Bristol Palin NOT getting gift from Jamie Lynn :(

September 4th, 2008 // 89 Comments

It turns out Lynne Spears did not send Bristol Palin $60 pink burpcloths on behalf of Jamie Lynn. I don’t see why Lynne bothered denying the report because even a cynical bastard like myself thought it was a nice gesture. Until I remembered I have a penis then went around punching everyone within eyesight in the face. TOUGH GUY! E! News reports:

“I just got off the phone with Lynne. I can tell you that she hasn’t sent her any gifts, but that she does support Sarah and, of course, can empathize with their situation,” Curt Handling, Spears’ publicist at the Thomas Nelson publishing company, tells E! News.

It’s a damn shame. No fancy burpcloths for America’s favorite politically-polarizing pregnant teen. I guess Bristol Palin will have to wipe her baby’s spit the old fashioned way: With moose antlers or the hull of an oil tanker.


  1. Pinky

    Dem is some big juicy delicious looking titties.

  2. Racer X

    Republican SLUT.

  3. There’s something about that girl I like. A lot. If I could just put my finger on it.

  4. blah blah blah

    rant all you want about Obama being a socialist or a “commie” or a “Mooslim” terrorist, but the only important factor was determined today: job losses will continue and unemployment will rise through the fourth quarter (actually into next year). at the RNC they’re not even bother to try talking about any of that – they actually believe it’s a “mental recession” in a “nation of whiners.” next, McCain will fumble his way through economic questions at the debates. it’s all over, folks.

  5. Typical Ignorant Republican Slut

    Damn those little right wing whores sure aint got no morals do they??? I’ll give it to em though, they know how to talk some shit! Lie, lie, lie. Tax the poor, invade other countries to do the bidding of their masters (we all know who owns this country don’t we?), pollute the earth like there’s no tomorrow, call people who oppose them hippies and commies and extremists and tree huggers and liberals. Wow, too bad they couldn’t all just fuck off already.
    They should all just ummm experience that rapture and go up into heaven with their Messiah. So just, so pure, so retarded.

    The chosen right wing. The party of God.(and with all the wars throughout the ages no wonder they worshop Horus, the god of war, you know, the eyeball over the unfinished pyramid thingy on your one dollar bill that says NOVUS ORDO SECLOREM (new world order).

    This shit really aint funny. All hail the freemasons and their masters the Illuminati.

  6. boo

    My anti Dem comments aren’t getting posted.

    Fish is filtering

  7. abomination

    “Obama only wants to tax the rich elite which eliminates most Americans from higher taxes”

    Nobody could be that economically stupid. I guess his taxes which are NOT just for the “rich elite”, wont effect you, unless of couse you buy food, clothing, gas, shelter, run a small business, work for a small business. Obama will take his water from one side of the bucket and you can keep yours on your side. And good luck with the quack you get from the health care he’ll provide. Democrats just sit around bitching about everything and waiting for the government to come save them. Get off you ass and earn your way.

    Think about it.

  8. duh der doye

    #57 – the best part of your irrational rant was “Think about it” – come on, you didn’t mean that! Clearly, with “Get off you ass and earn your way” you agree with McCain’s “nation of whiners” position. I guess all the stats about the economy and jobs and foreclosures are fake, it’s all whining after all.

    I also believe this: the Republicans who spoke last night will, in fact, lead the charge to take back “liberal Washington.” The best speaker was Mitt Romney – he really gave it to the wealthy Eastern liberal elite. I think his first target should be…Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. That guy is worth $500 million. His father George was the president of American Motors, the governor of Michigan, and a White House cabinet secretary. As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney was pro-choice, pro-gay-rights, pro-universal health care. Mitt Romney is EXACTLY the type of wealthy Eastern liberal elite that Mitt Romney should drive out of politics.

    The thing is, the Republicans never batted an eye as this stuff went on all night long. Maybe they were under strict orders to stay as still as possible, lest somebody slip and say “President Bush” or “Vice President Cheney” by accident. That would have ruined everything.

  9. Ted from LA

    Does this make Jamie Lynn an Eskimo giver?

  10. lloyd johnson

    Did anyone else notice the eye contact between “baby’s dad” and “little sis” at the RNC last night? I bet he’s gonna hit it within a year if he hasn’t already!

  11. Emily

    That picture above is not of Bristol Palin… that is their daughter Willow.

  12. Beej

    With tits like that, no wonder she became a mom.

  13. Noah

    fucking hypocrites bush is a fucking slut taking it in the wite house do you really want 4 more years of bush and cheney and big corporations shiting on the constittution while poor people get left in new orleens any one that votes for mccain is a fucking moron i hope sara pallin and her entire family gets aids

  14. McCain is a disgrace and not qualified

    Ha ha the guy graduates at the bottom of his class at naval acadamy and runs for president. Then he picks a big titted whore who likes to murder the animals for sport and show off with big manly guns. Complete and utter disrespect for life and intelligence and people will still vote for this kind of mindless representation. I wish I had a new continent to move to this one sucks or rather the humans here do.

  15. proudtobeanamerican

    Yes whiners and complainers.

    Now go with YOUR “rant”

  16. Moby Ding Dong

    she definitely got some big ol’ breassuses

  17. Those young, dum and immature mothers are america’s new future?

  18. jo

    its weird that (some of) you Americans think that anybody who isn’t a republican is a communist. NO-ONE else in the world thinks like that. You may as well say that the whole of Europe is socialist (which its not) and countries like Australia & Canada are also socialist just because they have accessible healthcare – which seems like a crime according to some of you folk.

  19. Proudtobeamerican and ashamedofourgovernment

    Yeah it makes me wanna fight when these right wing radical muslim/christian retards think they have the answer – subvert the constitution! Kill, maim, destroy, dig up and blow up. YEEHAA! (Sick and impotent)

    Yeah if you ain’t a republican you aint a real American. Is that what you simpleton sheep think honestly? Well your party of the wicked run by Neocons (war mongering globalists bent on reducing us to slave status) have wrecked this country and I guess you are not bright enough to have noticed.

  20. Sarah Palin's Boy Toy

    #61 – That pic is Bristol.

  21. joey joejoe

    i’d do her and her mom.

  22. John McCain

    She’s got huge jugs. That’s how I decided I wanted her Mom for VP.

  23. Sara


    I make a great salary and do not need hand outs from the government, but there are people that need help from the government to get back on their feet and I am all for this. US spends 12 million a month in Iraq and when Obama gets elected the war will eventually phase out and the extra 12 million can go to fixing the US.

  24. Baby Hospital

    I once visited a home for young un-wed-mothers in Los Angeles when I was a Girl Scout. It was such a horrible experience to see all of theses young women that had been kicked out of their homes because their parents couldn’t afford another child or thought their daughter was a slut. Well, Bristol and Jamie Lynne will never have to experience any of these demeaning, motherhood experiences since they are both rich. It must be nice to not know how the real world lives. Just so you all know, all of these mothers either gave their babies up for adoption or went on Welfare. Pretty Shitty – Real Life IS, and none of the fathers wanted anything to do with them after they found out they were knocked -up.

  25. friendlystoner

    is it me or does the youngest daughter have a look of pure evil? scary shit !!! lol

  26. michele20

    I’m sure the last thing in this world that Sarah Palin would want is Lynne Spears sending her a gift to say,”Way to go girl, we both raised single teen mothers, that had sex with goofy lookin redneck boys!” That would so look bad on her.

  27. Who cares.

    I called bullshit on this story yesterday.

    That only makes it SLIGHTLY more boring than if it had been true.

  28. Drago The Perv

    She’s a little old for my taste, but I’d still pork her and spread my manjuice all over her face. YUMMI !

  29. venomhed

    That girl is fucking HOT! I too wouldn’t use a rubber on that teen ho. Man, what a cutie!

  30. meloxus

    Hey rough daddy, re #16 could you have missed the point more? and with such vehemence you demonstrated how you failed to cotton on. Hilarious comment from FRIST.- keep them coming!

  31. 4Nikator

    I’d love to bury my face in her massive milk-filled titties while pounding the crap out of her! Damn, that chick is fine! I bet she screws like a mad dog in heat! Love those big milk-filled titties!

  32. Kornhole

    I want to fuck this vp bitch and her daughter. This cunts an arrogant bitch so i would have to tape her mouth with duct tape.

  33. MightyAphrodity

    OMG, has anyone seen this video? This dude swears that he is the father of Bristol Palin’s baby but he’s being kept away b/c he’s black! So much drama I can hardly stand it, and homechick isn’t even in the White House yet!

  34. ObamaFTW


    that shit was scarier than “The Strangers” if it had starred Britney Spears and Sarah Palin chasing each other around the house with bikinis, machetes, and Texas Chainsaw masks.


  35. Tig ole' Bitty

    Look at the little demon child in the corner planning to grow her titties real big like Bristol’s giant tits and take over America.

  36. Sarah "Mooseleg Strap-On" Palin, Expert on bastard children, guns, strap-ons and lipstick

    #76, Being a gun tottin’, strap-on wearin’, war mongrel with a slut daughter is what LOOKS BAD on Sarah Palin…that and being in bed with the Republicans. So far all the Palin women have done is get fucked and have babies.

  37. Smartass

    Hey MO, #4, you’re not hearing about her on this site, you’re READING about her.

  38. aszteroidt

    Jeezus….look at the fun bags on that hose-hound….I envy that unborn kid….being able to get all up on those things anytime you want…..

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