likely will slow down the recovery, Palin will shift all of her positions to stay in the national spotlight. Her strategy is old-school for women: 1) find the guy with the most power; 2) suck his dick; 3) make other guys believe they’ll get a blowjob too if they support you. Just watch, before the year’s over she’ll do an interview where she lists all the things “I always really liked and admired” about Obama. Zip…suck…suck…suck…suck…suck…glug.

  38. tired

    #26 … because it’s nothing more than tabloid news … who really cares? The press makes such a mockery of simplicity and fools get all ramped up about things that really don’t matter very much.

  39. Sauron


  40. Jrz

    She didn’t get an abortion because in Alaska the procedure involves dropping a walrus on the pregnant woman and crushing the baby out of her…..true story.

  41. Darth

    Hmmm,some girls learn it the hardway.Who’s she anyway?

  42. Sometime’s this chick looks like such Trig.

  43. ReRun

    People..people..we need to stop the political fighting. Our love of party is trumping love of country. Both parties are the same..spending us to death, taking away rights and distracting us with propaganda. All the while they increase their power and wealth. I used to be a Repub but have come to see the light. All you dems keep watching, don’t be hypocrites and please stay objective. I predict we will all come together soon.

  44. Tom K

    Typical American family, parents preaching all this goodie goodie shit and their daughter is a complete whore that didn’t even have the good sense to make her hick boyfriend wrap it up.

  45. Big Boss

    I like how news about Sarah Palin and her daughter gets put on T.V. before things that you should really know. Just another tactic to stupify the American public with meaningless, unimportant news.

  46. Pikachelsea

    Oh yeah, Bristol really “owned” her mom that time. Oh wait, Bristol’s the one who got knocked up at 17 and had a baby out of wedlock. Yeah, you sure showed them! You showed the WORLD! How logical and well-spoken she is! She’s like some kind of superhero!

    She’s only saying abstinence is unrealistic because she obviously doesn’t know how to keep her legs shut. Of COURSE she thinks it’s unrealistic; what else is she going to say? Just because she’s sexually irresponsible doesn’t mean everyone else humps anything that moves without thinking. Personally I’ve had plenty of offers thrown my way and happily turned them all down because I’m not a complete moron and don’t want to take the risk of STDs or an unintentional pregnancy. So yes, abstinence is unrealistic… if you don’t have any self-control.

  47. boogyman

    #46, you only know to criticize the girl, as if the guy who knocked up girls had no responsibility for the mess at all. Of course ugly girls have more self-control, because they are less desirable. Plus, you don’t get pregnant because you have sex, you get pregnant because you don’t know how to protect yourself during sex.

  48. wolf5150

    #20 jmac Do us all a favor and kill yourself now. I can’t stand to listen to your whining. When Obama fucks the country up to the point where martial law is declared and ALL the “hicks” have guns and you don’t, one of US is going to kill you anyway.

    P.S. NONE of the “hottest chicks” at your college are virgins, they have to tell you that so you’ll go back to your Star Trek convention or your video games.

  49. wolf5150

    #20 jmac Do us all a favor and kill yourself now. I can’t stand to listen to your whining. When Obama fucks the country up to the point where martial law is declared and ALL the “hicks” have guns and you don’t, one of US is going to kill you anyway.

    P.S. NONE of the “hottest chicks” at your college are virgins, they have to tell you that so you’ll go back to your Star Trek convention or your video games.

  50. justifiable

    #46 Teaching abstinence only – and not teaching sex ed and birth control – is unrealistic and downright stupid when idiot kids younger than 15 are having sex. While it’s really nice you’re so sensible, most immature adolescents don’t have self control, so you better weld their pants on or educate them. Thinking that if you keep kids ignorant you’ll also keep them innocent only worked for the Victorians. That concept is woefully out of date now unless you don’t have a TV, phone or computer – or allow your kids outside of the compound to interact with the Godless around them.

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